Monday, July 9

Woo Hoo A Finish!

I finally finished Son in law's quilt yesterday. All I have to do is make the label & it is all done. I have backed it will flannellette, so it will be nice & warm, & my daughter assures me she is going to use it on the top of their bed, when he is not using it in the lounge. They love their quilts.
SG will be very glad it is going to their house- he wanted it to be his, & when I told him it was not for him, he said well, it needed to be in their house!
I am going to call it "Something to Crow About".
I saw the meme about Horrifying Sounds, over at Bec's & decided to do it myself.
I am not limiting myself to recent events here.
1. GOM, calling plaintively from the bowels or our Pantry, "Do we need to keep this?"
That can be horrifying on so many levels. Why is he delving in the pantry again? What hideous find has he discovered this time? What forgotten food has been quietly rotting while I was unaware it was even there?
2. A bloodcurdling scream from a bedroom.
We witnessed several of these. Perhaps the worst one, was from a child with a cut foot which is literally spurting blood all over the carpet. She had done hand stands on her bed, fell on a drinking glass -forbidden in the bedroom- & badly cut her foot when it landed on the glass. It took years to have all the glass removed finally from her foot. We had friends who kept pigs, & our son had been reading the various pig books they had. He had been reading all about black pudding. He said we needed to keep the spurting blood in a bowl for black pudding.
3. A bloodcurdling scream from the front door when it was shut - at my request.
Daughter shut door, not realising son had finger in the door edge. Result, one severed finger. Luckily it was reattached.
4. Now any child's bloodcurdling screams send me into paroxysms of horror.
5.Retching sounds from the dog, who happens to be lying on your bed, in the middle of the night.
You know you are not going to make it out of bed, & grab the dog before it actually vomits on your nice new quilt.
6.Retching sounds coming from the guest bedroom, where a very drunk guest has gone to spend the night.
What else can you do, but clean it all up. The guest is beyond doing anything for themselves, even stand. Resist urge to kick them while they are down.
7. Another horrifying sound is the sound of your thoughts, in your head, as you plot revenge, for said guest letting themself get in that state. Why dont these men learn!
8. Tinkles coming from a package that you just know should not be tinkling.
And no one will accept liability. Suck it up & wear it.
9. For a final horrifying sound, our recent sewage tainted flood, out into our carpets.
Now neccessitating replacement of the whole house full of carpet.
Which will be nice,... but a hell of a way to get new carpet, I can tell you.
Don McLean, Winterwood


ancient one said...

Hi Meggie,

Know some of those sounds so well... especially children hurting themselves. Another sound that gets me.. is hearing a family member cry out in a funeral home during the funeral. They are usually in a room off to themselves and I'm in the chapel trying to figure out which one did it...

Thanks for your comments on my blogs.. I agree with you about why Guinea's lay so many eggs... they probably know not all will make it...Survival of the fittest? Whatever got the eggs needs to eat too, I guess.

Pieces From Me said...

Your sil's quilt is wonderful. He will be thrilled! I was a little horrified myself at some of the noises your describe!!!

bec said...

Love it, Meggie! And of course you've reminded me of even more horrifying sounds.

The tinkle, for instance? that would be the sound I heard when I picked up the very carefully chosen and carefully wrapped and no-time-to-buy-another Christmas present for my daughter's teacher last year. I still don't know how it broke.

bec said...

And you have to explain the sign off with songs that you've been doing since I took a blogbreak. I trawled back through posts but couldn't find an explanation - I love it, by the way! It makes me want to listen to music more deliberately.

Stomper Girl said...

Funny, Meggie.

Luckily for me I am incredibly squeamish and just the sound of someone vomiting (let's not even start on seeing or smelling) will make me retch, so vomit-cleaning is undertaken by Mr Fixit, he of the cast-iron guts.

I would also probably have fainted at the spurting blood foot and most definitely at the severed finger.

paula said...

Beautiful quilt!

Icky meme!

meggie said...

Thanks for you comments.
The music thing is just me, Bec. I love music, & have had guitar music playing on my site for awhile- I think some enjoyed it, some didnt. So I have changed it to play if you want.
As to the music I list, I usually listen to music every day, & often when I am writing a post. I quite often think of music which seems to suit the post of the day, it mostly just random things I like.
SG, I am rather like you about vomiting, but being a mother... well there are some things you just gotta do.
And Paula, I can tell you the bloody bits were just too terrible from where I caught them too!!

fifi said...

That quilt is so lovely I certainly hope the dog doesn't throw up on it!!

MargaretR said...

Love the quilt Meggie. Isn't it satidfying getting something finished?
I also enjoyed the rest of your post. Makes you think! I will think about sounds when I have time to think LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
I love the colours you have chosen for the quilt. They go well to-gether. It is sometimes hard making quilts for men, don't you think?
The horrifying sounds I can relate to. Especially the tinkling sound of an unopened package which isn't supposed to do that!

Ragged Roses said...

Love the quilt Meggie. I can relate to a lot of those sounds - cats vomiting in this house!! Also can't stand the sound of chalk on a blackboard, it sets my teeth on edge just writing about it!
Kim x

Pauline said...

that quilt is gorgeous, gorgeous!

two of the worst sounds I've heard were the ugly thump when my car hit a rabid-crazed fox running across the road and the awful silence when my youngest landed at the bottom of the stiars after a headfirst fall...

Lee said...

Well done on the quilt.

The sounds are a bit grim, though.

joyce said...

Love the quilt, hate the sounds but still love the post.

sMC said...

lovely quilt

Angie said...

Congrats on finishing your SIL's quilt, Meggie! It's wonderful!

Joni said...

Meggie I love the quilt it is gorgeous and if you need to send me a package with a quilt in it I will happily give you my address. Hint, Hint! LOL. I agree with many of your sounds. Especially the retching dog. Man do I hate that.

Catalyst said...

Yup. Cats tossing up hairballs. And why is it always at night after the lights are out?

I'll add one: the sound of the chihuahua next door yelping for hours as he is left outside and ignored by his owners.

Aunty Evil said...

Great quilt Meggie!

Where's mine?

smilnsigh said...

Oh my! What a meme!


Thimbleanna said...

Meggie! What the heck kind of meme is this??? Eeeewwww! Great job on the quilt! Isn't it wonderful when the recipients love the quilts we make for them?

crafty said...

Oh My God Retching Dogs ? and Retching House Guests? get me out of here! Meggie, I haven't been commenting much lately, (blame the school holidays) but I would like to say thankyou for the craft pictures, that crochet cat is indeed terrifying.

riseoutofme said...

Lovely quilt Meggie.

I see Aunty Evil is at it again.

I feel I must make a case for myself .....

The 2 worst sounds that I hate to hear are both to do with the excretory process ...

The psychotic hound scratching at the kitchen door wanting out ..which usually indicates a malodorant pile lurking under the table ... and

the noises of an inebriated house guest, in frantic need of a bathroom, opening the wardrobe door ...

Guðrún said...

Your finished quilt is just lovely.

jellyhead said...

I love the quilt, and your son-in-law is sure to as well!

Your meme was so funny, and I can relate to the stress of hearing retching noises after having 7 stomach illnesses in our family last year!! At least it was your dog and your guest retching rather than you - I'd still rather clean up vomit than actually spew myself!

Fairlie said...

Very nice quilt. And looks soooo warm...

My worst sound- one of the cats herrrking just before vomiting...there's that moment when you still have a chance to get them off the sofa, rug, bed...and onto something infinitely more wipable.