Monday, July 23

The Basket Post.

I have a bit of a 'thing' for baskets. I love the idea that someone made each one. Spent time weaving the cane, shaping the basket. And, most likely, got paid very little for making it, & using their skill to ensure it is a worthy vessel. I dont love that aspect of the baskets. I hate to think of how little the weaver got paid, & how much the trader asks for the basket once it reaches our market shelves.
I have quite a collection of baskets. None of which, I have paid the market asking price for. I have purchased mine at garage sales, for a few cents, very likely paying close the what the creator of the basket may have been paid.
I got to thinking about my baskets after reading Tanya's post "Hell in a Handbasket."
It reminded me how much I love my baskets. I love the natural colour of the cane, & the differing shapes I have. I just love their handmadeness.
Mine are certainly suitable for going to Hell in. The particular one I have shown in the photo is the only one that hasnt been banished downstairs, in preparation for the Great Carpet Laying.
It does not have a flat base. It wont sit flat. But I like it all the same.
I have various sizes, of baskets. Some are empty, most contain a WIP (work in progress) of some sort, or just some fabric I like.
I know they are really impractical for storing things. They dont stack, they are the wrong shape for tucking into corners. They take up more space than they need to. But, I still love them. I like them for fruit, or eggs in the kitchen. Not that any of mine are used for that purpose.
GOM fails to see the attraction in the baskets. He cannot understand my love for them at all. But he tolerates my basket passion, so I cant ask more than that!
Perhaps if I was a poet, I could write an Ode to a Basket!
Today is to see the carving out of the Evil Fang.
I have been trying not to think about it.
There was supposed to be a visit from a floor person, to fix the soft mushy spot outside the bathroom door. He will not be here till tomorrow morning at 7.30am. I have made plans to booby trap the underfloor & do him a serious mischief
I had several colourful thoughts when I was told that news. I am sure I will be in no state to complain tomorrow. I have been warned my jaw will be EXTREMELY swollen.
Slava Grigoryan's whole album, Another Night in London. Very soothing.


ancient one said...

Hope all goes well today and hope your jaw doesn't swell too much. Feel better soon!!

My daughter made a lot of my baskets. They are the beautiful ones. I have others that I bought at yard sales and a few I picked out of other people's trash piles...LOL

Leigh said...

Good luck Meggie I'll be thinking of you. I'm sure GOM will look after you very well.

caramaena said...

Good luck with the fang carving Meggie. Hope it isn't too bad.

I'm also a basket lover. I mostly have the less traditional square/rectangular ones in the house (so therefore I don't have too many). I have four stacked in my shelves in the bathroom for bits and pieces and then a really big cube shaped one on my filing cabinet. It's sort of a halfway house - bills, tax stuff and various papers I need to keep go into it and then every now and then (usually once or twice a year - usually when we're about to do our taxes), it gets filed into the correct spots.

crafty said...

I like baskets too, I don't have very many though. I find they attract the dust a little too well, and are not easy to dust. (Not that I do much dusting anyway, perhaps that is the problem.)
Hope all goes well with your tooth.

joyce said...

I hope all goes well with your dentist trials and tribulations tomorrow. I'd be thinking of you but we'll probably be all asleep over here when it's happening.

Connie W said...

I suppose just getting the tooth out and getting it over with will be a relief. I remember some oral surgery of years ago when my face was very, very, very swollen. I think I used lots of ice packs and drank milkshakes through a straw and popped a few pain relievers the dentist rx'd. I'll be thinking of you and I hope you have minimal discomfort.

h&b said...

We made baskets at school - they are very easy and cheap to make.

I bet you'd love it.

nutmeg said...

Yes. What H&B said! I too have a collection on top of my kitchen cabinets.

Sorry to read of your pain - hope the proceedure today, while painful in the short term, will give you relief in the long.

Alice said...

Meggie - I truly hope that your jaw will heal quickly and that you are able to use sufficient painkillers to do just that.

Come closer so I can whisper --- when you are feeling better just play it for all the sympathy and pampering you can get. Or isn't GOM into sympathy and pampering?

Seriously, I hope everything goes well.

Lissa Jane said...

g'day Meggie

I gotta ask, how do you cross out text? Its driving me nutso trying to work out it! Thanks for visiting my blog, can't wait to get the "Lasagne Quilt" back from being quilted!


Bren said...

I love baskets too, though my favorite one here is made out of wood...does it still get called a basket?

fifi said...

good luck with the exorcism of the evil fang.

I had an accident while skiing, and received a nasty bash to the face.
( novice male skier decides to be a hero on an advanced slope, came out of nowhere straight into me )
I have had a toothache ever since, so I am not looking forward to going to the dentist and having it checked out...

oh, but it hurts!

Angie said...

I hope all goes well with extracting the Evil Fang. I know you will be glad to have that behind you! Love your basket...when you're up to it, please post pictures of more of your baskets. I love them too!

Joni said...

Good luck! I hope you have good pain meds and GOM is maid for a day or two or a week.

Catalyst said...

SWMBO, in a previous home, used to tack baskets up on the wall as decorations. Quite nice.

Ah, the evil fang. But as the BRD always says, "Get the drugs! Plenty of good drugs!"

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I love baskets and have them all over my house.

Good luck with your swollen jaw, remember when you get home use ice to help with the swelling if the DR says it is ok.

Isabelle said...

Look, I can comment again!

Hope the face is feeling better.

Teeth are such a trial. I think we should get a new set when we're 50. (A natural one, I mean - not ones made in a dental technician's workshop.)

dragonflyfilly said...

uh hum, i love baskets too!

Tanya Brown said...

Catching up on posts ...

I, too, like baskets. They may not be as efficient for storage as, say, a plastic box. However, they have a decorative, wholesome feel about them. They're a pleasure to the eye.

I like the two on your blog. They look as though they'd be nice for carrying laundry, collecting produce or flowers from the garden or, yes, going to hell in.