Thursday, July 5

The Ultimate Hideosity!

I hope there is such a word as Hideosity. Because this has to be it!!

a Sh*te coloured Knitted Knickerbocker Suit!!

Or as we might describe it in New Zealand a 'Karitane' coloured knitted suit.

Karitane was an Institution begun by Sir Truby King, to protect the health of babies & mothers, & to offer guidance, & prevent malnutrition among babies, whose mother's could not breastfeed them. The institution, he began with his wife, helped develop formula for non breastfed babies. And the overall wellbeing of babies. It all led to the Plunket Society, which helped many distressed & confused lonely mothers. And, I am sure, saved many babies lives. Google him, he is a very interesting man, who did really good things for mothers & babies.

SG- Small Grandson- came to spend some hours with us. He made me laugh as usual. We didnt get to art, this afternoon. We had some good discussions though.

We talked about parties, & he told me he had got an 'intation'. To a Birthday Party. It was from a girl.

Nanna, "So how old is the little girl?"
SG, "Oh, she is not old Nanna. She is new, like me.
She is not old like you, with the bubbles on her neck like yours."

Who knew??? I have 'bubbles'???

And, earlier, "Nanna, you are going to die"
"Yes SG, we are all going to die one day."
"Yes we will all die!
But you are only going to die when you are REALLY old!"

Maybe there are a few years left on the clock yet??

I have just had news of incredible joy.
It seems my brother is to be a grandfather. It will be his first Grandchild.

My beloved nephew is to be a father! I am so excited. Bless you K & D. Good luck with it all.

I am planning a quilt as I write!!

Neil Finn, The Climber


Sheila said...

Children ask the best questions and wrap nothing up.
Sometimes I think it is too bad we train then to be more tactful. When I'm "really" old, I shall ask questions like this again, and get away with it because I am "really" old. hehe!
Congratulations on the impending addition to your family..!

Pieces From Me said...

Grandsons! Nothing like them. I had some time with mine the other day and he threw a backbending fit when his daddy put him in the van to go home. He yelled "Gramma!" I begged him to let me hold him one more time. He instantly stopped crying and waved to his parents telling them Bye Bye. Was so sad but I had a grin on my face all day!!! Oh and I have a 5 year old son who told me recently that I couldn't be a grandma to his kids "cause you will be dead cause you are too old." If he has kids at 25 I will be 66. Hopefully I will still be around!

joyce said...

I think a lot of us have bubbles on our necks. We just didn't know that's what they were called. Lol.

smilnsigh said...

-giggles- And may I add my version of the color of that suit? An *Excrumentum* Colored Suit!!!

In some old Mel Gibson film, he tried to get a student to stop saying; "Oh shit!" by tasking him with saying; "Oh Excrumentum!" when upset. I love it! ;-)


Molly said...

From the mouths of babes! Congratulations on you new reason [excuse!]to start another quilting project!

Sarah Nopp said...

Is that a pattern? If yet, I think you should make it! May out of multi--colored green yarn knitted just for that purpose. And add some epaulets for goodness sake- how could they forget those?

ancient one said...

Love the remarks of the little one! My grandson once told me when I was in my late 40's that he didn't want me to have a birthday, 'cause he might not know me when I'm old. (he was probably 3) I asked why he might not know me and he said 'cause your hair will be white...I do have some gray now but mostly my hair is still brown...LOL

teodo said...

Talking to children is always wonderful because they are so spontaneous. They leave you without any word.
Very compliments for your nephew.
ciao ciao

paula said...

New like me. I love the way kids minds work...

And I'm tagging you too!

Guðrún said...

You must have had a hard time not to laugh while talking to your SG.

My float said...

How very cute was that comment. You have bubbles!

Karitane is great - I used them when LC was a tiny bub and they taught him how to sleep.

Oh, and congratulations to you too, you are going to be a great-aunt!

Aunty Evil said...

How lovely that another little baby is heading for the world Meggie! Congrats to your brother and his family.

Can't wait to see you modelling your knitted project. :)

Helen said...

Hideosity - what a great word - should be added to the lexicon right away.

O Karitane yellow - O knickerbockers! - Oh why did I throw out all those 70s patterns I used to have - complete hideosity!

daysgoby said...

Congratulations, Great-Aunt Meggie!

Stomper Girl said...

Congratulations to your family - a new baby is always good news.

If SG is new and you are *ahem* old what would a 20-year-old be? Ask him. I want to know...

Leigh said...

Congratulations,its time you had some happy news!!!!!
Good luck with the tooth you will be better off once it's over and done with.
Look forward to seeing the plans for the new quilt.

Lucy said...

The death conversations are universal, necessary for kids but always slightly unsettling for the adults.
Congratulations on great auntdom - I am one to a couple of lovely rascals in NSW!

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, wow! That knitted suit is amazing, tucked into the boots and all. It's like Happy Homemaker meets Communist Comrade.

Thanks for the reading re: the Plunket Society; many interesting things.

Congrats on your impending great aunthood!

h&b said...

When the Master self-weaned at 8months, I put him on formula for a little while, and chose the NZ brand "Karicare".

The Master had very sensitive skin and i'd heard Karicare had a Goat-milk formula with a softer curd that was easier to digest and better for babies.

Not sure how true that all was, but I was very happy with my choice. I also did a bit of research into the company and felt really good about supporting them.

And now you've told me even more :)

MargaretR said...

I think we should all get together and record everything our grandchildren say.
My son rang saying he had to let me know immediately what Huw had just asked him. Why does Taid(GF) have wrinkles and Nain(GM)doesn't. The story was a bit longer than that, but you get the gist of it. VBG

Thimbleanna said...

Yay! Soon we'll get to see a baby quilt done by Meggie! ;-)

Lee said...

I'll pay "Hideosity", if it is not a word, it should be for that suit.