Wednesday, July 4

Cringe Factors

I see Crafty has posted some fresh atrocities over on her blog.
I havent got anything like her camel toe, but here are some shockers from 'gift' booklets.

I keep looking at the poor Boxer in this picture & can almost feel his shame, & emabarrassment. I dont know that the Chiuaua is bothered. They do tend to get rather cold. But I cant see the Poodle being very happy about his vest.
Surely his hind quarters would be cold. Oscar the Granddog has had a skin complaint, & he was almost bald, & he cried all night from the cold, so daughter J bought him a woolly coat, & he has been cosy, again, so these dog coats do have a purpose.

Wouldn't this little beast give a baby a nasty fright!
I had to laugh at laugh at the camel toe pic on Crafty's post.
It reminded me of when DJ was young, & her friend used to spend most weekend at our house, & we would laugh about the hideous tight jeans some of the girls wore. The girls called them Helen Keller jeans, because you could lip read them.
(No disrespect meant to the real Helen Keller of course.)
I have been quilting the Rooster quilt for SIL. It is taking me a damn long time! I went & bought a special foot for the machine, to use for stipple quilting.
Talk about a learning curve.
Very colourful air surrounding the machine, & yards of cotton lying about on the floor. Think I am getting the hang of it now.
I was told there will be classes on 'how to.' I didn't really want to wait until September for the finishing of SIL's quilt. It will be almost summer again, before he gets it, if I do that. I was a bit disappointed to find the foot came loose, not even a packet, or a how to. Bit mean of them. Lack of packaging can only be good really, but on the other hand, a little leaflet with tips would have been handy!
Had SG here for breakfast. He had slept in, & his mother had to be off to work by 8am, & his father was at work by 6am, so it fell to me to get him dressed & ready for his pre-school. He didnt eat much breakfast, said his tummy was sore, but he seemed ok, & was happy to go off to school.
I had a Doctors appt. I told her I had been having a 'Nanna morning'. Rushed about, forgot my xray, had to go back to collect it. Got the all clear on various queries so that is good. And for once, in spite of the Nanna rush, my blood pressure was good! Yay.
GOM has been off helping a friend remove a heater from the wall so he came home smelling like a hobo handyman, & a can of WD40. I can't bear the smell of rusty WD40 so he got reminded he should change his gear.
I could hear him muttering swear words sweet nothings about fussy women.

Augie March, Stranger Strange.
Thank you sweet S.


Aunty Evil said...

Eek, my eyes are being offended everywhere I look. I left Crafty's site to come here, and find more of the same! :)

I hate the smell of WD40. Every now and then MDH sprays my letterbox key, because it gets stuck. Then, the smell is on my fingers, in my hair, on my clothes, ugh!

nutmeg said...

What is it with crocheting? It's back in a big way at the moment - I do love the little squares all sewn together for a blanket - but crocheted clothes? Last week I saw the crocheted bikini at Crafty's and this week a pantsuit and dog couture here! Too funny. Really, the 1970's were a really bad time for fashion but looking around at the moment I'm not sure if the late naughties are much better - maybe I'm just getting old?

Molly said...

Between "fresh atrocities" and GOM's "sweet nothings," and the look of mortification on that boxer, you've got my day off to a good start!

sheoflittlebrain said...

What fun having your Grandchildren. Wish I could see that picture, belly button and all!
The dogs in coats do look silly and not too comfortable!
Meggie, your posts always bring a smile to my face and a lilt to my heart.
Oh, by the way, I tagged you for eight fascinating things. Come on over for the details.

MyUtopia said...

Poor doggies!

riseoutofme said...

Meggie! I'm surprised and shocked at the lewdness displayed here.

Only joking ...... got a great laugh from the ridiculous dogs and the Helen Keller jeans!!

Although I thought you might have a predilection for WD40 and the bit of ruff ....

Again, I jest.

joyce said...

Simba would absolutely sneer at a doggie coat. He stays outside at -40 and enjoys it. It's days like today, hot and muggy that he has trouble with.

Sheila said...

My grand dog has to wear a coat for walkies in the winter here. she's a little Jack Russell, and it gets far too cold for her, as she's getting on in years too.
She has quite a wardrobe of them, all hand made by her fans..!

Guðrún said...

Yes poor boxer, he looks like he is ashamed of himself and I don´t blame him.

Stomper Girl said...

Hahaha! Love the Helen Keller thing.

Leigh said...

Very funny Meggie. That tiger? is horrific.
If you want a good laugh check out this blog (if you haven't already) it's hilarious!
Some one linked it on their blog yesterday so I went for a visit.

fifi said...

I wish I had one of those smart doggy coats for myself. As for the bigeyed cats, I could use one to frighten things away.
Must learn to crochet!