Wednesday, December 20

Colours & Designs

Here is GOM sitting up at the table on Sunday, before the guests arrived.
Dont you just love the way that shrub is growing out of the middle of his head!?

Little Longface Jumeau.

Look what I got in the mail yesterday! My lovely cousin, S who crocheted the little outfit for me, sent me the lovely little handmade doll she specially ordered for me! So of course, I dressed her immediately, & here she stands waiting for her bed to be made. O, S, you have made me so happy!!

My thoughts have been on colours & designs after reading about Mission Brown Windows on Suse's Pea Soup of the Day blogspot.

It reminded me of the now totally unPC colour, 'Nigger Brown' which no longer exists! We had been talking of colours & how the fashions change so dramatically from year to year.

Not only 'fashions' in clothes, but furniture, carpets , wood stains, colour schemes for houses, etc. I remember purple being 'big' about 34 years ago, & if you didnt have a purlple beadspread in brocade, you were seriously out of touch! And the oranges of the 80's!.

Our current kitchen has burnt orange bench tops, which is probably the reason I know about it so well! This house was built in 1983, which was the year we arrived to live in Australia, & I like to think of fate, & how, little did we know it, but our future home was being built as we arrived.

I would dearly love to change those benchtops, & renovate the kitchen, but now that we are paupers- er I mean pensioners, we wont be doing that.

Which brings me to another aspect of colour & design. I am a 'safe girl' as far as colour schemes for houses go. I like neutral backgrounds & colourful decorations,- ie cushions, quilts, curtains etc.

There are so many design aspects about this house, that I would love to change. Though the kitchen is large by most standards, it is not a well planned layout, & I always say you can tell a man designed it. A man who never did any cooking, or baking, or meal preparation. The pantry has deeeep cupboards, which are dark, & so you never can reach the things at the back. On occasions, when we have a 'springclean' we discover all sorts of forgotten treasures hidden away in the dark, deep recesses of that pantry. Some of them have legs & furry looking coats.. haha, who knows what they used to be?? No not actual animals, but I suspect some sort of snack stashed away for a 'special treat', only to be forgotten! And though there are many cupboards, they are inaccessible, in corners, & some are too high for the average woman to reach. I wish Lotto, or the universe, or whatever, would grant us some monies for a 'refit'.

There are old brown coloured tiles in the walls behind the benches, which make the kitchen a little darker. There used to be brown lino on the floor, but the dishwasher died messily, one day, & ruined said floor covering. Lucky us! Insurance saw that we got a nice new floor in a light colour of my choice. But Insurance didnt run to replacing the benchtops, & the resultant raw cutout, under the bench edge, to fit the new dishwasher into the recess, did not please Meggie at all!! Insurance seemed pleased though- they dont have to live with it, & I am sure it saved them squillions.

And on, to the windows. They are sliding windows, which is ok, but! with all these bitching little panes!! No man ever thought about cleaning the damn things! They are floor to ceiling almost, so a hideous task to clean. But they do let the light in nicely, & give us a great view, as we are situated quite high on a hill.

The bathroom is another area which could do with a good reno. The floor tiles are dark, & so gloomy, with deep grout... and obviously designed by another man, who never had to mop a floor in his life. And those bloody louvre doors on the vanity!! And the Pantry!! No matter what you do, they never look clean.
We have a 3-way bathroom, which has a bath as well as a shower. I think the bath has been used abut 5 times since we came here 8 years ago. I read a wonderful article in a magazine about how to turn it into a storage area. We dont have a handy man in the family- it used to be me, but my days of that are long gone.

And the toilet is so small you have to turn around before shutting the door! I dont see why it is so small, there was plenty of space for a larger 'closet'. Man strikes again?

But in spite of all my moans about this house, I love it! I fell in love with it when I first came to see it. It does leave a lot to be desired, but somehow it is home, & when I think about having to sell & move, I feel a bit sick. We have been here the longest we have ever stayed in one house, & I still love it. I love how we have got the back yard now, & even though the Garden Vandal keeps ripping out my herbs, & we need to get the fence garden tidier, I still love it.

We ripped out the whole messy front garden, hacked down privet, & all the other nasties. Discovered there were steps in one garden. Redid all the retaining walls in another- with a little 'help' from the previously-posted-about Thieving Tinker Irishmen. So we feel we have invested quite a lot of ourselves here, & though I might grizzle about some aspects, I still call it home, & consider myself very lucky to have it!
And when I think of others less fortunate, I feel ashamed for my 'wants', & wishes.


aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

I used to rent a villa that had burnt orange benchtops and brown woodgrain veneer on the cupboard doors.

When I first walked in, I felt nauseous. After I lived there for a while, I didn't notice it anymore.

This was also a place where the owners had wallpapered the toilet walls with the most hideous bright orange/pink/yellow condensed floral design I have ever seen in my life! Sadly, after I a while, I stopped noticing that too.

My guests would always walk into the bathroom crying "whoooaaa hoooaaaa".

It always would take me a minute before I realised they were talking about the wallpaper!

jellyhead said...

I'm still smiling from reading aunty evil's comment about her guests' reactions to the toilet wallpaper!!

I loved reading about all your house's idiosyncrasies. Our house has lots of those type of 'design flaws', too. We`are used to it, now, too, though, and I'd hate to move. You and I must both be nesting types, Meggie!

joyce said...

No matter how much renovating you do there is always something else that could be done, but who has the money or the desire to live in a mess. I remember when mauve was big in the '60s. I visited a house that had all mauve bathroom fixtures. Not just walls - toilet, tub and sink. Wanna bet that has been changed? Much better to stick with white and change the wall colour and shower curtain. Lol.

h&b said...

'Wants and Wishes' are ok .. as long as you know and are appreciative of what you've already got !!

Some people grumble with absolutely no thought or care for others, and they shit me to tears.
This is not you, m'dear.

I'm 5'2" and am so used to cupboards designed for taller men ( this house is bizarre - the kitchen designer must have been 7ft tall ! :)

And burnt orange is cool again now - just go with it ! :)

Oh - and you can buy little lights from Bunnings and Ikea ( and probably other places ), that simply stick into dark corners and are battery operated. Brilliant !

aunty evil said...

Don't be too sure about the renovation, Joyce, my husband's cousin lives in a house that still has a bright pink bathtub, basin and toilet, along with bright pink walls to go with it. It is like being trapped inside a blood vessel!

meggie said...

Oh wow I was laughing at the mauve bathroom, but the pink one really tipped me off!

We once bought a leather lounge suite- in, what my son termed 'Labia Pink'! We still have it, & it lives down in our rumpus room!!