Tuesday, July 10

Tagged Again.

It seems I have been tagged by Finn for a 5 things meme.

5 Things I wish to do before I die.

This is hard. I feel myself thinking, but I have done most of the things I wanted to do before I die... does this mean I am ready to die?

1. Travel to Canada. I would love to see Canada, it looks so beautiful.

2. Ride a huge Roller Coaster. I know in my heart that I would die, if I ever did.

3. Visit Heidelberg. I used to send telexes & faxes to Heidelberg, & would love to see it 'in real life'.

4. Write a book, -or even just write. I never really thought about this, until recently.

5. Make many more quilts.

5 Things I Can Do.

1. Laugh about most things... not always at the time, perhaps. But give it time..

2. Make really good, come-back-for-more, fattening, rich, gravy! My family love my gravy. I have seen members have it on toast for breakfast! I have seen some of them drinking it!

3. Make a quilt. I am proud that I have mostly taught myself how to make passable quilts that people love.

4. Read & enjoy reading. I know that sounds simple & perhaps silly. But so many people cant read, or dont get the chance to read. I am so lucky to have time to read whenever I like, & also have the ability to concentrate & enjoy books. I recently spoke to a man who has had a stroke, & finds he can no longer read for any length of time, & he loses his concentration. He really mourns this loss in his life.

5. Make family feel welcome & comforted. My daughter tells me she always feels better after talking to me, if she is worried.

5 Things I Can't Do.

1. Yodel. Oh I cringe when I think of how hard I tried when I was young. Luckily, I did most of the trying out of earshot.

2. Play the Piano. I always wanted to learn. I dont suppose I ever will.

3. Get enthused by snow. I have no desire to get to know snow any more than I do already. We lived about an hour from top ski fields, but I never felt I needed to get to know them on an intimate basis. And I certainly never felt the need to ski. I have met snow, I have watched snow fall, I have played in snow with my children. Enough for me.

4. Get interested in sport. Just doesnt happen for me.

5. Ever eat tripe. I dont eat any other part of a beast...why on earth would I want to eat it's innards. (sorry for the squeamish among you).

5 Things that Attract me to the Opposite Sex.

1. Eyes.

2. Sense of humour.

3. Conversation.

4. A slight (or more) tendency to 'chubbiness' has always worked!

5. Love of children & animals.

5 Celebrity Crushes. This is a bit hard, I have never really been one for celeb crushes. Boring little solemn realist. If I cant meet them, dont care about them.

1. GOM, when he was HYPH. (Happy Young Publican Husband) I guess he was a 'celebrity' in our world.

2. Robert Redford. Liked his acting, enjoy his directing.

3. Robert De Niro

4. Cant even think of his name...the actor who plays the Sheriff in Deadwood. Drop dead gorgeous, dark, brooding good looks.

5. Paul Newman. Amazing eyes.

Now, I am supposed to nominate 5 more I would like to do this meme.
So here goes. No pressure!

1. Lone Grey Squirrel.

2. Kim at Ragged Roses

3. Mrs Goodneedle

4. Zita

5. Sheila, aubirdwoman

I hope this is not an imposition. I was going to choose a man, as they can alway give a nice twist to the mix, but perhaps next time. Or they can feel free to join in with it all.


The SIL has rec'd his quilt, & seemed duly delighted. A fight almost ensued about who would use it first. He gave me 2 kisses to say thankyou. I think SG was so happy to see it in their house. He always said it had to go there.

It is not really funny, but they took SG for a haircut today. The hairdresser got half way through the cut, stopped, & told them he has lice! They, of course were appalled. Who knew....

They have been down the road with all the over priced useless treatments available at GREAT COST from the Chemist. They found through trial & error with Adult Granddaughter that plain old thick conditioner, laboriously combed out with a nit comb is the only solution.

