Thursday, July 12

All the Blue you Could Want.

This is today. All the blue you could wish for. This pic was taken about 4.15pm, looking to the East. A few clouds out over the ocean. It has been a lovely day as far as weather goes.This was yesterday, a nice enough day, bit chilly, & a little sullen in parts, but fine.
We have spent the day packing up our 'stuff' in the lounge. It is just amazing how it all accumulates. I think it mulitplies while we are sleeping & then establishes itself in dark cupboards. Then before we notice it, we have mega masses of glasses, kitsch, nic nacs......
My knee is protesting in a nasty way, about having done multi trips up & down stairs today. My back thinks it has been assaulted & is about to cease cooperation.
We had SG here for a couple of hours while his mother attended a meeting. He was very good, & wanted to help pack up. As long as he thinks he is helping he is happy. His task was putting all the photos into a bag to carry downstairs. When he saw his photo taken when he was about 18 monthd old, in a football jersey, holding a football, he told me that when he was little he used to kick the football everywhere.
He was sporting a large scrape of skin off his face. The 'best friend' had pushed him off a bike at pre School. He didnt seem overly worried about it, just shrugged. Best way to be, I guess. That particular best friend seems a little prone to be rough, but SG still likes him.
Now we have a date for the laying of the carpet, 2 days after the removal of the evil fang. So it will be wise for me to get all the packing up done before the tooth pulling, which is to be on 23rd, & I dont think I will feel too chipper afterwards. It must be playing on my mind, as I dreamt about it last night.
GOM has been a very busy man, carting loads of boxes downstairs, & he made us a cup of tea, & we sat outside & took a break this afternoon. I dont drink 'normal' tea, only herb tea, & I see he decided to have one this afternoon too. SG had Milo, so he was happy.
A neighbour dog barks all day, & it sets off our dogs. I wish I knew the secret of getting our dogs to ignore the barker. I feel very sorry for neighbour dog, it must be lonely.
Now we have the plumber here, to repair the leaking drainage pipe. I doubt that it will be fixed this evening, but the pit has to stay there for another day/night until he gets back.
At least our leaking roof is supposedly now fixed. A man came & leapt about & banged & clanged & knocked & replaced 2 tiles so hopefully it wont leak again. This is the 4th time Insurance has 'fixed' our roof after storms. Now we have to get the ceiling painted in the lounge & the kitchen. It seems to be one of those patches in life, where things clump together, & all happen at once.
And here is the ugly mystery item revealed. It is a plastic dog bone toy, in a Xmas theme. It is so hideous, I have been tempted to ditch it, but Leo seems to think it is quite nice, & he roars up & down the house with it in his mouth. It is such stiff plastic, he cant make it squeak, so perhaps it can stay. I guarantee, the minute I get on the phone to some important poo bah, he will find a toy that squeaks, & give it a super duper workout.
Tomorrow is our 41st wedding anniversary. I think we might dine out. It might be a lunch date. I can remember countless anniversary lunches, where either one of us had the flu, or it was so bitterly cold we wished we could stay at home. We usually just celebrate it quietly together & have never made it a family occasion. We never had a 'Wedding'- it suited us to have a quiet little Registry office tying of the knot. Never regretted it for a minute. And it has lasted a lot longer than a lot of full blown weddings. And a lot longer than predictions would have had anyone believe it would!
Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou.
Roy Orbison, Shahdaroba



riseoutofme said...

Congratulations Meggie! What an achievement to share 41 years together! And I'm sure, like the rest of us, there were times when you were tempted to bolt .... I know I could write a book about my own!!

I LOVE blue skies .... probably the rarity of their occurences here is making them extra special!

Aunty Evil said...

well, of all the things I thought it was, I was totally wrong!

Congrats on your anniversay! Enjoy the celebration, whatever it turns out to be.

Angie said...

Happy Anniversary, Meggie! Where has the time gone---:)

Pieces From Me said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I would hve never guessed what the picture was!

fotoface said...

lovely blue sky.
so intents make you want to wash yourself in it

Catalyst said...

Oh, Blue Bayou! Oh, Roy Orbison! A favorite of SWMBO and myself. Have you ever seen his "black and white" concert? Exceptional.

Oh, and Happy Anniversary! You're a few years ahead of us.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Blue skys always makes the day perfect.

Happy Anniversary to you GOM!

Joni said...

41 years! Wow! I love coming to your blog. I always have a laugh or a smile while reading about your life.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Anniversary to you and the GOM! 41 years of wedded bliss!!! I think the little weddings are the best -- it's insane the amount of money people spend on weddings these days. I've told Sweetie Pie and TheFirstChild that they should take the wedding money and run, but they'll have none of it -- so interesting to me! I'm all for eloping! ;-) (Not to say I won't have a great time with a wedding, but...)

Quilting Kim said...

Happy Anniversary to both you and GOM. 41 Years -- what a milestone. I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the positive vibes you have been sending my way. You are "the best"!