Friday, June 29

Once (or twice) in a Blue Moon.

This is my pic, inadequate though it seems, of tonight's Blue Moon.

I always knew the expression 'Blue Moon', but only recently - well, I am aging, so we are talking within the previous 10 years- learnt the meaning of "Blue Moon" . It is the occurrance of a full moon twice in one calendar month.

I am not sure of the significance or importance of such an occurrance, but it is not as rare as I once thought. But it has become part of everyday vernacular, with the 'once in a Blue Moon' reference used for infrequent happenings.
This was this evening's skyline, to the West. Not sure what it means, but it does not look promising somehow. (My Float, this is the 'lone Pine' just for you!)
And... proof that Internet friends are truly wonderful, this is the treasure I found in my letter box, from Joyce when I returned home from arduous carpet hunting!

A wonderful book, with instructions on how to make a Kimono! and instructions on how to tie an Obi- or more- I am unaware of the correct term for the plural Obi.
Just look at the wonderful photographic instruction for the Obi construction!
I should be able to get some semblance of accuracy on Midori, after all this.
In spite of requests for photogaphic evidence of (possibly) the world's worst haircut, I am resisting publishing any such thing. Huiliation has never been my strong point!!
I spent the morning with my daughter, who looked fabulous, & why didnt I take photos ???- mental flagellation here!!
She helped me check out carpet samples, & narrow down the 'field'.
And gave me good laughs, as she always does, & bolstered her mother's morale, by saying the hair is not 'that bad'. But!!! she can see how uneven it is, regarding the length of the sides, & also understands how upset I am by the decreased length.
Bless wonderful daughters!! Love you DJ.
And the evening viewing...
Haha bloody hah!! What is it about those irritating shows, with the nasal, adenoidal *star* whose hair looks like the overblown thistledown ????
Is this to be the future of 'free' TV in Oz? Regurgitated crap?? (aside here, this is how I got my R rating, I mentioned death, hell, & crap!! crap was once!)
And, last, but by no means LEAST... the watch for Kim, & holding my breath for her safe delivery of her baby!!
I am such a sap for babies! I believe every one is a Masterpiece, & a Miracle!


Molly said...

So, if you won't post photos of the haircut from hell, will you at least model a kimono for us in the near future?

smilnsigh said...

Same here. 'Once in a Blue Moon' meant a very infrequent happening. :-)

And dare I say... the Full Moon time is not the time to have a new hair cut. A little late am I hu? With my *wonnnnderful* advice. -giggles-

But as I always say... it grows.


Tanya Brown said...

I envy you your kimono book!

I just realized something: your bad haircut dispiriting as it is, will be grown out and a memory by the time I manage to do anything about the blob of fat on my stomach.

No comfort? Oh, well. I tried. Actually, what I managed to do was depress myself.

meggie said...

Molly, the kimono will be made for a Japanese doll I made GOM. I would need far too much fabric for one large enough for me. haha.

Mari Nanci, I never knew that about haircuts & blue moons?? I must remember to check out the moon phases before I ever go near a hairdresser again... but I am thinking of never going, so it wont matter.

Tanya, sorry to laugh at your blob...but it was a laugh in FOTB, the Fellowship Of The Blob.

apprentice said...

I hope to catch a glimpse of it here, if the rain clouds permit it. It's light until almost 11pm just now so it will be a late call if I do see it.

Funny how you often learn the true meaning of something when you've known the expression for years. Today I learned that "math" is an old English word for harvest, hence "aftermath".

Peggy said...

Have a great weekend!

ancient one said...

I love babies, too!! They are truly miracles!!

Stomper Girl said...

I did not know the origin of the blue moon. If pushed, i would have said it was to do with the moon changing colour! Thanks for setting me right.

Lee said...

I didn't know that. Thank you.

Lucy said...

I didn't know that about 'math' and 'aftermath'- blogging is so educational!
'Memoirs of a Geisha' got me turned on to kimono. Japanese plurals never seem to take an 's'.
Nice one Meggie. Babies are OK but kittens, puppies, foals, lambs all have more instant appeal, I reckon.
Good luck to Kim anyway!