Saturday, June 23

Life's Mysteries

Remember the toadstools of yesterday? Well imagine my surprise when I went out to view the garden, & they had all vanished!

Smashed, down & away by The Garden Vandal- aka GOM!
I was stunned. I couldnt believe my eyes. When I asked him why? he just shrugged, & said "They were no good, they needed to go, they dont 'do any good'!"
When I again asked "Why? Why would anybody do that?" I got no answer.
He had gone to collect all my slashings, to stuff them into the green waste bin. I usually let them lie for a day or so, to wilt, so that more can be fitted into the bin.

I must say, I felt like just stuffing GOM into the bin!!

I had a very vivid dream last night. The kind that just haunts you all day, & keeps popping back into your mind. One of the people in the dream was Peter O Brien, the Aussie actor. I dont know anything about Peter O Brien apart from what he looks like, & cant for the life of me work out how he ended up in one of my dreams.


This morning in the shower, I was enjoying the warm water, feeble though the stream seems to be, now we have fitted the new 'water saving' shower head we were supplied, free, to help save water.

The 'nether regions' of the body hang out in the dry cold, while the hot patches burn, under the thin stream of water. It is enough to make me think of sneaking the old shower head back on again!

My mind was flitting about planning the day. Happily applying conditioner to my hair.... only to discover I had grabbed the shampoo again, by mistake.
Dont you hate it when that happens!! Wool gathering! Where the hell was my mind??


The carpet debacle continues.
We have been told to get a quote for the replacement thereof.

We went off to visit a carpet outlet on Thursday.

It has been many years since we had thought about carpets, really. We had no idea what was available or what current 'fashion' decreed we might need.

We looked at several extremely ugly samples, we had thrust at us, as being worthy of consideration.

Rearing back in horror was my main reaction.

The Salesman asked what we were looking for etc etc. He kept thrusting hideous samples our way. I kept thinking there must be something nicer about.

In the end we had narrowed down the field from the 'too hairy' ones-my description- and the 'too hard cold' ones, to something we both felt we might be able to live with.

We await measure/quote time.

And yesterday, we took a friend with us, & visited another carpet outlet. Where a lovely polite, handsome, married, 12 year old... er I mean, young man, gave us information to base our choices upon. He is coming to measure/quote next week also.

GOM & I, being chalk & cheese, very rarely like the same things. But we surprisingly often detest the same things.

I dont know how we are going on the carpet front. I would like to try a different colour, but guess I will stick with the neutral safe option. He tells me he 'doesnt care'. We will see.

And now, while I am in 'mess-of -a-post' mode, I would like to ask for some help?? Anybody?? Please??

Why can I no longer see my Neoworx visitor list- I really enjoyed seeing the countries where my visitors came from. It appears to be still on my Html but will not appear on the sidebar. Neoworx have not replied to my query about it.

And how does one get the line to strike out a word, or phrase, when you want it to remain visible?

And how, can I motivate myself to knuckle down & try to lose some weight!! I just know I really need to, but cant seem to convince my appetite or some part of my brain, that I MUST at least try to diet.

Phoebe Snow, No Rerets

WTF?? This wont publish?


Sheila said...

Husbands never care about decorating until the choice is made and installed, then they suddenly have an opinion.
I wish I could help you with the line throught the text thing, but I am a technotard.
As for losing weight, I am trying and resorting to what has always worked in the past. But I need to keep it going once I've reached my goal. Instead of quitting like I usually so. That is walking briskly every second day for at least 30 minutes. I also cut out all the junk between meals, but at meal times i have what I want, reasonable portions. I did that a few years back when I reached the big 50, and lost 70lbs in 9 months. now I'm fast approaching the big 60, and feel the need to loose some inches again.

Lee-ann said...

Men! they are all the same, cannot see the beauty value of those lovely toadstools but just the fact they are not of any impotance in a garden well I would have popped my dear heart in the bin also. while he was saying "what!" "what did I do"

This is a lovely post and I did enjoy reading ever word.

enjoy your winter mornings under that shower saving head! lol lol lol!


Guðrún said...

Do you have a big bin? LOL I love to read your blog, it always makes me laugh. About loosing weight, that is something as you say our brain has to decide and that is really difficult, may brain refuses to decide that I have to loose weight but insists that I eat chocolate and cookies and stuff like that...

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie. cant help with tech problem. but you bought back memories of my hubby in his early garden days pulling up seedlings thinking he was helping by pulling out weeds, after a few heated discussions he never pulled anything out unless he ask first.

alphabet soup said...

Heh, heh, heh, Peter O'Brien in your dreams... Lucky you!!

I'd like to be able to help with your stats problems but I use a different set-up.

Ms Soup

joyce said...

If losing weight was as easy as losing (spending) money we'd all be stick thin! I think exercise is the key rather than dieting. Hard to stay motivated though.

anne bebbington said...

Meggie - I detest measly piddling showers - I'd be sneaking that old shower head in for my own personal use for each and every shower I took if it were me :o)

daysgoby said...

M - I can see your counter - maybe a problem with your browser? Try clearing out your cache and restarting.

The strikeout line is < s >

it's a very useful thing!

to end is < /s > (take out the spaces!!)

caramaena said...

I find the following page useful for info about html:

and according to them the strike tag is either < s > text < /s > or < strike > text < /strike > (without the spaces).

I've tried to comment with a test of both and it would appear the comments box won't let me put in either option.

Did you get the neoworx thing sorted? I can see the little scrolling list of countries with the numbers next to them (is that what you're talking about?).

Hope the carpet gets sorted fairly easily.

ancient one said...

Meggie, I'm glad others could help with the strike out html... I did not know that one and now I know it!

Thanks for coming over for a visit to my blog. My children are the same as yours...2 sons first...then 1 daughter.

I know how you feel about the water saver shower head. My DH installed them years ago.. At first I hated them.. I guess I just finally got used to them as I don't even remember how the shower used to be.

Enjoy your new carpet!! Just try to get through the mess of the new installation. Once you get the new carpet, you'll discover other things that need attention. LOL Isn't that the way it goes??

Love your blog!!

Isabelle said...

I have to confess that we had a lovely crop of toadstools in our lawn (I assume because of the horrible wet summer we're having) and I pulled them all up today.

Sorry! But they looked a bit creepy to me.

Love the frog.

Thimbleanna said...

Hi Meggie! I see you've had several suggestions for the strikeout line. I use the del tag, but blogger accept this message if I type it th way I really use it. If the other suggestions you've received don't work for you, let me know and I'll explain better via e-mail. If you find out the secret to losing weight, just let us all know. Especially with all the wonderful recipes that are shared in blogland!

Thimbleanna said...

Sheesh! When I fixed my rejected message, I couldn't type. I meant to say that blogger won't accept the message if I actually type the del tag in the way I use it. Sorry for the above mistakes!

Alison said...

Can relate to the shower and when you find the answer to the weight problem will you let me know....soon as possible.

Tanya Brown said...

Grrrr! What is it with husbands and getting rid of interesting things such as toadstools?

Mine went and ripped out a perfectly lovely nasturtium plant which was covering the compost bin, and tossed out some large glass jars I was saving for grease drippings. Again I say "Grrrrrr!!!!!"

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, your blog is such a pleasure to read! Even your troubles are stated with such flare that one can't help but laugh!! You are just adorable!! Men--they're from Mars, need we say more???? ROFL