Wednesday, July 18

Tiresome Details.

I love this little rock, with the little lichens? or whatever the little colony is.
They remind me of the diseases they grow in petrie dishes.
I discovered it, while waging war on the fish fern, which I dont mind in small patches, but it had invaded this garden, & it took a lot of hard work to tame it, after a fashion.

It creeps in under the neighbour fence, seeking haven & life in our garden.

I have had 'one of those days'.

The little details, & trivia that can be guaranteed to just tip the balance between a good day, & a mediocre one.

It has been very cold, -in fact yesterday was supposedly one of the coldest days for 21 years or something. Why do they bother with 'facts' like this?? Does it matter??

Our bodies tell us it is bloody extremely cold. That is all that counts as we skip about on our bald floorboards, & dance between the meagre drops of water, in our watersaving shower head!

Urgent phone calls to the repair people have solved the painting dilemma. The painter is now arriving at 7AM!! Friday, to begin painting the ceilings. Ye gods, couldnt they have made it a bit later in the morning...

And we think we have a 'soft spot' now, in the bald flooring. No answer, re that. An answer was promised. Mr Smartypants Insurance Repairer lectured me on NOT phoning him. "Does the paperwork name my foreman?" Sheepishly, "Yes."

Smarmily, "Well, you phone him then."

So, I did. O yes, on his mobile, because the office doesnt answer. O no. And the result is, he will call me back from the office, when he gets there.

Blah blah blah, mutter mutter mutter.

In the end, we are driven out, into the frigid air, to shop for luxuries such as medication, dog food, vegetables, soap.

Home again. No message from Mr Smarmy's Deputy, on the answering machine.

A friend arrives to share coffee. A welcome change of thought patterns.

Come wearily in here, later, to perhaps blog a little.

Disconcerted by a small black mouse scurrying into the room, & vanishing under the computer desk.

Drat!! Damn!

Call the dogs. They are too well fed. Couldnt care less!

So I will have to set a trap. Always supposing I can find it.

I can hear the little blighter rustling at the window end of the room.

I suppose it want warmth in this cold winter we have suddenly had arrive in our corner of the country.

Bread, Diary.

Bread, If.


Pieces From Me said...

Meggie I could read your posts all day long. Your "tiresome details" are so entertaining for me. Does that make me sorry, or you sorry? Or perhaps we are both sorry!

Stomper Girl said...

I should lend you Fixit. We call him the mouse-slayer round here. All he needs is a sturdy work-boot.

joyce said...

I suppose everyone gets those days once in awhile. We get mice invading our house every fall when it starts to get cold. We rely on traps but maybe we should borrow a cat for a month or so. Once it gets really cold and snowy they are hibernating so no more invasions.

riseoutofme said...

Meggie, do you stand in terror on a chair screaming obscenities at the mouse or do you take the stoical stance and tell him 'he's just NOT wanted around here'??

Hold tight, Spring is just around the corner ....

ancient one said...

Sounds just like one of my days last week... except the mouse..its warm here... they are outside I guess... we only see them in winter. Just hang in... it will get better!

Thimbleanna said...

Bread? Now there's a flashback -- haven't thought of them in years! LOL.

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Meggie, Ican't believe I've missed so many of your posts! It's been very interesting catching up on all of them. Sorry it's so cold there, good luck with the painter on Friday (why so early?) and I'm petrified of mice so you're a brave woman!
Kim x

Guðrún said...

I am just wondering how cold it is with you now? I would have freaked when the mouse ran over the floor.

meggie said...

Hi All,
I did get a bit of a start when I saw the mouse! But I am not squeamish about them, just dont want them in my house!
I knew I wanted a cat! GOM says we are NOT having a cat.
And he once killed a mouse accidentally with his shoe, & was as upset as I was. We couldnt find the trap, but have some bait down, so I hope the mouse ate his fill!

sMC said...

well I'm blaming the cold for everything. Are we getting older or is it really getting colder.

h&b said...

Hmm - not good !!

We had ( have ? ) a mouse here too - i've never had a mouse in the house !! I was on my way to the toiley, and i'm sorry to say, I had to hange my knickers after seeing it scuttle into my linen closet :(

There's 4 traps in there now loaded with peanut butter, but no "SNAP!". I also tried the cat first, but the fatty-boom-bah likewise to your dogs, didn't give a fig.

Mr Smarmy sounds like an a-hole.

Kim said...

I call days like that "the fug".

Pauline said...

I like your attention to detail even when the details are discouraging...

here I am in the midst of summer - I shall send you some sunshine

Tanya Brown said...

That is a neat rock. I liken the lichen.

Here's a brisk "grrrrr!" to Mr. Smartypants Insurance Repairer. He had no need to be short with you, particularly given that his foreman evidently isn't the quickest about responding to phone calls.

Thanks for stopping by my blog; reading your comments and posts always lifts my spirits.

Cadence said...

From a glance , I thought it was a turtle instead of a rock!

fifi said...

" I love this little rock, with the little lichens? ...
They remind me of the diseases they grow in petrie dishes "

That is SO funny!!!

You may borrow Bambi the ratslayer. Pretty and pedigreed, she can nonetheless get very nasty with rodents and will bite their heads of very smartly!

bec said...

I love your rock, too.

Encourage the lichen to grow in the shape of the Virgin Mary and you could make a bomb on eBay!!

Sarah Nopp said...

LOL I agree with Bec!
But on the cold stuff- slippers are important, as are layers. And for the mouse... well, I am sure you know what must be done.

Leigh said...

Bread is one of my favorite bands. Simple, beautiful music. Just put your head phones in close your eyes and tune out.