Wednesday, May 9

How Much Does Happiness Cost??

This is a spinoff from a post by Lee reagarding Happiness.

This Batman cost 50c & brought unbound delight & happiness to SG.
We have just taken him off to his Pre School for the day. He was glad to go, & though he has a little asthma today, he is very bright & ...well, happy!
The older I get, the more I define happiness in the really small, free, things in my life. And I think 'being happy' lies in the art of catching the joy as it flies. It is always readily available to review at leisure, much like Wordsworth's Golden Daffodils.
I am still feeling blech, so wont be doing much today. I had a somewhat painracked night, so didnt sleep much.
We have some serious TV watching we can do, we have been given copied programmes to watch, so tucking up & resting is not really a hardship.
Except I would prefer it be cold if I am going to be sick. It is annoyingly humid, & quite warm as a result.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, sorry to hear you're not feeling well. You need your rest to get better and keep blogging! ;-)

joyce said...

I agree that kids are often happiest with small things. Hope you feel better soon.

Molly said...

Happiness is not feeling blah. Hope you feel better soon!

Fiona said...

You are absolutely spot-on. Happiness isn't about the big things but the little things in life. My kids always got the most fun out of a cardboard box - it could be a spaceship, a train, a boat, a fire engine, a house - the possibilities were endless - and all for free.

caramaena said...

SG is so cute! Chickie needs a shirt like his btw.

Hope you're feeling better soon. I totally agree, if you're feeling sick it shouldn't be warm out!

Lee said...

Money well spent, by the sound of it.

Hope you feel better soon.

Joke said...

1- An excellent bargain.

2- Feel better.


Alice said...

Resting in the warm when it's cold outside is very therapeutic; not so much when the weather is calling you to do other things.

I hope you've caught up on your TV viewing and are now feeling a little, or a lot, better.

smilnsigh said...

Sorry you are still feeling blech. -sigh- Hope it keeps improving though.

And yes, a lot of us seem to have hit on the idea of .... finding our happiness. The hows and whys and wherefores of this topic. I posted a version of it. Another lady friend did too. Now you and the lady {Lee} you mention, whom I'll have to stop by and read too.

Well, all of these musings area good thing, I'd say. Good for us, to be thinking them.

And of course, the name of your blog, brings the topic to mind, every time I see it. :-)


Princess Banter said...

Awwwww what a cutie!!! And I agree, I'd rather it be cold when I'm sick than humid and warm... it gives more incentives to snuggle in my sheets :)

My float said...

I am not quite sure about happiness. The one thing I do know is that it gets harder to find as i get older (or maybe it's just that I'm busier, who knows).

Sorry to hear you aren't well. Plentiful entertainment is just the thing you need to keep you amused, which is particularly important during a low time.