Tuesday, December 26

Life After Christmas Day.

Christmas day is past.
The weather was very obliging, & was neither too hot nor too humid or cold.
We had a lovely family day, & SG was in paradise. He was so excited, so patient, & so good for a small 4 year old.

We took our small woolly 'babies' to play with Leo's brother, & the dogs had a great time.
Honey is more sedate, & she has some arthritis so she doesnt leap about too much. But she seemed to enjoy the huge grassy backyard, & all the little treats.

I am paying the price this morning, for Honey's treats.... she seems to have some residual flatulence!

I dont think any of the humans overindulged, either in the food line, nor with the 'cheer'.

We had phone calls to & from our NZ rellies & friends, which was very nice. They said it was freezing in Christchurch, & the weather had been most unseasonally cool in the North Island also.

And, here today, it is one of those 'Magic Days'. It is so still & clear, & there is no humidity, & it does feel as if miracles could happen.

A miracle I would like to have happen, would be to suddenly lose the awful chest infection I just as suddenly developed!

I spent yesterday silently begging not to have to cough- it is one of those terribly painful infections, that leaves me feeling, if I had had testicles, they would have gone missing!
'Balltearing', as my Son in law says!

I was kidded into thinking perhaps some good wine would oust the infection. It didnt seem to work! Never mind, it tasted great.

By evening my voice had almost gone, & this morning I am a croaking wreck. And I am wondering is the whole herd of reindeer hooves trampled my poor body, as they passed.

GOM had a slighter variation of this infection some time ago, & he is most sympathetic.
He has told me to go lie down, & it is lucky we have so many left overs, we wont have to do any cooking for a day or so.

This impish fellow appeared to me, just before Christmas. Hmmmm.
He looks vaguely familiar!

I hope everyone out there in Blog land is having a Great Christmas.
Keep warm/cool, as the case may be, & hope you are all healthy, above all!


quiltpixie said...

Its still Christmas day here, but I'm enjoying a quite evening as DS is at his father's... Perhaps more wine would make the infection elave? or if not help you feel better :-)

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, poor you. Hope you feel better soon.

I've not been reading blogs so much recently - no time - but am now catching up. How terrible about your son being attacked - dear me. I love the pictures of your grandson - what a cutie!

Hmm - just wrote a comment and then it vanished...

Try again... Have just read your page all at once, having got behind with my blog reading - too many other pressing things to do with my time. Very interesting - but how terrible about your son being attacked. Dear me. And what a lovely child your grandson is.

I agree about time going by too fast. I'm never bored. Life's not long enough to do all the things I want to.

Angie said...

Merry Christmas, Meggie! Oh dear, I do hope you're feeling better soon! Go hope in the bed with a good book and stay put a while! :) I'll be thinking of you. :D

h&b said...

Glad you had a nice day, Meggie.

I don't think people really overeat anymore, do they ? I mentioned this even as I was fussing I did not think I had enough food for everyone ?

I had cut back on my catering this year, after throwing away so much food the year before, and i'm glad I did - we still have so much left over !!!

Ands I think we only drank 2x bottles of red wine between 6 adults ? One glass of champers.

LOTS of leftovers.

Merry Christmas ! :)