Sunday, June 3

Morning Mist

This pic was taken off our balcony yesterday morning, as the sun crept across the trees in the Valley. A lone wreath of morning mist, from domestic fires, I suppose, just lay across the valley like a girdle across Rumbalara.
It was a chilly beginning to the day, but as the morning wore on, the sun was surprisingly warm, & I was struck by the various colours on this pretty tree, on someone's front lawn.
We were out garage sale-ing. For once, I did remember to take my camera. Our daughter & grandson came with us, & DJ fell in love with this cottage, with the pretty tree. She would have liked me to take a photo of the house, which had a lovely vernadah with pretty furniture & pot plants. Not knowing the owner, & not wanting to trespass, I didnt venture onto the property.
We had a mixed lot of sales to visit. I got some books for very little, -one of which is the Time Travellers Wife, which has been getting some good blog reports, so hope I enjoy it.
We found some beads with laces for SG, so he was happy. GOM ended up bookless, but he didnt seem to mind. It was one of those mornings when toys were not about. Mostly furniture. Not what we wanted.
More self help books. This time the how to get rich variety. They obviously didnt work, judging by the folk selling them. The pretty young girl even tried to give some toys away to SG, but he was having none of it. They were, I suspect the Macca's* variety... & for all I know he has them already. His father is apt to give in, & take him for a Cheese Burger, so he gets the toy. Nanna does not approve, so I guess what she doesnt know wont hurt her!
One very unusual lady was selling most of her large furniture, from her small villa. She had a lounge suite, with a 3 seater sofa bed, plus a 2 seater couch. At first glance they looked ok. She wanted quite a lot of money for them, & once we got close, we could see they were alive with cat hair!! I doubt it would ever come out, the cats must have been long haired cats, judging by the length of the hairs waving in the morning sun, as it streamed into the room. She told us one end of the sofa bed was 'shredded' by one cat! We quietly left, wishing her well!
And early yesterday morning, Leo came rushing inside sneezing furiously. I couldnt imagine what could have made him sneeze as we really have no flowers he could get to. Or so I thought.
Later, I went outside, to discover a 'branch' of the Zygo Cactus lying on the table. The little hound must have jumped up onto the table on the patio, sniffed the flowers which are in full bloom, & knocked the branch off! No wonder he was sneezing, as the flowers have a lot of pollen on the stamens.
I had put the pot on the table to enjoy it, & keep it from being romped on by dogs, or SG's ball.
I have still made no decision on the sashing for the quilt blocks. DJ & I test drove a dark jadey green yesterday, but it did nothing for the blocks. We decided a blue would look nice, or perhaps a greener green. I dont have any red to test drive, so will have another think about it.
And bless Mary, she has sent me the instructions for the pinwheel cornerstones! So I can be making those while I continue to think. I didnt get any sewing done yesterday, so maybe today.
There is currently a thick white fog out over the valley, & I cant see Rumbalara at all! I thought it was foggy, as I was hot in the night. I think my body thermostat has broken!!
*Macca's is the local name for Mc Donald's.
This is an edit, hope the paragraphs stay in this time, but I wont hold my breath!


paula said...

What a pretty picture! I keep forgetting your seasons are opposit ours.

Catalyst said...

Beautiful pictures.

And up here, MacDonald's is sometimes known as "Mickey D's".

Cynthia said...

i enjoyed catching up on your blog. Love the blocks you've been making. It's going to look great when it's finished.

meggie said...

Paula, I just love Autumn, it is my favourite season.
Catalyst, They also call them Mickey D's in New Zealand. My brother is partial to his Micky D's.
Cynthia, thank you, I have had fun making these blocks.

Henri said...

Lovely Autumnal tonings in the photos Meggie -- I agree with Lee about your stunning blocks -- great stuff . Mickey D's are seldom indulged in these days

alphabet soup said...

It's amazing what people try to sell off at a garage sale - and ask quite a bit of money for same. I'd be willing to wager she is so used to cat's fur on everything she wouldn't have even noticed it!! Nice pics, looks a bit tropical your way?
Ms Soup

Princess Banter said...

Oh wow -- lovely lovely view! Makes me so jealous... sure beats the buildings and skyscrapers that greet me in the morning :) Where I was from, we called mcdonald's "mickey d's" -- and where I was raised, it's called "mac-do" :) I always find it interesting how so many derivations of that name exist!

fifi said...

well I call it the "arches of doom", myself....

very pretty pictures today, I love this time of year. Must get out and see some trees...

That sofa would have been a charming acquisition for someone..NOT!

Mike M said...

Great blog!! I will be back for more!!


smilnsigh said...

"Nanna does not approve, so I guess what she doesnt know wont hurt her!"

This Nana doesn't approve of Mc Donald's food either.


caramaena said...

Lovely pics. I love seeing photographs of mist around the countryside. Funny considering I'd rather sleep past that time of the day ;)

h&b said...

*Gorgeous* pics !