Wednesday, June 13


Some years ago, GOM asked me to make him a quilt. He wanted it to be a "Sports" quilt.

Sports & I are complete strangers. I dont partake, I dont watch, I dont listen, I dont understand. I loathe, in fact!! So, the best I could come up with, all those years ago, was this version.

I named it "It is not Sport, but it has got Balls" And this first pic is of the backing I used for the quilt.

It fits on the top of our Queen size bed. It has warmed us these many winters. I was so inept at quilting in the days I made this quilt, it is buttoned. With vintage buttons from my beloved Mother's button tin. And I felt quite proud that I found this ball print to use for backing.

And here is the front, which I spent many secret hours constructing. The image is very dark in this pic. The actual quilt is very bright, & was when I first realised that scrap quilts were my favourite type of quilts. I love every minute of making this quilt for GOM, & he still loves it. And still insists using it on our bed.

O.K. This is not REALLY a happy post!

The quilt for SIL had grown to gigantic proportions!! it is going to require a sh*tload of batting, which I currently dont have. And a sh*tload of backing fabric....which I also dont currently have!!
To say nothing of the quilting! Help! My shoulders will wilt, & I might run away from home!!

Actually, I cant believe how dark this pic looks on here. It looked ok in the preview, on our Queen size bed. Much larger than I anticipated, but then SIL is 6ft 2in, so I guess he needs large quilt, to cover!!

I noted a lot of you were horrified at the thought of a Rugby League quilt.. well so was I!! I loathe the game, cant change now.

In other hideous news...the 'tooth' is beyond saving! The only answer is an extraction. The 'Evil Fang', as Fifi suggested, is indeed evil! I am having to take antibiotics!

You can imagine the joy with which this news was recieved! Oral surgeon. Antibiotics. Double root system, necessitating surgeon. WTF??

Crap on crap.

Then I came home to this The back yard patio area is now dug up. GOM has a seriously buggered back, from wielding a crowbar, plus pickaxe. All executed whilst I was out recieving the bad news about dental matters.
We are going to have to excavate the backyard to find the drainage problems. Oh joy & laughter!! NOT!
When I read about the bird crap on Tanya's head I thought , What could be worse? So life teaches me lessons!! So, I wonder if I learn??
Somehow I cant let myself drown in this cesspool - I kid you not!!
Bugger, bugger, bum!! And any other little gems you would care to add!!!??


meli said...

Wow, these quilts are gorgeous. When you talked about your grandson in your last post it suddenly brought back a memory for me of sitting with my great-grandma when I was very small. She was making a quilted tea-cosy for my Mum, and I wasn't allowed to tell her. The patches were tiny and hexagonal, and I was allowed to hold them carefully. She sewed by hand. We still have it.

Sheila said...

Sorry about the tooth
Without stating the obvious,
'when it rains it pours..!'
Hope yopu soon get these problems sorted, so you can go back to sewing..!

Diana said...

Oh Meggie, I am sorry about all your bad news. Troubles always seem to multiply, don't they? I hope things get settled down soon. In the meantime, cuss away!

Liz said...

I said a few choice words for you after reading of your troubles -- won't offend others by printing them here. Hang in there.

Tanya Brown said...

Actually, and I hope this doesn't disappoint you, a little bird crap on the head is nothing compared to an infected tooth, a husband with buggered back, and the prospect of working on quilts whose themes you aren't fond of.

You need a break. Why don't you come here for awhile? We'll go someplace pretty and listen to my son scream.

Catalyst said...

Meggie - I have long had a theory which I eloquently refer to as the S---hammer theory. It states that the mighty hammer of ill fortune is cyclical and when all is darkest one is in for a period of GOOD luck as the hammer coils up its spring once again. This can take some time. So cheer up, have a pint and buy a lottery ticket. It may be your day!

meggie said...

Meli, I am glad you still have your grandma's tea cosy!

Sheila, It hasnt stopped persisting down yet!

Diana, You aint heard nothing yet!

Liz, I didnt want to offend anyone either, haha!

Tanya, that sounds quite soothing, compared to the further events of last evening.

Catalyst, I dont think the recoil has begun yet- I was trying to get my washing spun dry, didnt realise there was so much water in it, & the whole bathroom flooded, right out onto the carpet in the passage!
GOM was horrified & did a little cussing of his own!
Someone or something is out to get me! And the tooth is screaming!

velcro said...

Meggie I can commiserate - yesterday I arced the microwave (forgot to take the metal bag sealers off the frozen food bags) and then blew up the vacuum cleaner!
I'm seeing this as a sign that I should really not do any cooking or cleaning.

I hope they manage to fix your tooth quickly and that they gave you some good pain killers to help you cope until then.

Guðrún said...

Ohhhhh, dentists are not the people you like to visit but sometimes it is necessary. I could think of many other little gems ;)

winithupoo said...

Meggie -- methinks you need a little vacation! The quilts are lovely. You always make me laugh with your comments. Hope you soon find your sh*tload of supplies, along with a sh*tload of better luck!

Ali Honey said...

Buttons AND balls! Well Done. Come on tooth ....let up on Meggie!

Lee said...

Argh! Sorry about the tooth, the drain, the mess. Nice quilts though. Sport doesn't seem to lend itself to quilts but as I type this I wonder if the FI crash the other day would make the transition? It has all the pieces.

mereth said...

Poor poor Meggie, you have all my sympathy. If it's any consolation I feel much much better without my tooth, can drink nice hot coffee without wincing and having to be careful on that side all the time. Still, like you I want to hang on to them as long as I can.
Why do troubles come in multiples? It really wears a bit thin after a while, one calamity on top of the other. I hope this is the end of it.

fifi said...

What on earth IS that pile of stuff??

I am still amazed at the quilts. Yesterday I considered buying a sewing machine (??? like I'd have the time!!)

I had an idea about the rooster, you could make an embroidered rooster for the middle piece, but make it bright like the other panels. But Just one big Rooster in the middle. Or applique a big one on.
Or just ignore this!

crafty said...

Fuck fuck fuck.

Hope all goes well with the extraction.


alphabet soup said...


Things are a bit frantic for me at the moment so I have just caught up on your recent posts. Teeth!! Good luck. And those great quilts, loved the roosters, being from Vic of course I don't always get the rugby teams...

Ms Soup

sheoflittlebrain said...

Oh meggie-"Hang in there" and "this too shall pass." (quoth the perennial optimist). If my words of wisdom are too annoying, you should probably lean heavily on Catalyst's remedies.
Your quilt is truely a beautiful work of art.....

sMC said...

hang in there Meggie we are all bearing it with you. Absolutely love the quilts...........aubirdwoman

Leigh said...

Meggie, you crack me up ROFLOL :-))))
Sorry to hear about your tooth and everything. Things will surely be looking up soon.

My float said...

What a mess (the tooth thing AND the gravel).

On the bright side, those quilts are absolutely amazing. You are incredibly talented.

Molly said...

eggie, your "It's got balls quilt is lovely---no wonder GOM won't part with it! Sorry to hear of your weather woes. Hope it gets better soon!