Thursday, December 14

This Beta Life??

Blogger tells me I have posted 100 entries today.
Hadnt even noticed.
Too busy wondering if this would work, & it seems I am now officially onto the Beta system.
I have just been informed that exclamation marks are not allowed...why?
This is going to be another learning curse- I mean curve.
Maybe now, I can leave some of my favourites bloggers some comments.


May Britt said...

Congratulations on your 100. Hope your frustration over blogger soon will pass.

May Britt said...
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Nutmeg said...

100 Posts! Well Done. I don't think I've cracked fifty yet. Soon I think. I don't think I will be getting along to 100 any time soon as I'm only managing to post twice a week!

Your niece's Paddy look so similar to my Howie who passed away a couple of months ago. Looking at the picture as it came past gave me a start!

And that house of lights :-( And the added issue of all the extra cars in your street chugging down all that fuel (and ruining your peace and quiet).

meggie said...

I seem to suffer from some strange excess verbiage of the keyboard...
But some days the posts just write themselves, & even I am surprised at the end of the outpouring. haha.
Yes, the NN does not appreciate the bloody house of lights! She has to come home in the dark with the loonies parking all over the road, when she hss finished a stressful evening of work!

joyce said...

Congrats on the 100th post. I think I have been using exclamation points! I wonder why you get the message that they are not allowed? Well, I guess life can go on without them but it will be less exciting!