Saturday, June 16


I saw this rainbow over the valley this morning, & thought it would be nice if it was a sign of better things to come.

But also thought of Dorothy.....

And the expectation that a rainbow will bring something good??

We are having more rain, wind & gah weather.

No one has been to see about the carpet, the roof or any other problems.

I feel the house is not a pleasant place to be.

The little grave out the back door filled with water, & became the little pool!

And Hitler & Eva, (as he calls me now, since I told him about my post) went shopping for some luxuries like bread!

I also had an outing with our lovely daughter to shop for batting & backing for the SIL's quilt.

And there was a sale on all sorts of things. And we got a dinner set each with new square plates for $10, reduced from $60, so we thought it must have been meant to be.

For anyone wanting to set up house they had dinner sets for $7- 36 pieces, including knives forks spoons! Amazing. It just so happens GOM had coveted a square dinner service - so now he has one!

Why does a little voice in my head keep saying "The food will get cold on those plates awfully quickly!" Which wont really worry me, as I eat & drink only tepid things anyway... I dislike hot.

In other thoughts for the day, I have been reading of 'favourite things'.. Thinking about favourite foods. Favourite music. Favourite authors.

When it comes to movies, I think my all time favourite scene is from the Movie Terms of Endearment.

It is the scene where Shirley McLaine is driving a drunk Jack Nicholson in the surf, in an open top car, & he is standing on the seat, & she cant really drive. For some reason that scene says things to me, that almost make me want to laugh and cry, at the same time.

And the most harrowing scene is where Shirley is screaming for pain relief for her daughter, who is dying of cancer. I feel that scene in the pit of my stomach, every time I see it. It never fails to move me.

Well, away to fun things like the ever present washing to dry. And the food to prepare. And the rain to listen to.

Buddy Holly, Raining in My Heart.


Alice said...

I hope the weather isn't too bad this weekend. Sydney has certainly copped it but it's great to hear that the Nepean Dam is overflowing into Warragamba Dam.

Your dinner sets sound like a real bargain, although I must admit that I don't like square plates so I wouldn't buy one even at that price. Still, I hope your hubby loves using it.

Pieces From Me said...

I love Terms of Endearment too. My favorite scene is where Debra Winger tells her husband from her death bed "I don't think you should have the kids. As hard as you think it will be, you end up wishing it was that easy." SO true! The rainbow was beautiful!

tracey petersen said...

A rainbow sighting can only mean good things!

Thimbleanna said...

Aha! There you have a rainbow! And apparently there was a beautiful set of square dishes at the end of it. I knew things would be turning around soon! Hope things will dry out -- isn't it odd -- you're getting too much rain and we don't have nearly enough!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I hope things improve for you real soon. I love the pic of your Honey. Give her a love from me!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

.... somewhere over the rainbow... love the dishes, I love all things square (although I swear I'm not). I can't wait to see more of your SIL's quilt! So, what pet are you???

teodo said...

Hi Meggie
When I was child my mother used to told me a lovely story
with a lot of goblins thate were singing sliding down from the rainbow
ciao ciao

My float said...

I've never been able to bear to watch Terms of Endearment. Once, Steel magnolias got through the defence system, and I cried for five hours.

Mind you, I cried through Moulin Rouge, which continues to be my all time favourite movie.

Those square plates look beautiful. where did you buy them?

Granny J said...

Perhaps we could split the rain, tho my experience with my bro, who lives in Nedlands, is that in years when OZ gets rain, the southwest USA suffers drought -- and vice versa. Our world is sere and we worry about the nearby forests. If we are lucky the summer rains may happen in maybe three weeks. Now I hear from you about heavy rains...

Aunty Evil said...

I love the square dinner set! I think I have one dinner plate like that. MDH had it before we were married, why just one, who knows! But, it is lovely to serve biscuits on when we have guests. I love the soup square (bowl).