Thursday, May 3

Baying at the Moon.

Last night was Full Moon.
So while I was out baying at it, I thought I may as well take a few shots of it.
This, while all the pink of the evening was still lining the clouds.

These a little later, then later again. As I howled out on the balcony.

Haha, not really, but I can always tell when the moon is full, whether I see it or not. I have the most vivid dreams which I can usually recall all too well next day. It can be very disconcerting to have the memories lingering on. Perhaps if I wrote them down, they may dissipate sooner.

While going through some old paper recently, I found an old notebook, with some of my dreams written down in detail. And, though I had forgotten about them, as I re read them, I could still see them clearly, just as they had been when I dreamt them.

My latest dream involved friends from the past. They were a husband & wife, & their 4 daughters, & 2 adopted daughters were all in the dream. I know the husband is in fact dead, & one of the daughters also died. It seemed rather nice to think I had seen them all in the dream.

This view from the balcony was taken last evening also. It is looking South, in the direction that Sydney lies. That small mound on the centre left is called Rumbalara Reserve. We see all the approaching bad weather in the slight dip between Rumbalara, & the hill to the right.

And of course, here is the 'tree' again, though it is hiding behind our palm. This was taken last night while I was 'honouring the moon'!!
A somewhat frenzied trip off to a shopping mall again today. A Westfield, this time. Those floors are so hard on the feet! After half an hour, I can feel my feet complaining, & then my back starts to go. This one has two levels now, & from one end to the other is a long haul! Luckily we didnt have to do the top, we found all we wanted on the lower level.
We took Daughter J, & SG. SG wanted to visit the 'toy shop'. So I took him off to the toy end of the big department store. He was quite good, & when he asked for things I just told him there was no money. So he was happy.
GOM scowls if SG wants things. But, I am a great believer in give the kid whatever it takes to keep him happy, whilst out shopping. His wants are few, really. He likes to have an icecream, as a treat, so we get a small one, in a carton, & it is mess free, & he eats every last drop, without splattering anyone, or anything. And they put a little umbrella in the top, & he loves that. And he is very happy for at least an hour. Well worth $3.20.
Later, because Nanna was on the point of collapse, we sat in the food court, & had drinks. It was almost lunch time, so SG asked his mother, very nicely, if he could have a Happy Meal. I dont approve of them, but they seem to make him happy, & the plastic looking stuff that passes for 'food' seems to get eaten. And he was very good & patient, & behaved himself the whole time.
I had a vegetarian wrap. It looked delicious. It tasted rather bitter, & looked as if they had minced the salad ingredients. Why? I was going to complain, but just couldnt be bothered. Why do so many places bugger up perfectly lovely fresh ingredients, by doing stupid things to them?? Why do they think vegetables must be tasteless, & so they add curry or something?? Vegetables are perfectly tasty & delicious just on their own.
Oh well, I guess not everything goes to plan.
At least our expedition was a success from the shopping point of view.
We all came home with just what we wanted, so that has to be a plus.

And tonight I get to go out with friends to a guitar concert. Bruce Mathiske, who I am told is very gifted, & talented. I am really looking forward to it.
Gom is not given to liking guitar music, so he will be entertaining our dog babies!


sMC said...

Do we buy our broomsticks at the same witchery cave. :)))
You sound just like the Nana I would like to be, and the GOM sounds just like The Scot. I tell him he won't get called Grandpa he will just be called Grumps.
Have fun at the concernt tonight.

Ali Honey said...

So that's what I could was you .....floated right across the ditch!

It sounds to me like you are being a very sensible Grandma. It is very good training for wee ones, to have a little treat when out and eat well and behave in public. Good for you. That certainly isn't over indulging him.
Hope you are enjoying the music by now.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love the guitar music wafting from your blog... such a nice addition to your always entertaining posts. I hope your concert was loads of fun. I cannot wait to have a SG-child of any sort to take shopping; but alas, there's none in my future just yet.

Connie said...

All my niece has to do is look like she wants something and her aunt(me)will somehow get it for her.

Love those kiddies.

Take care,

joyce said...

Grandparents were created to spoil their grandchildren. That's what it's all about.
My nightmares usually involve teaching, even though I enjoyed the job. Last night I dreamed I was starting to teach kindergarten. Never did that and in the dream it was not a success. So glad to be retired. Lol.

Sheila said...

Grandparents HAVE to indulge the grandchildren...!
I treat mine when I can, and they know I can't always say yes and seem to accept that.
I'm not a fan of shopping centres either, and don't get me started on food courts. Don't you find as you get older, eating out isn't a treat, but an exercise in finding something worth eating. Simple and good never seem to be on the same menu.
I hope you enjoyed the concert..

h&b said...

LOL at you baying at the moon ;)

I was considering strating up a 'dream blog' at one stage - I have the most vivid dreams that usually hang around all the next day. I find them quite intriguing, and often quite helpful, if I am mulling over something, it normally gets resolved during sleep.

And I have to admit to a hankering for Maccas - mm, Happy Meals ;)

Tracey Petersen said...

I stood below the very same moon last night and gazed at its beauty. I didn't howl, but my tummy grumbled - does that count?

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

We here in Chicagoland had the same moon. I could see it when I was laying in bed last night.

I love the guitar music and have many CDs with just quitars playing.

Stomper Girl said...

Fixit swears that the full moon sends car-drivers crazy. And now that he's pointed it out to me, I think he's right.

alphabet soup said...


I am so pleased you mentioned Bruce Mathiske on your blog, I wanted to hear him play last year and missed out. This time I might be luckier and get to hear him at Chapel off Chapel in a couple of weeks. Hope you enjoyed the concert, guitar is one of my favourite musical instruments.

Ms Soup