Thursday, July 5

Winter thoughts.

I needed a panoramic camera to take these in one large view.
They are taken looking South, & I rather liked the stark leafless trees against the skyline.
I think the trees are some sort of chestnut. I am not sure but they have large nut like fruit, with prickly cases. The cockatoos love them & will flock screeching & pulling at the fruit. I am sure they are not called fruit, but I am too lazy to find out what they are!

I took these photos because I was reminded of the Nor West Arch that was formed in the sky in South Island of New Zealand, over the Canterbury planes, when the Nor West wind blew.

The winds would come sweeping across the Canterbury Plains, from the Alps to the East Coast, & after crossing the warm plains, it would be quite a hot wind by the time it reached Christchurch, especially in Summer.

The first time I ever experienced this wind, I could not believe it. I have written before about Best Friend J, & I going to Christchurch, on the beginning of our 'world tour'. Which, you may recall, never happened for either of us.

We had never heard about the Nor Wester, & had no idea of how it was. We had a job in a hot room making hot water bottles, which is Tuesday October 17 2006, if you would care to read it. (I tried 4 times to get the link up, but cant get it to work!)

At lunch time, we would dash out & down to the shops for some lunch, which we usually took back into the workplace to eat. A favourite lunch time horror was something called a "Dressed Pie". These were mince pies, with a layer of mushy peas mashed on the top, then, a layer of mashed potato, and the final crowning glory was a slice or 2 of beetroot! Of course we all rudely referred to the pies as "Stuffed Pies". And they were stuffed in all senses. A food I would never dream of eating today!

We would rush down the stairs & out into the street before the queue was too long at the Pie shop. Imagine our shock when we barrelled out into the street to be hit by a searing scorching wind. It seemed to be so bizarre to be battered by wind, but be hot. It filled your lungs with heat, it seared your eyeballs, & your skin. It was one of those winds that can drive people mad.

The Arch formed by the wind in Christchurch was very similar to the one in these photographs, & the effect was a bit similar too. We have had 2 really mild summery like days, but the weather forecasters have promised us a day today with chill winds, & chill temeratures. At least the 2 mild days were not as heated as a Christchurch Nor Wester.

I have been tagged to do a meme. I have not forgotten SOLB, & may return to do it later.

I am trying to keep very busy. Tomorrow is removal day for the 'Evil Fang'.
And, as these things do, it has stopped hurting or twinging. But it has to go!

This afternoon, we are having SG for about 4 hours, so he will entertain me, no doubt. I might see if I can get him to do some further art works.

Bread, Soap.
Augie March, Bottle Baby.


ancient one said...

Lovely pictures. I know how my teeth can hurt sometimes. I thought sure I was going to loose one last July, but my dentist thought I had just ground my teeth and had it hurting... He hadn't long put a filling in it for me, and said it probably wouldn't need pulling. I was extremely doubtful. He gave me atibiotics and pain pills and by the time I was to see him the next week, all the pain was gone and I still have that tooth. If your tooth has to be pulled, I hope you get along well with it!

sheoflittlebrain said...

saw your comment meggie. Don't even think about that tag! It shouldn't be any kind of pressure thing, while a tooth extraction is a high pressure thing at best.
Good luck with it tomorrow. Or today..... I've got to get a handle on this time difference!

Lucy said...

Good luck with the toofout, Meggie, it'll be lovely when it's over!
I liked your writing about the winds,I could almost feel it hot on my face, and I must confess I rather like the sound of a 'dressed pie!'
(in fact I think I could eat one now...)

Ali Honey said...

Thinking of you Meggie. You are not alone in dreading the dentist visits.Often the waiting and thinking part is the worst part.

My float said...

Good luck with the fang removal. Ouch. I'm grinding my teeth in sympathy.

The story about the nor west wind is amazing. What a phenomenon.