Tuesday, May 15

How Lucky Am I!

This is a photo of what I found in my letterbox when I returned from shopping today. A beautiful Heart made for me by Jo from New Zealand.

I just love it, & it is so beautifully made. I love the colours, the work, the little dragonfly, beads, ribbon roses-in fact everything about it!
Oh Thank You So much Jo, you made my day!!
***** ******* *******
I have been challenged by Joyce to do the 7 unusual or hitherto unknown things meme, & also have been tagged for a similar meme by Stomper Girl.
I have a feeling I have done this before somewhere along the blogger trail, so I decided to do a Pictorial.
I never get tired of seeing flowers, & regard each one a complete miracle. Yes even the 'weeds'. A flower is a flower.

My favourite herb is Parsley. I can eat it by the handful. I loved my Mum's the best, as it grew like a hedge, & once when I was gobbling it, she told me to be careful, as the local cats liked to pee on it! Gulp, ....I hope they hadnt got the bit I had eaten.

My head is a "Ball Magnet"! If there is a ball being tossed about, batted, or kicked, it will be sure to head straight for my head. I have been smashed in the face, almost had my nose broken, almost lost teeth - all from balls that were seemingly nowhere near me. I have been heard to involutarily shout "Shit!" as a ball at the beach hit the back of my head. The boys were so stunned they said "Sorry Lady!"
You can be sure if I decide to grow some succulent thingies, they will be mercilessly attacked by every insect known. Holes will appear like magic, & the poor plant will be rendered almost skeletal. Why why??
I love lemons. If the Nuns had told me to suck a lemon to wipe the smile off my face, it wouldnt have worked. I have been known to suck on lemons quite often. Particularly the lovely Meyer lemons we have.
I love bears. A dog ate my Teddy when I was little, & he was never replaced. Ever since then I have suffered bear deprivation anxiety. This has caused me to rescue, & hoard, funny odd bears, & hold them dear. My daughter just gave another, dear little Bear in a pink jumper. Isnt she sweet?
I married a man I refer to as GOM. He does many strange, funny, odd things. One of them has been dancing with a ballerina Poodle called Cassie! And this, when he professed to 'hate' dogs. What a fake he is!

Well, that is about it. Hope that is ok for the requirements of the tags.
I have rather a lot of weirdnesses. Some I have aired before. Some I may never even notice!
I rather enjoyed that, & it has certainly lightened my mood.
I am glad I went for the pictorial.


catalyst said...

That's a beautiful flower, Meggie. But what on earth is that dog wearing?

meggie said...

That poor dog was so embarrassed! It is a ballet tutu -a fancy dress that they had put on Cassie. She also had a gold halo hat thing. I felt very sorry for her. She was a Standard Poodle, had a beautiful nature, & was Gom's brother-in-law's dog. It was at his sister's house a long time ago.
I would never do that to a dog.

sMC said...

lovely heart and lovely flowers, glad it helped lighten your mood. Growing up in the Northern Hemisphere, I have been know to cultivate weeds here in Aus. ah well a flower is a flower whatever its humble needs.(or should that be weeds :) ) aubirdwoman

Stomper Girl said...

You made me laugh with the cat pee on the parsley AND the ball-magnet! I needed a laugh today so thankyou. The pictorial style was a good way to go. Thankyou for the lovely comment you left over my way too!

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie Your heart is just beautifull I just adore the colour I wish someone would leave one in my letter box...

Jo in NZ said...

One of 'life's free treats' for you Meggie

Sheila said...

The heart is lovely, the colour aamazing.Lucky you!
As for the pictoral..this ia great way to respond to a meme, I am beginning to find them a challenge, and you added a new twist. Thanks for staring my morning with a smile Meggie..!

Sheila said...

Sorry about the typos above, I really should remember
to edit..!

fifi said...

Pretty present!

The dog has made me laugh, it suits the outfit!
I think it should be a model.

joyce said...

That dog must have a lot of patience. I can't imagine Simba allowing us to dress him in a tutu! Of course, he's a man so that might explain it.

riseoutofme said...

Great photo of GOM and poodle noodle strutting their stuff!

Amazing how men can state adamantly that such and such couldn't POSSIBLY be true when there is hard evidence to refute this!!!

Vita said...

Hello again. That heart is so pretty and finely done. You must be quite a sweetheart yourself to recieve such a thing. Enjoyed your photos.

Thimbleanna said...

As usual, dear Meggie, you're a hoot! Now, I'll be afraid to eat my parsley!

Liz said...

And to think I was going to plant parsley this year. Now, if I do, I'll always be wondering, "Has a cat been by?"

crafty said...

Wow! My head is also a ball magnet! Mostly used to happen at school sport very embarrassing, I don't know why soft ball is called soft ball, that ball is NOT soft!!