Wednesday, June 6

When All Around You...

A dentist I used to attend had a lot of 'Inspirational' & 'Humourous' posters pinned to the ceiling in his surgery.

As I lay there, rigid as a board, with every muscle screaming pain, I would try to relax, - funny how that gas never made me laugh! I would read & reread those posters- which never seemed to rotate or change.

There were plenty to read, as the whole ceiling & quite a lot of high walls were covered with them. Sprinkled with small children's grateful thankyou pictures!
A concept so strange & foreign to shakingly frightened me, I could never imagine being grateful to a dentist, as a child! Although I must say, I did really like this particular dentist, & I loved his accent. He told me he came from Poland, & he had marvellous green eyes. And he did extensive & excellent work on my teeth. I even trusted him. Not enough to completely relax, mind you!

The one poster that always stayed in my mind is one that said, "When all about you looks Dark... Look up!" It was printed on some artful photograph of light coming out through clouds, & it really struck a chord with me. I often think of it, & will always 'look up' when things are particularly trying or frustrating.

When we lived in the inner city Hotel in the Southern City, our flat overlooked a carpark. Not a very large carpark, but it was usually full, as parking was hard to find on the busy one way street thoroughfare.

Almost the whole of the front of our flat was a huge balcony that had been glassed in. It was beautiful in winter, as the sun poured in, & warmed us on chilly 5 degree days. Our lounge had huge sash windows, which we seldom opened- they were so heavy, & the sounds, & exhaust fumes, of the traffic was too intrusive to invite into our home.

But the sights we could see from our windows were often extraordinarily funny, unexpected, & very interesting, & sometimes quite shocking. I would urge folk to always 'look up' should they be parked in a carpark overlooked by tall buildings.

At lunchtimes our busy Bistro was crowded with diners, & more than a few would linger long over lunch, especially on Fridays, which seemed to be a chance to start an early weekend. The patrons would perhaps indulge in one too many glasses of wine or beer, & then they would retreat to their cars, in very amorous moods, & well... we quite often closed our drapes!

And many was the patron, who would furtively look all about them, then decide to pee in our shrubbery at the edges of the carpark. I could never bring myself to shout at them, though I suppose I should have. My Father in law, who maintained that garden hosed it very vigourously, & kept the shrubs trimmed very closely, while he was our gardener!

Once, when the shrubs were quite tall & vigourous, the police came to the hotel looking for a man who had been seen running into the hotel. When he saw the police he bolted, & though they looked everywhere for him, they couldnt find him. They searched all the shrubs, with no trace of the man. Finally they left, & as I looked out the window, I saw the man crawl out from under a car, & run off in the darkness. I dont know what his 'crime' had been, but I thought he was probably very lucky the car owner had not decided to leave, while he was hiding under the vehicle.

Once we saw a very elederly man come lurching out of the hotel, set sail for the footpath, & as the ground sloped towards the river on the far side of the road, he gathered speed, & rushed straight across the road & fell over the chain fence & rolled right into the river! GOM, who was Happy Young Publican Husband, in those days, tore off downstairs just as others were shouting & rushing to rescue the old chap from the river, which luckily was very shallow at that point.

Quite often, that same elderly gent, who had been hospitalised, escaped from the hospital in his pyjamas & caught a bus into the city to come to the Hotel. HYPH would ring the Hospital & someone would come & collect him. He was quite frail, but surprisingly strong when he was thwarted in his efforts to spend the afternoon at his favourite 'watering hole'.

We do have a lot of peculiar memories of sights & sounds from the carpark.

So, dont forget to always look up!


Lee said...

The Dentist's advice is very true. It is hard to be depressed and down if you look up. (It is also hard to be happy if you are slumped over, head down.)

daysgoby said...

A beautiful post, Meggie, but I had to snort a little - on the ceiling at my gynos is one of those kitten-falling-off-the-branch posters, the ones that say Hang In There! I usually grin sickly at it while waiting...

You've led a neat life!

Anne said...

Had a laugh at some of the shigts you must have seen from your window.

You left a comment on my blog about aqua aerobics - try it! Can really recommend it as a fun way to exercise.

Jorja's Nanna said...

Hi Meg, I found you via Ragged Roses. I love your story of the carpark. Can just see the old gent tumbling into the river:-) I must say that your writing is very entertaining. You should write a book. I love the music too. How do you do that? I have only been blogging a couple of weeks so I'm new at all these things.
Love the spiderweb quilt too.
I'm in Bendigo, but have visited NZ last year and loved it! The weather suited me down to the ground. (I'm originally from UK)
Please visit my blog.
Patches and Batches.
Cheers for now
Jenny (aka Jorja's Nanna)

meli said...

Wow, great stories! Lovely cloud photo.

Fairlie said...

Hi Meggie - thanks for stopping by my blog!

I wish my dentist (with whom I have been spending considerable time lately) would stick something interesting on his ceiling. It's that boring dotted ceiling tiles.

The one I had in Perth last year had a small tv ceiling-mounted. I had just settled into the chair, and was enjoying a discussion on a morning show, when the dentist came in, grabbed the remote and flicked it over to the cricket. I wasn't sure what the etiquette of this situation should be...

If I have to "look up" I want there to be something interesting there!

jellyhead said...

'Look up' - now that's a wise way of getting through tough times.

My daughter went on our back veranda this evening to 'look up' at our rain gauge (which by the way has 68mm in it from the past 24 hrs - HOORAY!!) only to find Tony the tawny frogmouth sitting right there with his tailfeathers sticking partway into the rain gauge! I swear there is something magical about having that bird around!

Hope you are getting some rain, too. Thanks for your story about the flat you lived in - it was so entertaining, as all your stories are!

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Meggie! What entertaining stories - I think I need to take that philosophy on board, will start 'looking up" a bit more!
Kim x

joyce said...

Interesting what you can see out the window. Once when we lived in the city there was a domestic dispute next door involving guns. Outside we saw several police with guns aimed at their house. I prefer the deer and wild turkeys we see now.

Lucy said...

What a colourful life you've led!

Sheila said...

I love coming here and reading your stories, they are always so interesting. I had a dentist once who would give me an injection to freeze my mouth, but also gave me nitrous oxide, so I would lie there high as a kite. He could have drilled all day and I couldn't have cared less. The funny thing is I was always aware of what he was saying, and I don't think he realised it. He and his nurse (both married to others) were having a non-professional relationship, and used to have quite amorous chats over my head. I never said anything, and when she left he started up with her replacement..LOL

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Look up! Oh, yes. The sky shot is lovely and represents so much. Thanks, Meggie, as always...

teodo said...

your stories are always great and beautiful.
I like to read your pots listening this music.
ciao ciao

Isabelle said...

I too was just thinking that you should write a book. You have had such an interesting life and write in such an entertaining style.

What is the lovely music that plays on your blog?

meggie said...

Several people have asked about the music I have on my blog.
The music is my choice & it is a free addition from Sonific Songspot.
If you scroll down, & click onto the red logo, it will give you intstructions how to get your choice onto your blog.
I just love classical guitar music, but there are all kinds of music available.