Sunday, June 10

Washed out World

In our corner of the world, it is a very washed out looking place. There is a little eerie sun trying to poke out from thinning clouds.

We contacted friends yesterday, whose house has been flooded, as we thought they may need a dry berth for the night, but were assured they were ok. Hopefully they are still coming here for the afternoon, as planned, but it will depend on the state of treatment for their carpets.

As many suburbs were without electricity, we considered ourselves very lucky! After the one small outage in the morning on Friday, we have been well warm, & fully lit- one might say!

We also thought we may have to have our daughter & family here for the night, as their front lawn is like a 2 foot deep lake! But the house is set higher, & so they were safe & dry.

I dont think there was as much rain fell last night, & the highway was certainly not so filled with sirens screaming past.

Thank you for concern regarding my daughter's hand, it is responding very well to the antibiotic, & she is certain she wont require surgery for it, so that is good news.

Quite a few of you commented on Bronwyn Hayes, who markets her designs under the name Red Brolly. I have posted some quilts I have done using her designs, & though I have posted them before I am sure you wont mind seeing them again.

This photos shows Bronwyn's quilt pattern Country Cottage, & it was featured in an Australian Country Threads Magazine, Vol 3, No 10.

SG loves this quilt, & it is a regular favourite for making his Cubby Houses.
This pic features my favourite angel, & I have used this pattern for other purposes, putting on a bag I made for a loved cousin, & I have another I was going to frame.... in the to-do file! haha.
And this is my favourite cat block. I just love that lazy sleepy cat, so comfortable on the old chair.
This is the complete quilt hanging on the window drapes, after I had first finished making it.
And here is a pic of the quilt I made for my SIL's 50th birthday. I used the same cat pattern, but enlarged it & made a patchwork version. I designed the quilt myself, & featured flying geese on the back, so guests could sign the cream patches. I dont think she got it signed, as she didnt want harm to come to the quilt. I adore scrap quilts, & was very pleased with how this one turned out.
We are having some friends & family over today, so I had better get myself off this & tidy messy sewing off the dining room table.
I have started a new project... even though I havent sashed the spider webs! And I did get out a WIP & put the final round on it, so it is ready to be backed & quilted, so I felt the new project was ok. haha.
I dont very often buy magazines, except at garage sales or op shops, but one little treat I do give myself is a subscription to Autralian Country Threads magazine. I love their patterns & have used many ideas from the magazines. A particular favourite is Ruth Buchanan, whose designs really appeal to me, & I have used 5 of her patterns for quilts for family & friends.
Hope your weekend is safe & warm!


tracey petersen said...

I'm glad that the weather is settling. It looks like it has been really wild in NSW.

The scrap quilt that you made for your SIL is just beautiful - it is just what a scra quilt should be!

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, Oh Meggie, Oh Meggie, OOOOOhhhhh I LOVE THEM BOTH!!! I'm going on an internet search RIGHT NOW to see if I can find a copy of that AP&Q that you made the first quilt from. That is just absolutely wonderful, and your fabrics in both quilts are just wonderful! Oh, and I'm glad everyone is safe, and that DD's hand is getting better. :) Oh, and I can't wait to see what new project is in the making!! :D

caramaena said...

Your quilts are gorgeous!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful quilts Meggie! I love scrap quilts too. I can't tell from the pictures...are they hand or machine quilted? Either way, do you do your own? They're just lovely!

Leigh said...

Take care up there,Meggie those floods are terrible. So sad for those that have lost their lives.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Meggie,
Glad you are safe. The footage shown on our TV News was grim. We know You were all desperate for rain but not like that, not that much.
Great scrappy quilt!

Connie said...

Your quilts are so lovely. I especially like the one made for signatures even though it didn't get signed. It's so hard to imagine the cold weather there while we're having such hot weather here. I hope you stay all comfy and cozy in spite of the nasty weather.

Anne said...

These quilts are lovely, Meggie! I really like the enlarged ginger cat you used in your SIL's quilt - actually I love the whole quilt :o)

Extreme weather all over I think... you are having it cold and wet - we are having it hot and dry - thursday was the hottest they have ever measured this early in June.

Hang in there!

Tanya Brown said...

Hmph. Now I feel guilty for wishing that Australia would receive some rain! It sounds as though you're receiving a deluge worthy of sailing down the street on a boat.

Holy cow, your SIL's 50th birthday quilt is quite complex. The beauty of the pattern shows up nicely at a distance, or when the image is shrunk a bit. You have great senses of hue and value.

Here's hoping you and yours can stay safe and dry -

Fiona said...

Ooh, your SIL's quilt is just fabulous - I'm not surprised she wouldn't let anyone write on the back.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie, All your quilts are just beautiful,Stay safe and I sincerely hope the flood subsides quickly.60SES men and woman left Vic today to help up there with the floods then the big clean up, Once again take care.

Stomper Girl said...

I've been wondering how all my bloggy NSW friends have been doing in the storms. Glad to hear that you and GOM are okay. I love your second quilt with the cat in the middle

joyce said...

I just love the crazy quilt. Scrappy is my favorite. Hopefully the weather settles a bit there.

liane said...

ohhh! it's a beautiful quilt !!!