Tuesday, July 3

Hah, Grandkids!

"Nanna, excuse me, but do you have a belly button?"
Yes, SG, ( Small Grandson) I have a belly button."
Oh, Good! Now I can draw you!"

I cant reproduce the picture, it was drawn using yellow chalk on white paper. It is a gem. But it wont scan, or reproduce.

The adult Granddaughter, availing herself of "Nanna's music" & the compter.
But, ... she left me some beautiful music. She is a gorgeous girl!

And later, ... Gom.
"I couldnt find any Pork chops to defrost".
Meggie, "We are out of Pork Chops?"
GOM, "Yes it is a Jewish word for Sex,!"
Meggie "What? I dont think Jewish people eat Pork?"
GOM, "I know. There is none!"

I think, after 41 years together, this is why we are still together. He makes me laugh.
And, probably, always will.

He used to sneak up on me, on crowded escalators.

He would say " Hello, Fancy meeting you here! Where is your husband?"
So, I would play along. "I dont know,...he is out of town".
He, " Oh, well, ... what say we get a motel for the afternoon? Would you like that?"
Me, still playing along, "Well that might be nice"
Gom, the rotter, playing to the 'gallery' as it were, "We may as well take the chance, while your old man is away. We will have a fun afternoon!"

The number of shocked, gasping, eavesdroppers used to make us both laugh.We would sedately leave the escalator, to intense scrutiny!

We still get a lot of fun from remembered 'games' replayed. We laugh about how the youger 'generation' still think they invented sex. And the enjoyment thereof/ If only they knew!!!

OMG! How old does that make us sound!! haha.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Because we know, of course, that you couldn't be drawn without a belly button!

R2K said...


Lee said...

Pity the picture won't reproduce.

The banter makes you sound young, not old. Too many people get far too serious as they get older. Scandalize people on escalators; they shouldn't be listening anyway!

Pieces From Me said...

GOM sounds like alot of fun!! I can see why you keep him around!

smilnsigh said...

You commented that red is not your color. And that's perfectly fine. What a bore it would be, if we all liked one color! :-)

But you can comment in my smilnsigh blog. Yeaaaaaaaa!!!!


anne bebbington said...

I agree with Lee - serves 'em right for eavesdropping - having just spent a weekend away with DH without the kids I can confirm that older generations can still have fun!!! its not the privilege of only the young :o)

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, how hilarious!! The belly button picture AND you and GOM being so naughty in public!! ROFL I do love it!! My DH makes me laugh too, that's one of the reasons I fell in love with him. :D

riseoutofme said...

Should this be X rated??

My children like to think their parents had sex 4 times ... once for each of them ...

The folly of youth.

Guðrún said...

You always make me smile.

Isabelle said...

Goodness, GOM was a handsome chap, wasn't he? (Still is, I dare say.)

Loved your Arthur tribute.

Ali Honey said...

Oh Meggie, that's a beaut!

When did you leave this part of the world? I had a strange flickering of recognition when I looked at that photo of you on your previous post.( could our paths have crossed? )

Sheila said...

I laughed out loud at this post Meggie.
I think our GOM's may be brothers, separated at birth..!
Mine used to come to my job, I was a customer service rep., and ask so everyone could hear...
"When do you finish work?"
I would tell him.
"Will your husband be home?
cause if not I could pop over and we could have a quickie..!"
I used to say "No he's working late, I'll see you later"
and then say
"Next please.."
No one ever said a word, but there were a few dropped jaws.
I miss those days..

Helen said...

Love the escalator story! You could trace your grandson's picture onto a piece of fabric and make it into a quilt? If you had the time?

Blue Moon Girl said...

Sorry riseoutofme, but I am all grown up and I don't care how many times people tell me differently, my parents had sex twice - once for me and once for my sister. And I don't want to hear any different!! ;o)

Meggie, I love the stories. That will teach people to listen in to conversations they shouldn't be listening to anyway! And I'm SO glad to know that you have a belly button!

Molly said...

You devils, you!

Ribbonwiz said...

Cheeky GOM!...
Kids say the cutest thing..

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie - You and GOM sound like the perfect pair that compliment each other. I can just imagine how scandalized those eavesdroppers were. WOW, 41 years -- that's one heck of a commitment!!

Tanya Brown said...

You've reminded me of a conversation I once had with an adolescent relative. He made some comment about its being disgusting, old people having sex and all.

I asked him if he planned on growing up, getting married, etc. "Yes, probably" came the reply. I then asked "At what age are you planning to stop having sex?"

That made his jaw drop. I guess he hadn't thought of it in that light before.

Good for you and GOM for playing to the gallery!