Sunday, December 10

Floral Treats

This is a picture of my Nice Neighbour's lovely Orchid. Isnt the photo beautiful. Thanks, NN!!

This is another of my sister-in-law's lovely orchids. She also has a lime green one, but I dont think I managed to get a clear
photo of that one.
This is one of the plants flowering so happily in the rich soil of SIL's garden.

And this rose spills unruly down my nephew's bank garden. There is another unruly little rose on a trellis with a beautiful perfume, & apparently it just runs wild, & they have to keep cutting it severely.

My brother tells me they had very high winds on Friday evening, & his little canvas & metal-framed pergola was destroyed.

Music of the minute, Cat Stevens, k.d.lang. Songs of the 49th Parallel.


aunty evil said...

Hi Meggie,

That pink climbing rose looks like the same one as I have in my backyard, but mine is red. They are a constant joy, always in bloom and the wilder they look, the better they look.

jellyhead said...

Those flowers are all gorgeous, but my favourite is the 'rambling rose'.

You've made me yearn for some Cat Stevens...I'm going now to put the CD on!

My float said...

These photos are driving me to despair. I'm going to pop my clogs unless I get a house pronto! Then you can pass on all your gardening tips.