Friday, July 6

Dont You Hate It When....

You get all psyched up for something... & it doesnt happen!

That is what has happened about the Evil Fang. It is still in situ.

I have been a nervous insane slightly overwrought wreck all morning. Had to quaff the wine in large doses to get off to sleep last night, so I wouldnt panic all night.

Filled in the time waiting for the appointment by reading favourite blogs. And trying not to even think about it.

So GOM decided to do another random pantry sweep. Just to keep himself occupied. It goes something like this;
"Do we need all this oil here?"
"What? what oil? We are out of Olive Oil, we need some."
"Yes I know, but what about this oil?"
So I get up & go to see what the hell his on about. I am in another room FFS surely he knows by now I cant see through walls??

He triumphantly waves a couple of half empty containers of oil at me.
" Oh that oil! Well, I think that is out of date, I dont use that oil at all, I think So & so gave us that when they returned from their holiday."
"Well, I may as well throw it out then?"
"Yes yes, throw it out" Mentally planning how I could pour it over him & just ignite it. Another near death experience he doesnt know about.

I turn to depart again, when I notice food scraps in the sink.
Ominously, "What is there food in here for?"
GOM, wheeling round with speed, " I havent finished yet! Pi** off out of this kitchen!"
"Well why do you pick stupid times to do these things! You called me in here"

Obviously he was a bit fraught too.

The worst bit was the realisation it is a far more complicated removal than I hoped. And I have to wait another two bloody effing weeks to have it done! More time to panic & hope I fall under a bus or something. So I never have to have the damn thing removed. Dentist talk, about splitting my jaw bone, cutting the gum, etc etc. I am far too big a coward to endure it all. And I will almost have to get a bank loan to pay for it. Hence, I wont be going to hospital to have it done, or I would need a mortgage on the house!!

I have been tagged twice, by SOLB & Paula to do the 8 Random thingy meme. I am sure I did one recently, but will give it another go. New weirdnesses about me seem to occur daily these days.

The rules:
Each participant posts eight facts about themselves. Taggees should write a blog post of eight random facts about themselves. At the end of the post eight more bloggers are tagged. Go to their blogs. Leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1.I dislike red, for me. I dont wear it, it makes me feel very uncomfortable. I like to see it on other people, & I like it in quilts. I would never use it for decor, or clothing.

2. I need a knee replacement. Why did only one knee wear out? How come they are not both clapped?

3. I am not a big chocolate eater as a rule. But I have just consoled myself over the non removal of the fang by eating a whole Crunchie Bar! And, it was bloody delicious!

4. We got the ok on our new carpet. I cant face all the packing up we have to do so they can lay it. I know, I know...I have to see it as a good chance to tidy the positive tsunami of 'stuff' I have!

5. I hate sport. Not a new fact, but I wonder if it somehow radiated out of me. When I was a child I never got picked for sport teams.(To my everlasting relief!) I did get chosen for writing the school magazine & doing word quizzes.

6. I didnt really enjoy school, & yet, academically, I did quite well. I found as an adult I have loved doing courses for things. Perhaps I needed to grow up...

7. I dont regret my many mistakes & wrong turns I have made in my life. I accept them all. I could have made much worse ones, so they were blessings in disguise.

8. I really enjoy the blogging community I find myself a part of. I ask myself is this because I am a bit of a loner, & this way, people are 'at arm's length'? Close but not too close. It seems odd to think how close you can feel to someone you have never met in real life. And how much you care, if you think all is not well with those friends.

Now, can I think of 8 people to choose?
I think perhaps almost all my blogger friends have done this. Are there any lurkers out there who would like to do it?
We would love to hear from you.
I also hate to lay the burden as it were, but how about if I name folks, & they can choose for themselves, if they want to do it.

Tanya The Art Butcher, I love her views on things.

Helen, a fellow Kiwi.

Ms Soup, whose prose is so interesting.

Thimble Anna, who is always worth a read.

Sheila C, I love to hear tales of the Scot.

Keryn Quilting Twin, whose observations are so interesting.

Mereth, the other quilting twin, who kindly cheered me up, when I was down.

Anyone?? A lurker??

Joan Baez, Miracles.


Tanya Brown said...

I'm sorry about that darned tooth. How horrid having to wait and "anticipate" the removal! The dentist's description sounds awful, but I'm hoping that's partly because they have to make things sound bad for legal reasons.

And oh, criminy; the husband's prowling in the kitchen checking date stamps again. Mine does that sometimes, pulling things off high shelves that I never go to (where he put the things, of course) and complaining that they're out of date. Grrr!

Enjoyed reading your 8 random thingies; I shall have to give some thought to mine!

Stomper Girl said...

Split your jawbone?! Holy batfangs. Sending sympathy.

meggie said...

Tanya, I really look forward to your answers. & I fear it is not legals but sheer reality!
SG, Holy Batfangs indeed! I am an ACE coward, &dare not think of the pain.. This little tip/homily "You realise, there will be large swelling for 2 days, there will be swelling for at least 4 days. You will find eating on the other side, from the surgery preferrable." WTF?? Who, in thier right mind, would eat on the side of sutured removal??I may never eat for 2 weeks.. which may benefit the body?? hahaha.
I am basically lying here, trying to remember every funny joke, email, or life happening, to cheer or distract myself, from the Evil Fang.

Alice said...

So sorry your toothypegs are playing up. Sometimes you can get your own back on the dentist. Many years ago I had a very difficult wisdom tooth extracted. After several needles and nearly two hours work the dentist asked, "How do you feel?" I said, "I feel terrific. I've waited 14 years to have that out". He said, "Well, I'm buggered!"

I hope your extraction will be much less traumatic than you fear it will.