I know I am tempting fate here, but I have never had them in my life, & so I am hoping I will avoid it this time around. I remember what a terrible disgrace it was considered when I went to school. I think they called them cooties, & were treated like pariahs. Poor kids, it is an ongoing scourge to mankind. They seem to be immune to all the chemicals that are shaken at them. Very unsettling.

k.d. lang, Till The Heart Caves In.


meggie said...

I see it is very hard to read Zita, also, Sheila, aubirdwoman.
Not intentional. I didnt realise how the colours would disappear on the green background. I would change it all, but I am not gifted enough to know how to change my template.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Uh, meggie,
Don't get a shock but last time i checked, I was not female.....oh, unless you meant a "man" versus a "squirrel". :)

Also, I love children and animals, have eyes, a sense of humor, have been known to hold conversations ( I have witnesses) and I am a LOT chubby. Howz about it?

Hee Hee. Nice post (apart to the affront to my manhood). I shall play the game later today.

joyce said...

I enjoyed your meme. If you don't like snow don't come to Canada between Oct. and April or even sometimes May! My grandson is in school in Australia and there seems to be an epidemic of lice there too. DD has to cut his hair really short even though they all prefer it longer.

meggie said...

Lone Grey Squirrel, I am so sorry! Of course you are a man!! How could I get that so wrong. I dont know what I was thinking when I wrote that. Thank you for responding in spite of my mistake!! I saw your profile pic, & noted how handsome you are- & dare I say, a tad chubby too! Very handsome.

Thimbleanna said...

I enjoyed all of your 5 things lists Meggie! And duh! So that's what it meant to say someone had cooties when we were little! I've never made that connection until now. LOL.

Molly said...

Nothing fit Squirrel. you'll just have to wear your skirt around Meggie's blog! loved your lists of five, meg....

Finn said...

Hey Meggie, great job on the meme...*VBS* I like your thoughful and honest answers...isn't it amazing how we can be different and yet so much the same. I glansed at your horrible sounds meme...but didn't even want to read what they might be. Other than terrifing me, horrible sounds of other sorts send me running..LOL
Great, great finish on your SIL's quilt. I think the name is perfect!
It's beautiful..keep up the good work. Hugs, Finn

Ali Honey said...

Oh Meggie,
Watch that squirrel. The squirrel = nuts thing should have been a clue!

Now head lice I know about. When I was a young teacher and had a room full of 5,6,& 7 year olds the "Joy Germ', ( Distrist Nurse ) used to visit the schools to inspect for such things. I had to have a fast lesson on exactly how to check the little heads as there were so many to get through. I becamse a dab hand at it. I once capture under a jar a live adult hopping on my desk. I never got them myself luckily but some wee souls always got them......I could go on it's quite a subject.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

OK, I'll post this meme on my blog before I leave for holiday; I need to ponder all my fives... thanks!

crafty said...

I managed to escape the dreaded nits my entire childhood. Wish I could say the same about adulthood.
I think the hairdresser incident is funny. We once had a client (when I was an apprentice) who said she had had nits, even though she'd been treated, the panic that ensued after she left was incredible. Of course it was up to me to do all the disinfecting etc.

ancient one said...

Just saying the word "lice" around me makes me think things are crawling on me. The word "tick" does the same thing...and as far as I know, I never had lice but I have found ticks sometimes. I always mark the calendar when I find one and tell everyone if I get sick to tell the doctor I found a tick... LOL

I enjoyed your meme ~ann

Tanya Brown said...

I enjoyed reading your meme; it's fun getting to know you better. I'm with you on not being that interested in celebrities as far as crushes and not being that interested in sports, snow, tripe or sports involving tripe and celebrities.

As far as the lice, you haven't been a kid you haven't had some ailment or critter of some ilk. Emily Yoffe had an article in Slate on her experience with lice a few months ago: http://www.slate.com/id/2155498/
It was enough to make me envy those who are bald.

I'll hope for the best for you as far as side stepping the little monsters. On the other hand - perhaps going bald would be one way to address the much-hated haircut and evade lice?