Tuesday, December 19

This is a pic of GGA taken at an RSA Xmas party in NZ. BFJ tells me that Mrs Christmas was a very good idea, it seemed to settle the nervous children, who were otherwise very averse to 'visiting' Santa. ( I love A's skirt... I was with her when she chose it!)This is GGS, who doesnt like the idea or Santa at all! But the presence of Mrs Christmas was a lure, as were the gifts!
The weather has actually been quite kind, the last 3 days, with a little rain on Saturday, balmy weather Sunday, & quite bearable yesterday.
As we are going to DJ's for Xmas day, I am feeling quite relaxed about things, which is nice.
I need to get wrapping gifts, & then we are ready to go, apart from cooking several things on Xmas eve, ready for the Day.
I have always enjoyed the wrapping of gifts. I remember as a child, our rellies would always come to stay, & one of my Aunts hated wrapping, so I would volunteer to do it for her, when I got older. We would be sent off to bed, when younger, to ensure we didnt see what 'Santa' was bringing!
We were told the old bribes about being good, & Santa knowing what we had been up to. I can still remember making cards & decorations in class, in the Primary School, as it was called. Looking back, the only non- Christians I can recall were a family of Sihks, who wore turbans & the boys had beautiful gold bracelets on their slender wrists. I dont think they had a sister- well not that I remember.
I also remember walking home across the paddocks of various farms, & being told by some of the neighbouring children, that Santa was not real, & I ran home so upset, & indignant, & fronted my mother, so accusingly. I remember her stricken look- it is a moral dilemma really isnt it? Deceiving our children with a lie... I have always wondered about it all, and the arguments for keeping the 'magic' alive for the children, & not telling 'lies' to children.
And then, of course, there is the next step- I decided then & there that the myth of God & Jesus was just that, & though I attended Church, & tried so hard to 'believe' I never did.
I know my mother didnt 'believe' either, & try as she might, she never could be convinced. I know my Grandmother did believe, & she used to read her beloved Bible most nights. She never preached, but she must have been disappointed when none of us took after her, in her beliefs.
My Grandfather had been raised a Roman Catholic, & even ahd a sister who was a Nun. He never bothered about any religion, & they never argued about it
When he was dying, my grandmother asked a Priest to come to visit him, & the Priest refused, stating that my Grandfather had never been to the Church.
Needless to say, this reinforced my mother's opinion of the Catholic Church.
Well my little 'Angel' SG has suddenly arrived, for an unexpected visit, so I had better get off here, & give him his brekky!


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

What a great idea having Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

meggie said...

I showed SG the pics of A & S, & he was very intrigued with Mrs Claus too!
He said "Santa Claus has to have a Mrs Claus- a lady he loves!" I just loved that thought!

Lois R. said...

Meggie, you really are a tender-hearted soul. I just read your story about the boy pitching a fit to avoid the mall Santa. I couldn't have stayed around to see the outcome either. I would have been too distressed as well.

Just between you and me (and everyone who reads your blog) I feel the same way about celebrating christmas when I really don't believe in religion. But the christmas traditions (tree, ornaments, carols, presents, and etc) are family traditions to me. So, just because I don't believe the religion behind them doesn't mean I am about to give up the family traditions I hold so dear.