Friday, June 15

On other fronts..

Here is my little Honey, keeping me company, & soothing my soul. And here, this morning is the slightly doubtful looking sky scape above Rumbalara.
Most of our bad weather seems to come up from the South. This veiw is directly facing South, & there are patches of blue, but the tinges of pink are a bit of a worry. Rumbalara is girdled with a mist again, which usually passes. When the weather is really bad, we cannot see any of this, from our windows. The hills become completely invisible beneath the driving rain.
I have been 'looking up', in the form of reading blogs.
I was intrigued, reading Thirdcat to learn of her tendency to blog, when she perhaps, could be doing other things.
I find I do the same! It is very therapeutic. Let it all hang out, on the blog, in relative anonymity.
And I find reading other blogs very therapeutic also, it is such fun to read the various styels of humour, & the various ways of coping with life, that others employ.
As for me, well I should be getting things sorted into orderly piles or heaps or whatever, to deal with coming carpet joys. But right now, it is rather cold, & Honey is keeping me warm - well, warming my rear, anyway. And I just felt like a blog session.
I am sure there are liquid pools lurking in my vegie drawers in my fridge too, - unless PPFP (Pantry Plus Fridge Police- AKA GOM) has been in there. He doesn't have a strong sense of smell, & comes trotting in with various hairy looking things for me to 'sniff'. "Is this OK?" thrusting it under my nose - accusingly.
I usually rear back in horror, completely stunned that he is so blind! Of course he is not really. It is his way of 'shaming' me. I used to be so fussy about things like the fridge, & pantry, & bathroom. But since he has retired, & taken it upon himself to become so PPFP, complete with Hitler moustache, I just salute, shout "Sig Heil!", & scurry off to the computer or the sewing machine.
You would not believe how Hitler like he has become when doing the weekly grocery shopping. All I have to do is look at an item, & I will be told "We dont need that!" or "What do you plan to do with that!"
I look about me, & see other 'oldies' being bullied by their men, who need to keep some semblance of being 'in charge'. I realise with shock I have become one of the 'oldies'! It is so easy to forget, when in your heart you are still about 40 something, & feeling pretty damn good!
I just fancied some baked beans on toast for lunch. Who doesnt have baked beans in the pantry?? For feck's sake? Not one tin to be seen? Our daughter was here, she too, could not believe there were no baked beans. "But Dad" she said "Everyone has baked beans in the cupboard!" He just muttered & absented himself from the room.
Of course it has become a territorial issue now. I let him take over & have no chance of regaining control. He has the bit between his teeth, so to speak. He is 'the BOSS' again.
He has also taken over our filing system. Consequently, he can never find any document when it is needed. It took almost an hour to locate the house Insurance papers. What is that all about!
One area he has not tried to take control over, is the bathroom, & the cleaning thereof. Which is a pity, as I dont like doing that much. Still, I suppose it gives me something to do, other than sewing or blogging. haha.
Ah well, we can still laugh- albeit through gritted teeth at times.
You know, what my nephew & I refer to as 'The teeth grin!"
Oh and there is very happy good news. Our Daughter has just got a new job, which she really wanted, & which promises to be perfect for her!
Congratulations DJ!


Ali Honey said...

Well Meggie, you got me laughing. I read out what you wrote to DH as a warning! He laughed....wonder what he was really thinking?

Leigh said...

Glad t hear some good news has come your way. Hope it's the start of lots more.
I WAS looking forward to the day when my dh retired. Maybe ten years away. Now I'm not so sure. Thanks for the tip:-)

Guðrún said...

Your Honey is cute, I am for dogs not cats. Try to get in control while shopping ;)

crafty said...

I too would consider baked beans an essential pantry item, though I'm afraid we are out of them at the moment. And, you are welcome (I've never been -thanked- for cussing before...)

fifi said...

Baked Beans are the most important aspect of a pantry...what is he thinking??
(not to mention the natural gas you must need right now in the blackout :-P)

I am bullied all the time by my control freak husband, and he's not that old really. I drive him nuts, I am very naughty and recalcitrant.

Just act vague. That's what I do.

Catalyst said...

When one wants to say something but knows it will probably start a fight so doesn't . . . that's known as bloody tongue time!

ancient one said...

Hey...I know what you mean!! I've become a child again. I have to be told how to do everything. All these years of doing it my way and now I'm learning I didn't do it right!! LOL I love your blog... I will be back!

Stomper Girl said...

Um... we don't have baked beans in our cupboard. Because I am the Grocery Police in our house and I don't like them. You'll never find any mushrooms here either.

I still remember the day my young brother sat there insisting he didn't like any vegetables and my Mum floored him with "baked beans are vegetables, you know."

Sheila said...

You always make me laugh Meggie. My DH will retire soon, and I do hope he doesn't start this. I hope he just finds things to do in his work shop..!
He does make 'furniture' and 'paint pictures', I'm just hoping our house doesn't end up looking like somewhere the 7 dwarfs would call home !

caramaena said...

My goodness you've had a time of it lately. Hope things settle a bit soon!

Congrats to DJ too :)

Lucy said...

The one that gets me is - well of course I believe in a place for everything and everything inits place and if you'd just get into that...- to which I say - so where's all the crap that comes into the house unasked supposed to go and how come I'm always tidying up your shoes?
anyway, chin up meggie!

sheoflittlebrain said...

I've taken to listening to books on tape. With earbuds in and a story playing I can't hear much of what E says........

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, you are such a joy to me!! My life is so much richer because you share yours with me. I just howl with laughter sometimes at the shanigans in your house!!! ROFL Those pups are such sweet babies...and the neighbors' pup is adorable too!! Oh my, some of the things those GOM can find in the fridge...why don't they just toss it instead of 'asking aka accusing' us as to whether or not it still 'good'. ROFL It's like them seeing a cobweb and asking if 'that' is a cobweb up there (knowing full well it is!)!! Why do they expect us to get the thing down. Why don't they just do it and be quiet about it??? ROFL

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The PPFP had me rolling on the floor laughing, too funny... because you are able to paint such a vivid picture it's like watching it happen. Congrats to DJ on her new job, that is a gift when you have a job that you LOVE and is perfect. Hannes sits in the chair behind me and warms my backside while I'm blogging or sewing, too!

nutmeg said...

Oh, just caught up with all your "rain related" and drainage troubles :-( I sit here typing and the rain is pouring down again - I'm conviced Sydney and its environs doesn't know how to do "rain"- you know the gentle steady stuff. It's a deluge or nothing. I woke this morning to the sound of a waterfall only to discover an outside drain blocked with leaves and it was pouring into the neighbours place! AAAARGGHHH! Anyway, fixed now but I'm out every couple of hours to check all the drains around the house so it doesn't happen again.

Alison said...

Hi Meggie...lots of water around us but we are dry (thank goodness).
In love with your dogs. Was going to post a new picture of Chalky but he was lying with his legs up in the air....not his best look.
Rain rain go away come again another that how it goes?