Saturday, May 12

Little Bo Peep

This little tumbler was given to me, when I was Christened. Shock horror., yes, I was 'Christened'. My Grandmother was a great 'believer'. My mother wasnt, but she bowed to my Grandmother's wishes. So this tumbler must be around 64 years old. It is in perfect condition, & has never actually been used. But I have taken it with me for most of my adult life, through all the moves, & various lives I have had. And, sadly, I cant remember who gave it to me.

I wish I had a better camera, or knew how to get sharp photos of porcelain.

This is the front view, of poor Little Bo Peep with her crook, looking for the sheep. I am sorry it is not clear.

And beside the tumbler, is a little old egg cup, that had been given to my mother when she was a child.

As a child, I loved the rabbit, but was always rather afraid of the slightly odd looking egg! I was never sure whether he was grimacing, or rejoicing, the fact his head had been topped!


Before we moved up to the our 'Resort Paradise' house here, we rented a house, in a suburb of Sydney. The young man who owned the house had bought it as an investment. The existing gardens at the front had been mulched, so they needed little care. The back yard, had been filled with lovely trees, but the young man had them all removed. His idea had been, he didnt want them falling on his house, & damaging the building.

Which I always felt was a great pity, being the lover of trees that I am. And because we knew we would be moving, I didnt grow things in the ground, apart from some herbs. I had plants in pots. They did really well.

I had several Azaleas, & they were beautiful to see when in bloom. I planted Grape Hyacinths & narcissus & daffodils in the pots too. They seemed to like each other, & the bulbs had made a lovely show for me.

When we were moving to this house, I decided to re-pot the plants. The bulbs had only been in the pots for one season, & I was curious to see if the roots of the Azaleas had grown through the bulbs or damaged them in any way.

Imagine my delight, when I discovered the bulbs were being cradled & protected by the roots of the shrubs. It was almost as if they were guarding them, so neatly had they grown around them. It touched me so much, I have never forgotten the sight of them, so lovingly protected & nestled among the roots.

I know plants live happily together in a garden, but for some reason, I had thought things may be different in a pot. I hadnt realised that the 'respect' -for want of a better word- would be the same in confined conditions.

We humans could learn a lot from our plants.

Monday. 14th May 2007

And yesterday was Mothers Day, here in Oz, & New Zealand, & it would seem, around the whole world.

Now that my dear Mother is gone, I usually send a card to a loved Aunt. She was away tending her brother's 90th birthday. How I wished I could have been there!

But I had some of my family, & my wonderful grandchildren to visit, so I was very lucky.
Here is SG. He discovered the wonders of hair styling! His sister used some gel on his hair, & he did the rest. His choice of pose- real "Attitude"!!

I asked SG where Batman was, & he said "I didnt want him to come, because it is a day for Mums, not for Batman!" Which I thought was very thoughtful of him.

I had a very pleasant day. I hope you all enjoyed your Mothers Day too.
This seems to be determined to publish as an entry from 12th, which is when I drafted the Bo Peep.
However it is now Monday 14th.


Chris said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and I love yours. I am going to be a regular visitor.

Thimbleanna said...

Your little cups are such lovely treasures! I love old stuff like that -- especially where fairy tales or nursery rhymes are involved. As for being a tree lover -- you'd have been miserable this winter watching my neighbor take out over 80 trees. They just purchased the house on a heavily wooded lot and took out most of the trees. I'm still complaining about it -- much to the disgust of TheManoftheHouse -- he says it's their property, they can do what they want with it. But it's just so stupid and annoying!

Tanya Brown said...

I don't blame the childhood version of you a bit for finding the egg cup somewhat sinister. That's definitely a demented look on his face, and perhaps we shouldn't dwell on the fact that the egg is meant to go where his brains should be.

I like it.

Bless SG for foregoing the company of Batman for Mums.