Monday, June 25

Could it be?? Is there REALLY a god???

John Laws is retiring.
For those who dont live in OZ, this wont mean a thing.

He is/was a radio whingebacktalk/back host. He was once described by another radio/TV journalist as the "Pock marked Prince of Pain" . Which I found to be surprisingly accurate.

His -to me- fakeness, was ugly.

His "redneck stirring", ugly also.

Now all they need to do is shoot "the Budgie".

Life could be perfect.

There MAY be some sort of "GOD" Deity.

I expect to wake up dead tomorrow.

Or at least with my mouth full of soap!!


Molly said...

Sounds on a par with our Bubba the Love Sponge--yuk!

Catalyst said...

Amen to molly's comment: yuk!

Emma said...

Just before we got married the company my hubby worked for shut down all its country offices, including the one my hubby (who'd been jet propelled into a position of responsibility due to rats desserting a sinking ship) worked in. Laws railed against the company, and half of what he said simply was not true. Hubby was left packing up an office, out of a job two weeks before our wedding, and fielding hundreds of irate calls from Laws' listeners, spouting his garbage at an innocent 23 year old who'd been out of Uni just on a year.

We don't like the man much in our house. He's ignorant and opinionated, not a good combination.

meggie said...

Molly, dont know the odious sounding Bubba. Guess every country has one -or more!
Catalyst, ta very much.
Em, I am glad to see the back of that person. I half expected some rage for my censure, & good riddancing, but I dont suppose many rednecks, or idiots read blogs!

tracey petersen said...

A man who was paid to have no morals and be a hypocrite and had incredible influence over the thoughts of the masses. That could describe many despots and dictators....and radio announcers.

sMC said...

thank goodness I hate talk back programmes.

Guðrún said...

Yes every country has one of those on the radio/tv

smilnsigh said...

I don't fully understand but... You are funny. :-)


meggie said...

It can only be a good thing that the self opinionated, egotistical odious man has gone. There is another of equal odium, & possibly more evil, who is still pouring his poisonous thoughts out on the airwaves. I always exercised my right to use the off switch. But so many allowed themselves to be influenced.
Tracey got it exactly right.

Lee said...

I've never listened to him (can he be heard in Victoria?) but from what has been reported about him, I wont miss him.

But what if his replacement is worse?

meggie said...

Lee, I have thought about that,(the replacement) & I think there are probably more of the ugly variety coming up through the ranks. It seems to be the nature of the beast.

I dont listen to them, cant stand the talk back, but GOM likes to turn the radio on in the car- I am trapped!
And of course, there is still the awful, some would say evil, 'Budgie' who is possibly worse.

caramaena said...

As long as they don't replace him with Alan Jones. He's just as bad.

I can't stand John Laws and in a former job I had to 'babysit' the satellite feed - which meant I had to actually listen to the show to catch the cues for the ad breaks. Ugh, I was sooo glad to stop doing that.

meggie said...

Caramaena, The 'Budgie', is actually the Jones creature! Got it off a comedy show, lampooning the man. And goodness knows, he is a rich source for ridicule!!

Aunty Evil said...

I am SO with you Meggie!! I can't stand him, and his veiled racist comments that incite people to ring him in anger, only to lose the argument because a) he is not nervous of talking on radio b) he can cut them off as soon as they start to win c) they may not be highly educated and struggle to find the right words to say what they mean.

The day he announced his retirement, I heard people ringing up saying how sad they were, I was only sad because the day he goes is still 5 months away!