Tanya said...

You are so funny! And so prolific with your posts! I can hardly read them and laugh before you've got another one to read to my daughter! "Listen to this one from Meggie!" "Meggie always has some humorous outlook on life even when there's nothing funny going on!"

Thank you!

joyce said...

Sorry to hear that tooth is still giving you problems. Maybe it will just fall out by itself some night when you are sleeping.
I have never met a blogger friend in person yet. It's odd to feel such good friends with people you've never actually met. My son met an internet friend after ten years. He said it was like they'd been good friends for ten years after the first shock of his appearance. He was much taller than expected.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you still have the dreaded tooth. At least you have the new carpet to look forward to.
You made me laugh about GOM and the oil in the pantry. It is just the sort of thing that happens to me.
You are so right about blog friends. You do get attached to them. I subscribe to a list of ex-pat Scousers. (Liverpudlans) and have made lovely friends on the internet over the years.

h&b said...

"Close but not too close"

Yes, i'm a bit like that myself ....

paula said...

Oh, Meggie! Will they be knocking you out for the tooth thing?

Please say yes, please say yes...

ancient one said...

Hey, just going to the dentist for a cleaning freaks me out. I know for that day, it will not be so bad, but he's always looking so hard to find one that needs a filling, so he can get me back in there in a couple of weeks. Doctors !! Need them, Fear them...~ann

oh yeah, the bridge went way up in the air and it was pretty long! Thanks for coming by my blog!

Linds said...

I hope you are being knocked out too. It is time for that evil fang to go. You do make me laugh, Meggie, but I also remember teeth or fangs and the trouble they can be, so I sympathise. I hope you manage to sleep and have a great weekend.

Molly said...

That must be a male thing----asking you about something from where they are, when they know right well the only way you can answer is to interrupt what you're doing, get up, and go join them [which, come to think of it , might well be the subconscious object of the exercise!] Do they expect a response like this: "Oh, just a minute darling. I've been waiting here for your summons, not knowing what to do with myself until you found something for me...." I see this scenario all the time with my in-laws. He speaks, she jumps, even though she lost the ability to jump long ago. Not to mention my own personal experiences.........!

riseoutofme said...

Ah Meggie ... my sympathies are with you ... even the thought of a cleaning job is enough to set me on edge ..

Had a good laugh at GOM's antics and your saintly reaction ...

Liked the close and not too close thing as well .... IN FACT loved the whole thing!

Stay cheerful!

velcro said...

I'm sorry to hear that the tooth saga continues and that they haven't fixed it yet but good news on the carpet.

Yumm crunchies!

slap me happy said...

tooth ache is not good at all, I have seriously though and came very close to yanking a tooth out with pliers it was soo bloody painfull and a SUNDAY arghhhh. Love the near death experience, so I am not the only one that pictures these lol.

keryn said...

I sympathise about the tooth. I have had a dentist try to knock out a tooth with a hammer and chisel. He gave up before he inflicted tooo much damage. Maybe he'd been a vet in a previous life. Also had a tooth out a few years ago, and when I protested at the pain the dentist scolded me 'No Pain. Only Pressure!!' Not from this side, buster.

herhimnbryn said...

Hope the tooth gets sorted. Sending you some positive vibes!

Your description of maninthekitchen had me laughing this morning. It resonated here, really resonated!

ps thankyou for adding me to your links.

Thimbleanna said...

I enjoyed your randomness Meggie! We're going to have to work on you wrt to red and chocolate though -- they're both some of life's little pleasures. LOL. And thanks for thinking of me and tagging me. I did some random things and turned them into random UFOs at the end of May. But maybe I'll do it again like you did -- I'll give it some thought. The hardest thing is thinking of 8 more people to tag!

Princess Banter said...

Yes -- I absolutely hate it when I condition myself for something and it doesn't happen. Grates me senseless! I know what you mean about school. I didn't particularly enjoy studying either... but I did enough to bag some awards and did pretty well. No way in hell would I go through it all over again though...

jellyhead said...

What a drag about your tooth.... sorry it is all so stressful.

Hope you have a nice meal or two, and a few good laughs this weekend to cheer you :)

Finn said...

OMG, Meggie....this all ranks higher than awful, terrible, very bad no-good Alex!! How can this be happening?? No, don't tell me, I don't think I could take it!! You poor, poor darling. Forget the Ratfang, this is closer to rat crap I think.
And I suppose all that can be done is to endure it and get it over with.
News like that sends me running and screaming for the hills...the very, very high hills. If you hit the US keep running, I'm over here in a very safe WI. sending love and prayers that all goes well, Finn

Guðrún said...

I am so sorry to hear this Meggie, and to wait for two weeks, why can´t he do it right now?

smilnsigh said...

Teeth problems! Ughhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm so sorry for this happening to you. Exxxxcruuuumentum!!!!!!!!!!

#2- You really need a knee replacement? Silly question that. Like you'd want one so badly that you'd fib and say you needed one. Duhhhh me. ,-)

#4- I totally understand how you can like something new, but not want to go through all that installing it, entails! Annnnd - think of how much wear you're saving on it, while it isn't laid!!! {Big help I am, hu?}

#5- Me too! Not into sports. Never was picked, as a kid. Why in the world WOULD we like sports, with that *blight* in our childhood?!?!? ,-)

#7- Seems to me that no one should waste time with regretting mistakes and wrong turns. What the bloddy hell goood does it do to regret ANYTHING?

Now do a huge anticipatory dance! I was picked to do this meme too. Eeek! Don't know when I'll gather up 8 things to say about me though. Better not do that anticipatory dance, all the time till I post my 8. Or you'll really wear out that bum knee. ,-)