Thursday, June 28

Sleep on it...

Futher to yesterday's whinge regarding the hair.
"Sleep on it." is advice that is often given about things.

Well!! I can tell you, sleeping on that mess didnt make for a good result. This morning I have been trying to find a paper bag large enough to wear on my head! Shampooing, slathering with 'product'- what sort of stupid term is that??- hairdryer....nothing makes any difference.

And in other news, GOM had a near death experience, yesterday, only he didnt realise it.

He was foolish enough to let the words 'pudding bowl' pass his lips, within my hearing. He will never know how close he came to a serious mischief!

I did take all your kindly advice to heart & have decided perhaps if I just ignore it all, it might go away, as in adopting an 'ostrich mentality'. I harboured thoughts of sneaking up, to take photos of the "heinous cutter"'s hair, as a warning, for others as to what they should avoid in a 'hairdresser'. But on second thoughts, I cant be bothered.

I decided to just do a few photos instead.
This, in bright sunlight, is some of the shambles in my spare bedroom, which is all in disarray due to carpet problems. A patchwork cushion I made, & actually dislike. It is supposed to be an Angel, but she is too weird for my taste. My daughter's 34 year old doll is sitting in there too, for some obscure reason. And that is my old Teddy I purchased to overcome severe 'bear deprivation', when I went nursing at 18 years of age. This funny old Ted's picture sneaked in here by accident, & I cant delete it, or I will lose all my photo uploads. He has a music box inside, but it doesn't work. He was a garage sale orphan, & I have posted his pic before.
This is Enya, the Angel doll I made, & she sits on our headboard, watching over us. Wish I had her hair!! haha. I took her wings off too, but she doesnt mind, they were only pinned on the back of her dress. I think they are lost!

And after reminiscing about my Grandmother's cooking, I started thinking about the old dishes she used to serve things in, & how I still have some of them, & still use them.

This was actually my mother's & was the main bowl of a Dessert set she had been given as a wedding present. It is about 66 years old! It once had 6 small desert dishes to match, but they crazed very badly, & seemed to all chip, so there are none left now.

This next bowl is one of my Grandmother's. She told me it was just a cheap one she bought just before the war years. She used to serve stewed fruit in it, or made junkets, which she often served in this bowl too. The only part of junket I liked was the cinnamon she used to sprinkle on the top!

And these old glass dishes are not particularly good glass even, but they look nice with a jelly in them, or fruit.
We have had another carpet man come to quote.
Leo is a very bad host, & I have been threatening him, he is going to have to have some Estrogen to calm down his rampant aggressive streak! He has just got a little too big for his doggy paws, & something will have to be done.
The sun is struggling to shine, but the clouds keep rushing over, & we are tipped to have more rain.
Oh well, good indoor sewing weather!


ancient one said...

The Angel doll is very pretty. I would like to have her hair too! I loved seeing your old dishes.

As for the eggs in the nest, (thanks for commenting on my bog)I really don't know if that is usual? My husband is the animal lover. He thought about taking the eggs and putting them in the incubator, but decided to let the Guinea hatch them. He has chickens, guineas, and goats. Always something interesting going on around my house..LOL

Thimbleanna said...

Stewed fruit! There's a term I haven't heard in years. My grandparents used to eat "stewed fruit". What's the difference between stewed fruit and canned fruit? Lovely dishes and pals!

Tanya Brown said...

"Pudding bowl"? Grrr! Near death experience indeed!

I love the photos of your legacy dishes. Using them is a nice way to keep the memory of your mother and grandmother fresh. They'd probably both laugh to learn that such things are highly regarded as antiques these days.

Now I'm going to have to read up on junkets.

Stomper Girl said...

I love your mother's dessert bowl.. So pretty.

Meggie, a skilled needlewoman such as yourself should be able to whip up a pretty and comfortable/functional headscarf til your hair grows back.

I hope you follow through with your complaint.

fifi said...

meggie, you arent the only one having hair issues right now.
Knitted hats are quite fashion. Or crocheted.

Nice treasures you have.

joyce said...

The old dishes are beautiful. We are still awaiting a picture of the now-infamous hairdo! The pudding bowl comment has aroused my curiosity.

Lucy said...

I wouldn't risk putting one of those pretty dishes on GOM's head!
It'll grow out in next to no time Meggie. I love the bears, the angel is exquisite but so lifelike she makes me a litlle bit uncomfortable!
Miss Muffet's curds and whey was junket, wasn't it/

Leigh said...

At least its winter and you wont look out of place with a beanie on.
I feel so sorry for you as I know there is nothing worse.

Joni said...

Oh my first laugh of the morning. I love your sense of humor!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Your angel looks so lovely and serene sitting in her litle chair.

Love the old teddies and like you, take pleasure from using my Grandmother's things. Those flowered bowls are beautiful.

Sad but true- you just can't trust a hairdresser to understand what you want! My worst moment- going in for a "body perm" to give a little lift to my straight cut and coming out looking like a sixty year old Orphan Annie.

Diana said...

So sorry about your haircut! I used to take a picture with me, but even that didn't help. Maybe you can start a new style with colorful scarves until it grows out a bit.

Your talk of junket takes me back. It is something my mother used to make, but no one else around here has ever even heard of it.

Molly said...

I hope you're putting those angel wings to good use!

anne bebbington said...

Oh Meggie - you just made me howl when I read about your husbands dice with death!!!

Guðrún said...

How lucky your GOM is to be alive today, and he doesn´t even know how lucky he is, you should tell him it will cheer him up ;)

Sheila said...

Meggie I empathize with your hair dilemma. I hate the hairdressers with a passion. I cut my own, and it probably looks like it, but at least I only have myself to blame if it gets messed up..!

crafty said...

Ah yes, hairdressers. A very distinct breed, I had a close brush with a hairdresser once, I almost became one!
I'm trying to grow my hair at the moment, trying to resist going to the hairdressers, it just looks so awful while it is growing. Please accept my most sincere commiserations.

Ragged Roses said...

Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun continues ot shine for you. Those bowls are very pretty!
Kim x