Wednesday, June 20

Blah blah

This is a little salt & pepper set my mother had for years. It was always in perfect condition, & I always loved it, for as long as I can remember.
The last time I visited my mother was during the weeks leading up to her death, but I didnt know at the time, that my mother was about to die. I was so lucky to be able to look after her until she had to go into hospital, just prior to her death. I noticed that some of her china 'treasures' which she had always had, were chipped, & that was a new thing about them. She always kept them in a glass doored cupboard, or a China cabinet, & was most careful about them. Some of the plates & cups & saucer sets had been my grandmothers, & Mum had treasured those too.

The little Shepherd has now got a little chip on the base, that was never there before. I still love them though, & love the way their little faces have been so carefully painted.

The little corks in the base of them are original too, & are obviously old. They are just under 3 inches high, so they are tiny compared to modern salt & pepper sets. My mother told me she had never used them, but she loved them as much as I do.

I see people have been blogging about the views from their bedroom windows. Or cosy corners of their houses. I have previously shown my hand sewing corner, so wont bore you with that again.

These are some corners of my house, today. Hacked out carpet. Into 2 bedrooms, & the passage way. Another corner, into the room I use for sewing, & blogging.

You may understand how it all getting me a little down in the dumps. With no resolution in sight, & no assessor apparently assigned to our claim yet, I had a little weep this morning.

Which didnt seem to ease the feeling, unfortunately.

Yesterday, our Daughter J came up on a mercy dash to use our clothes dryer. It was nice to have her here while the clothes dried.

SG came with her, & he gravely examined the carpet holes, & said "What happened here Nanna?" When I explained it to him, he said, "Well I will help you to get the rest of the carpet out then. It needs to go in the bin!"

Which is exactly what I feel should be happening.


I dont think there is anything amiss with the lung harmatoma. It has grown, but it seems it is not too dramatically. I havent been back to Dr yet, but have read the report.
I had a phone call yesterday to tell me I could not have my tooth out on 9th of July, the Surgeon will be on holiday. I was about to explode, when she asked would I like to go on 6th instead? Of course I agreed immediately. Then she asked would I like to go if there is a cancellation. OF COURSE I $%&* would!!

And today was Mammogram day-- always an ordeal. I suffer from lumpy tender breasts. Those F***ing machines that mash them to pulp, are just pure torture. And nothing will ever convince me it is a good way to check for cancer. I had read there is a blood test which is far more reliable, & accurate.

I am sure if it was for men's prostate, or having their testicles stopped from being mashed, it would have been in use yesterday! No matter how pleasant, or apologetic, the person doing the mammogram, it never gets easier to bear. And it was freezing in the rooms, and the poor woman (mammographer?) had freezing hands. She told me she had been wearing gloves between each patient, to try to warm her hands.
The only nice thing about the visit, apart from the staff being really nice, were some Kimonoes hanging on the wall. I ventured to look at two of them, because I have never seen a real one up close & personal before, & was very interested to see how they were made.
Some years ago, I made a Japanese doll for GOM, at his request. I had no idea how to make the Kimono, & made one as best I could. I have never been entirely happy with it, & have never finished the hand stitching around the neckline, I am ashamed to say. After looking carefully at the real ones, I think I might just try to make another one of these days, for GOM's Japanese doll, who the sculptor named Midori.
I have been dreaming of babies, though there are none on our horizons. I have also been dreaming of haircuts..... another of my past blog rants. I am too frightened to get one. I am wondering if I could somehow let it grow, & tie it back. I think Joyce was very wise to let hers grow, & never have to battle with hair disasters ever again!!
I seem to have been feeling very very grumpy today, so didnt want another grumpy down post. This is about the best I could do.
At least GOM has been very nice to me, & he took me out to lunch to try to cheer me up!


Tanya Brown said...

Criminy, you've just been through the mill lately, haven't you? I'm sorry to read about the lung problem on top of everything else.

Here's hoping that things will start getting sorted out a bit at a tme -

meggie said...

Tanya, the lung problem is an old one... apparently the 'thing' has been growing there for the past 19 years, & isnt cancer, or I would be dead!LOL I suppose I do worry a bit since it IS growing...

anne bebbington said...

Meggie - I love your direct and down to earth view on life - reading your blog always makes me smile even if it's a smile of sympathy when you're going through the mill - I love your little S&P set - lovely to have things from previous generations - keep smiling friend, surely things will get better (((hugs)))

caramaena said...

Sorry to hear you've still got the grumps. To be honest, given all the stuff you've had lately, I don't blame you one bit! Good on GOM for trying to cheer you up :) Was the place he took you nice?

Do you have a picture of Midori? She sounds interesting. Years ago I visited Japan and actually got to wear a kimono. Very elaborate to get into! I should see if I have a pic on this computer (I'm sure I have one showing the detail at the back).

Henri said...

Meggie , Sometimes good things come to those who wait .
Best Wishes for a Magic Carpet Ride !
Good thoughts for the health issues also .

joyce said...

When we went to visit our Japanese DIL her mother gave me a beautiful green kimono. I also bought a book about making kimonos. If you'd like I could send it to you. I am never going to make one. I also have a cotton one worn as a bathrobe. They are made only from rectangles. They used to take old ones apart to use for diapers. They sell pieces of fabric about 30 inches wide and very long to make into kimonos.

sMC said...

Better get painted in woad and do the Winter Solstice Dance Meggie...the days start getting longer after tomorrow so we all should be feeling better

Angie said...

HOWLS of laughter (yeah, that's me you hear from across the 'pond'!!) are so right about the tortune machines we women have to be put through, and how things would be if it were men, etc. :)

So sorry about that carpet, go ahead and rip it out, girl!! So glad you can get in earlier about the tooth. And I adore your salt/pepper shakers. My Mom had lots of sets which she and I both loved (hmmm, don't know who got all of those when she died...the rest of my family cut me out LOL).

Angie said...

Dang, I also meant to commiserate about the lung, Pavlovian tho, I don't want there to be a problem with you!! Also I wanted to mention that I have a niece who is Korean that my sister adopted way-back-when whose name is Midori! SMall World, yes??? :D

Linds said...

Wow, Meggie... life is not gliding along smoothly then. I am so sorry to read about the blahs you are going through. I sympathise re the mammogram. I did ask the radiologist if anyone had every exploded when I had my last one. I was sure I would be the first. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Guðrún said...

I understand why you are so grumpy by looking at the pictures of your corners.

crafty said...

Staring at those bare patches in your floor would make anyone grumpy, and mammograms... a joy (not) I am yet to experience, God the old pap smear is bad enough. Giving birth, stitches...all joys of womanhood I suppose.
Everyone is entitled to a little (or a lot of) grumpiness sometimes (even men).

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I have many of my Mom, Grandma and Hubby's Mom and Grandma things. Some have seen better days but I love just the same.

We all have house that need work. Some days I wish I lived in a house that is in the magazines that are perfect.

Feel better and my prayers are with you!

Tanya said...

Your mammogram story gave us a laugh! (I read it to my daughter! She hasn't had one yet and doesn't want to!) "No! You need to hear this!" Hope you are cheering up!

Connie said...

Meggie, You never fail to make me smile when I read your posts, all the while you're feeling a big grumpy, you say, you do bring about laughter. Hoping tomorrow brings you a lighter & brighter day. Hugs.

Leigh said...

Good luck with everything Meggie.