Sunday, July 1

Have a Giggle.

I bought a nice pair of new casual shoes for GOM when I was out with DJ last Friday. I couldnt find his size, & a lovely young girl came up to ask if she could help me. I showed her the style I wanted, & gave her the size, & she obligingly found me a pair.

As I purchased them, she asked if I had a Stores card. When I said no, she asked if I had a Seniors card, & yes I have, so that reduced the price of the shoes even more. When I told her I hadn't realised I would get a discount, she made me laugh.

She said "Oh I love learning new things! I somehow find it so empowering!" ??
I couldn't think of any answer to that, so just thanked her & went off with the shoes. GOM can be a tad difficult to get to buy shoes, but he likes them & is happily wearing them, declaring them a good fit.


And now, let the laughs begin. This is a photo of the Trouser Suit I once crocheted for a shop proprietor. In Bottle Green. I see the pattern book is dated November 1970.

Imagine... the wearer could have struck this pose. Very fetching!
Anyone remember Emma Peel?

And here, are some tops in crochet from another book, this one dated March 1972. I never made these.
And remember the Poncho? Which I see is making a comeback. I used to crochet these for friends & relatives. Also did some for the shop. I never knitted one, though. This is a knitted one with hood.... & a sort of lion's mane?

But this next one, below, is the pick of the pics for me! I just cant get over that man's legs!
I used to wonder why they had all these ads in magazines, saying, "Do you have sand kicked in your eyes at the beach? Do you get laughed at? Charles Atlas can help." I can see what they meant.

And look at the lovely girl's shorts set, complete with high stockings, just to titillate. These publications were English, & while I have heard it can be cool in Summer in England, surely it wouldn't warrant over-knee stockings with shorts?
I dont know how I came to keep these patterns all these years. Just packed up all the 'stuff' as we have moved about over the years, & carted it all about with me. I think the time is coming when I need to part with it. Some of the books were among Mum's things, & I couldn't bring myself to just throw them away.
This is the twelth house move since I made the trouser suit! To say nothing of moving countries too. It is quite surprising to think I would have kept that book all those years. There is a very nice baby cardigan in it, which doesnt date, & I have knitted it for several babies over the years.
It is very chilly here this morning! My fingers are very cold. I am off to warm up.
Kris Kristofferson, Who's to Bless & Who's to Blame


Tanya said...

Good morning. I'm getting caught up in blog reading. I love your moon pictures.
I did some of those ponchos too way back when and have knitted my share of 1970's vests (though not that particular style). I don't think anyone could have paid me to make a pants suit!
Ok. Are you going to make yourself a kimono and obi? Are you going to learn to tie it? Please don't because I'd feel like I should have tried in the 30 years I've lived in Japan!

meggie said...

Hi Tanya, No I wont be making one for myself. I made a Japanese doll for GOM, at his request. She has never had a proper kimono or obi, so I will have to try to get it right for her.

Stomper Girl said...

I always loved the crocheted ponchos my Mum made us. She let us pick the colour schemes.

I also love the crochet shorts in that last pic. Just not with those socks. I don't have a problem with knee-highs but they are daggy as in the white!

But the skinny leg man would have been beaten up in Australia for sure especially if he ponced around in that jumper.

meggie said...

SG, It is sad really, those legs.. Perhaps we see too many pumped up footy players thrust into the public limelight?? Or Surfers.

ancient one said...

I bet I can find some magazines in my house from the '70s. I hate to throw out magazines. I had a couple of crochet vests, but I didn't make them. My grandmother made one for me. The only thing I've ever crocheted was an Afgan (and I probably spelled that wrong) I remember the Charles Atlas ads!

Ali Honey said...

Oh goodness! I have that booklet still!
In the early 70s with young kids I used to knit all the time. From age 7 or 8 I knitted stuff for myself then later for a family.I love baby knitting the best!

Fiona said...

I love the quote from the shop assistant - I'm going to use it all the time from now on!

alphabet soup said...

How about those crocheted tops? Aren't they so seventies and just tooooo much.

Ms Soup

joyce said...

I see a lot of those 70's ponchos on young girls these days. I haven't seen legs like the guy in the last picture though. Or is that a girl? Maybe that was a liberated book and he is gay???

telfair said...

I laughed myself sick over the young man's legs and your corresponding comment. Very funny. But yes, I see a lot of fashions there that are making a strong comeback!

Sheila said...

Loved these old photos...maybe the girl with the stockings isn't wearing shorts..but Hot pants..remember those..!
I actually wore them, after my first baby too, I was slim then and still quite young. I would be locked up now..!!

paula said...

Your suit was very mod indeed! Too bad you don't have it still; some young thing today would wear it!

sheoflittlebrain said...

Yes! too Emma Peel! She could have worn just that trouser suit.

Tanya Brown said...

You have just captured one of the endearing qualities of fashion: what looks wonderful one day looks ludicrous another.

Thank you for the all-expenses-paid trip back to the 1970s, a time when blobs of yellow, orange and brown roamed the earth.

I must say, the trouser suit pattern looks rather sharp, though.

jellyhead said...

Hi Meggie,

Thank you for this hilarious post!! I love the shop assistant's remark and your flabbergasted response...I mean, what *could* you say to that?!

The poncho brought back memories of my childhood ponchos (which I thought were SO groovy). The crocheted tops were frightening, but I didn't mind the crocheted pants suit, actually (should I be admitting that?!)

Leigh said...

Wow!! Groovy!! What a blast from the past. I started to smile as I read the term "Trouser suit" then I giggled when I read "crocheted" but I laughed hysterically once I saw the photo!!! What about that hair??? How many cans of VO 5 do you reckon that took??