Wednesday, June 13

I have been looking up!

I have not been moping about the further heaps we have been given- just to keep us on our toes, I suppose. haha.

The roof leaked some more- well it is covered by Insurance, & will be dealt with in due course. Our policy covers the damage done in the storms, & compared to a lot of people ours is a minor. Some poor souls have had floods into their houses, & been looted into the bargain, so we have been 'fortunate'.

Friends of ours with the flooded carpets said the house is somewhat rank, in spite of the carpet having been all removed. So we do consider ourselves lucky.

Now our drainage has decided to cause us further problems, & we are not sure it it is directly related to just the neighbour privet, or the heavy rains have added to the problem.

One of my ankles has decided about now is a good time to have an arthritis flare, so hobbling downstairs to the toilet is not really a joy!

And, yesterday, my tooth decided it would be painfree for most of the day. So in the best delaying tradition, I neglected to call the dentist. Yes, I know wrists need to be slapped.

But! I was too busy looking up! I havent got time to worry about the minor irks. I am on fire with another project.

As my daughter pointed out to me, I have not made the SIL a quilt of his own. She is sick of him taking hers to snuggle into, or using Small Grandson's.

SIL is a Roosters fan. For those of you outside Oz, the Roosters are a Sydney NSW, Rugby League Team, officially known as Eastern Suburbs (I think! Not being remotely interested, I dont watch or listen, & it all washes over me).

So while going through stash looking for something else, I discovered this rooster fabric I had forgotten I had. So out it came & off I went on the quilt trail. GOM doesnt yet know who the quilt is for, so he happily went off to do the shopping yesterday- groceries, which I hate. And I got to sew on.

Then DJ came over, with Adult Granddaughter, & Small Grandson, so I had to hastily hide all the evidence of what the quilt was about. And another friend dropped by, so I had a break from the sewing for tea/coffee break.

Here is the production result of Monday. It is surprising how different things look when you photograph them.

A close up of the roosters & some chooks. Small Grandson loved all the bright colours & happily asked if I was making him another quilt. I didnt tell him who it was for, but did say it wasnt his. I always feel mean, as he loves to play with the colours & scraps & will sit happily rearranging them all- "For a quilt Nanna"
And here is the result of yesterday's efforts. Not all sewn together yet, but looking better. I am thinking to use a black for a narrow border for definition, then hopefully I will have enough of the rooster fabric to finish with a wide border. If not I will have to think of something else.

This pic is a bit distorting -it makes it appear oblong but it is square. The fact that the rows are not sewn together adds to the illusion. And the purple looks more blue in the photo? Sometimes I think the light does that?
The tooth is twingeing this morning, so I must make an appointment to have it dealt with. It is amazing how we can convince ourselves things are ok, when we are scared of the alternative, isnt it!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This quilt is a happy one, he'll be crowing with delight to receive it for sure! You do great work and have a great eye for color, Meggie. I do hope you feel better after having your dental problems attended to, that's no fun.

daysgoby said...

What a neat quilt!
I love the music, too - how very you!

fifi said...

Youre kidding me right? You did this in a DAY?
Very beautiful indeed. Love the little squares...pretty!
Gosh you are clever!

(As I read I was thinking how awful if you did some kind of "footy" quilt..)

I had to laugh...I HATE rugby league...and I thought this is about as close as I will ever come to thinking about the "Roosters"..ha ha, via a quilt.

Good luck with the evil fang.

jellyhead said...

Meggie that quilt is glorious! When you mentioned rooster fabric at the start of your post I was imagining these huge red and yellow roosters and thought the quilt might look a bit UNUSUAL (!), but it's entirely different from what I imagined, and it looks fabulous. It is colourful but still not too 'pretty'. Handsome and perfect for a bloke. You are a marvel Meggie!

tracey petersen said...

You know how the saying goes...when life gives you scraps make quilts.

beautifully done!

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Meggie I've been catching up on all your posts - you have been havng a tough time of things. So sorry to hear all your news,, hope you can continue to look up!!!! Thinking of you and love that quilt, lovely, cheery and optimistic!
Km x

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie, I love the quilt (so bright and cheery - Lucky SIL) and I can't believe that you got all of that done in one day. Is your sewing maching smoking yet because it must have had a woman with her hair on fire operating it. Those blocks must have been flying off of the machine.

Glad to hear that you are looking up - you deserve some good luck. Take care of that tooth