Wednesday, May 2

Conversations in a Family

SG in the garden yesterday. The sun seemed to blur out half the pic... soft focus again.

"Nanna, I am going shopping for plants. Can I get some for you?"
"It is alright SG, we will just get one for Mummy."

A son, "Do you think I will be handsome when I grow up?"
Mother, "Don't be so stupid"

A daughter, "Why cant I go? You're just mean"
Mother , "You are far too young. And dont ask again. YOU ARE NOT GOING"

Mother "Where did these burns in this blanket come from? Were you smoking in bed again?"
Son, "No, no, absolutely not!"
M, "Oh so the burns just appeared there? Fire from heaven?"

A friend. "Do you mean to tell us that you ate your Mother's Easter Egg? Out of the fridge? And left her a note apologising?"
Son, "Well...yes I did, but it wasnt like that... you dont understand..."
Mother, "Yes he did, and the note was covered in chocolate stains"
(This was an adult son, we are talking about.)

A husband, "Did you eat the last piece of fish?"
A wife, "I didnt think you liked it".
H, "I dont, but it was going to be my midnight snack!"

A husband, "I dont like cheese, dont cook with cheese, dont give me cheese!"
Wife, "OK, then."

Husband, "Why are there teeth marks in this peice of cheese. I wanted to have some. How dare you bite it."
Wife, " But you told me you hated cheese. And I was in a hurry, & I thought you didnt eat it."

A granddaughter, "Why is Mum always in a bad mood?"
A Grandmother, "I dont think your mother should have had children"

A grandson " My father is no good."
A Grandmother, "There are two sides to every story. You father is a very hardwoking man".

Daughter, as mother sprays her hair, " Your hair smells like Mrs B's toilet"
Mother looking at the can of spray, "Oh my gosh it is airfreshener, no wonder it smells like the toilet!"

A granddaughter, " Do you believe in these superstition things?"
Grandmother, "Mother was a very suprestitious woman. She lived her life with a lot of nonsensical superstitions. I dont believe in any of them, they are nonsense"
Granddaughter, "But what about planting with the moon? And those garden things?"
Grandmother, "Well, that is something else. That is farmer's knowledge."

A wife "Why did you marry me?"
A husband "I dont know- perhaps I didnt want anyone else to have you."
Wife thinks, 'That will keep....'

A mother, "Well, if you have children, dont bother to bring them here. I wont want to see them, they will only look like him"
Mother's Cousin, who was witness, crying, "How could she say that to you? How could she be so cruel"
Daughter, " She is terribly hurt, because he is taking me away".

Daughter, " Why dont you get an automatic car, they are so easy to drive"
Mother, "Yes that is why there are so many accidents. People dont concentrate when they drive automatics, & they have accidents as a result."

Mother, "Why did you make these marks on the wallpaer with crayons"
Son, "Well I wanted to see what would happen".

Daughter, calling out loudly, "Mummy..... Mummy..., I do love you!"
Mother, 2 aisles away, calling equally loudly, in the supermarket. "I love you too!"

Some from the long distant past, some more recent.

But this, from today.

Mother, "No matter what happens to me, I could never come & live with you & P."
Daughter, "No, I told K (Neighbour whose mother has moved in with her & her partner, & is ruining their young lives) that I love my Mum, she is my best friend but I wouldnt want to live with her. I am sure I would lose my 'best friend' if she did."


jellyhead said...

What an amazing memory you have, Meggie, and what priceless quotes you have recalled for us here!

"I don't think your mother should have had children" had me laughing!(sorry if the comment was a source of sad memories for you at all, but it did sound rather funny and, I hope, was said only tongue in cheek?!)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hope everything is OK with you today. SG is precious there in your garden.

Henri said...

Most of those quotes I am well aware of Meggie -- some involved with even --- Grandmother " Your mother should never have married " , shocked, wide eyed Grandson , " But that would mean I wouldn't have been born ! " , Straight faced Grandmother " Exactly "
Living beside family as neighbours , not with , is/ was wonderful. Then you get contact as and when you , or they ,feel like it . I wouldn't have swapped it for the world and don't want to now really .

joyce said...

Loved your quotes. Some I've heard and some are unique. My DD said "I love you" and hugged me as she put her foot in my pail of paint while I was painting the baseboards. WHat can you say.

fifi said...

What interesting snippets, fragments of a life, all part of your densely woven tapestry.

People say strange things to me, too.

Sometimes you never forget them.

Stomper Girl said...

"Your hair smells like a toilet" cracked me up.

Sheila said...

What a great memory you have...

smilnsigh said...

You really remember all those conversations? Amazing!

And worry not about the sunlght, giving some bluriness to your picture. Why... people buy computer program, to make effects like that, my Dear. And you got yours, by simply taking the shot! How smart is that of you, hu? :-))))


My float said...

Wow, what a memory you have. I can hardly remember what was said five minutes ago, let alone days, months or years!!