Saturday, June 30


Here is my pitifully inadequate photo of the true Full Moon, taken this evening around 5.30pm. It is taken facing East, just as the moon is rising on our horizon, & includes some pink from the setting sun. I know it is pollution, which gives the pink hue, but I cant help but like it.

And this next pic is of today's seriously great haul of fabric loot! Look at all this fabric I got for very little dosh! In the Oz vernacular, I got it for bugger all!
The night light photo does not do it justice, & there are some large yardages, which will be great for backing as well as "Eye Spy" quilts. And it is all pure cotton! Yay!
There are also 2 books there that I could not resist. One is Crimes that shocked Australia. The second is a Nicholas Sparks. I have read The Notebook & enjoyed it, so hope this is a good one too. It is The Wedding.
I also got a Cookie Barrel for my daughter, which I will have to take a pic to show. It is a huge cob of corn, with wheels, & the lid is a Pig in Goggles, who is the 'driver' of the corn cob. Our daughter loves pigs, & she also happens to love Cookie Barrels, so what else could I do?? I had to buy it for her. She told me she just loves it, & SG filled it with bikkies already.
Daughter J, & SIL have gone down into the City Limits to stay with our Son B to attend a party, so hope they all have fun for the evening.
GOM is wallowing in Footy on the Teev, & I am thinking I might just read some of the 'shocking crimes', in the comfort of my bed!
It is cold, but nice & cosy in our house with the benefit of the Airconditioner.
Hope you all have a nice weekend.


ancient one said...

Great Loot you have! Another thing we have in common...My daughter loves pigs..LOL

Angie said...

What an awesome haul you made there, my friend!! :) Beautiful picture of the moon/daybreak too.

joyce said...

A haul indeed. Did you go Op-shopping? Or was there a big sale on somewhere?

Isabelle said...

And just think - all this time, your hair is getting steadily longer.

meggie said...

Ancient One, My daughter has a loooot of pigs!
Angie, the moon was just rising, it was early evening.
Joyce, I got all the fabrics from 3 different garage sales. I had been bemoaning the fact that there hadnt been any fabric about for ages, & lo! my grizzles were answered.
Isabelle, that is a comforting thought! My ears are cold.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, Meggie, you're going to be busy! Nice haul! I also enjoyed your post on the blue moon -- might explain the blue mood I've had lately. LOL!