Thursday, June 14

Quick update.

This is Gorgeous Beau. Isn't he beautiful. I guess, if like Isabelle, you are really a cat person, you may not see his gorgeousness. But he is really lovely, & a clever little guy. He looks as if he is smoking a cigar, but it is one of his Schmackos treats, that had been buried in the garden. He is Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour's little dog. I wanted to post something nice & happy, & he is both.

A small update in the progress of rottenness. Last evening, I thought the washing just needed spinning dry. I thought the bowl of the washing machine was empty of water. Hah! WRONG!!

Suddenly I noticed a huge black mess creeping out onto the passage carpet. EEEK!! Sewagey water was spilling from the drainage hole in the bathroom out onto & into the carpet. The overflowing water was initially from the washing machine, which could not drain. I had no idea the machine had contained so much water.

Gom rushed about doing his own form of cussing, & mopping & grumping.

Today we have had drainage folk here, unblocking the drain, & locating the problem of the blockage. It seems my beloved Lilly Pilly tree is the culprit! So now we have a point of repair to work on. And the gaping hole in the wrong part of the patio!! GRRRRR! That is clay lying out on the pavers. Clay which will all need to be rammed back into the hole dug by GOM.

A friend called over, & I heard GOM telling him that 'Meggie is going in the hole!' Which is not fair! I didnt advise digging the damn thing!

I had a visit to the Doctor, & all would seem to be normal wear & tear on the bod. Just a chest checkup to be done, on the 'thing' growing in there, plus the dreaded Mammogram.

I rang the insurance about the carpet early this morning, & this afternoon some nice men came & cut large pieces of carpet out of the passageway, & the bedroom doorways, & sprayed a germicidal spray to decontaminate, & deodorise. I dont think it has worked!


I thank you all for your kind thoughts. I thank Crafty for her lovely cussing!

I think, the 'silver lining' might be that we will have to have new carpet fitted, as the whole house is now contaminated, because of the wetness. It is not really nice to think we are still living in it. And, of course, it couldnt have come at a worse time, when all the storm damage is still being sorted out.

The men for the carpet began work at 4am. They wont finish until 6pm. They like to work they said, but they feel rather 'over it'.

Oh and the tooth aches on, cannot be removed until July! But the antibiotics should kick in tomorrow, & ease the pain.


anne bebbington said...

Oh Meggie - you poor thing, your feelings of foreboding were obviously well founded - what a bum few days you've been having! Love the roosters fabric - couldn't have it in our house as DD1 is terrified of chickens of any shape or size and would think us very mean - hope your SIL likes it though - chin up! Surely things can only get better (((Hugs)))

jellyhead said...

Oh Meggie, whinge all you want - I would be complaining loud and clear to all and asunder!! I might even be shedding a few tears of utter frustration (at the state of the house as well as the painful tooth)

Hopefully things will turn around soon and life won't feel such a drag.


Leigh said...

((((BIG HUGS))))

Tanya said...

Oh Meggie! How about "chikishou"! That's a pretty strong cuss word in Japanese and you can scream it from the rooftop and no one will think or you as crass.
There are days like this...

Princess Banter said...

Awwwwwwww the cutest and the sweetest!!!

Sheila said...

I guess your portent of doom was well founded..
I hope this is the end of it..!
A new carpet throughout might make this all worth while though don't you think..?

Stomper Girl said...

Holy Bat-toilets, Meggie, I miss your blog for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose! I so sympathise about your tooth, it is just a horrible feeling when something starts going wrong in your mouth. No wonder you've felt so ornery. And as for all the flooding and sewage problems, yeccch!! and poor you. I hope the mess and bother clears up soon and your normal life resumes forthwith.

I also wanted to compliment you on your subversive 'sports' quilt. Yes, you've put roosters on it but what gorgeous roosters - if you hadn't told me I would not have known it was a Rugby quilt. Sheer genius. Of course, you could trim it with Rooster colours (whatever they are? Red, white and black or something) but that would be crude and obvious. Your way is so much artier. I salute you.

Tanya Brown said...

JULY?!!! JULY before the tooth can come out?


sheoflittlebrain said...

Glad you have Beau to lighten this bad patch a bit. What a lovely little guy! Take care of yourself as much as possible meggie. You are a true teasure.

Catalyst said...

July? Doesn't GOM have pair of pliers around there somewhere?

I have a friend who has some gangrene in a fingertip which will have to come off. Doctors are giving him the runaround about scheduling. Yesterday while another friend and I were visiting, I offered to take it off with a kitchen cleaver while the other fellow held him down. He declined.

meggie said...

Anne, Jelly & Leigh, I probably need all the hugs I can get, about now!

Tanya, Chikishou sounds like such a nice word too, to my english ear, sort of like 'shoo little chicken'??

Princess B, Yes Beau is very loving.

Sheila, the thought of new carpet is nice...but getting it there is -a bit terrifying. My hoarding, you understand.

Stomper, when you are sportily challenged, you become very cunning about avoiding it!

Tanya, All the more time to fear it!!

SOLB, You are very kind.

Catalyst, You made me laugh! Any laugh is really good right now!!

Thimbleanna said...

4 a.m.? That's impressive to have workmen that early -- although probably not much good for your sleep habits! Sending good wishes your way -- the wind is going to change for you VERY soon!

MargaretR said...

Here is a very big hug all the way from Wales Meggie. You are not having a very good time of it now are you? I agree with Thimbleanna, the wind is changing very soon.