Sunday, May 20

Tagged Again.

Sometimes I feel my life is like a waterfall. Water keeps on falling, events keep on tumbling over the edge.I have been tagged again by Suees for the 7 Random things meme.
I have recently done this as a pictorial, so for Sue, I will have another go.

* I feel everyone has the right to be 18 at least once.
By that I mean the mindset of 18. You know, when you are teflon coated, you can fly, anything is possible! You are SO right, you know so much, you are so wise.
By the time you turn 19 you realise what a mistake it all was, but it was great while it lasted. Everyone is entitled to that teenage arrogance... just as long as it does not last!

*I believe if it wasnt for the mistakes we make, half the fun in our lives would not be. Some of the wrong turns in the road, lead to the most glorious views! The most laughter, the most sheer joy!

*I believe everyone should have the chance, at least once in life, to love with such a passion & fire, it would blind the gods. To be filled with the sheer wonder & joy of another, to lose sight of self.
I also think such a love can be for a child.

*I wish everyone had a chance to dance. No matter how clumsily or awkwardly. No matter what style. Dancing is such liberation.

*I found out with dismay, that the sea I so loved could also take my life away. I could swim, quite well. I just loved the ocean. I almost drowned under a log we had been playing on. It was a huge log, & it rolled on top of me, pinning me down. A friend saved me. I have never forgotten the fright of that near drowning. Much worse than when the huge breakers dash you down, & grind your face into the sand, & you eventually surface gasping for air, spluttering, filled, it seems, with seawater.

*No one should ever know everything about another. No one ever can. It should be so. My brother once asked our mother something, & she snapped he didnt need, or have the right, to know everything about her. It stays in my mind as true.

*My MIL was considered "the salt of the earth", by some who knew her. That "salt" in my wounds smarted for years.
The liberation I felt when I 'let it all go', was wonderful.
I dont really believe we can 'forgive those who trespass against us'... they have to forgive themselves in the end.
Someone, who nearly killed me, once asked if I forgave them. I told the person forgiveness was not mine to give. They had to forgive themselves. I still believe that to be true.

I dont usually tag anyone else for these Memes. A lot of people dont like doing them, or feel pressured about it.
If anyone wishes to take a tag, feel free. I always love to read other people's random thoughts- or any thoughts at all!
I know I am breaking the 'rules' here but hell, Isnt that what rules are for??


Henri said...

Excellent , Meggie .
Thought provoking

Thimbleanna said...

Love your posts Meggie. You are a wise woman! ;-)

crafty said...

Hi Meggie!

With posts like that, no wonder you keep getting tagged!

sueeeus said...

You are a blazingly beautiful person. And so, so wise. Thank you for sharing these wonderful things.

telfair said...

That was a beautiful post. Usually when I read memes, I think they're interesting in a rather nosy kind of way -- I love seeing bits of people's lives. But your responses were so thoughtful, it really made me stop and appreciate the ability to see things the way you do, however briefly.

Chris said...

Thanks for you thoughts on grandchildren on my blog. I love your thoughts here especially about people forgiving themselves. Just a wonderful post.

Sheila said...

FANTASTIC answers..!!
I was a wild child. People have shown amazement that as I married at 19, I'm still married to the same man almost 40 years later. I think it is because I 'lived' and had so much fun before we married that I don't feel I missed out on anything.
And further to people not needing to know everything about us, I fully endorse that, especially in light of my wild child years....LOL

mjd said...

I love your waterfall picture. Your background music is a pleasant touch. I do not know if the music is new; sometimes I have the sound turned off. Your comment about your MIL and salt is quite funny. Take care

meggie said...

Henri, you are generous to a fault.

Anna, the wisdom of a fool- been there & made heaps of mistakes!

Cratfy, thankyou humbly.

Sue, see answer to Anna. Dont worry about your mistakes. And thanks for the tag, made me think a bit more.

Telfair, I always love reading your blogs. You seem wise to me.

Chris, I learned to forgive myself- eventually.

Sheila, A young rebel learns a lot of valuable life lessons- no?

MJD, The waterfall in Whangarei waterfall in New Zealand. It is dear to my heart. GOM is very touchy about the MIL- I am glad he loved her so dearly for all her faults. He was a kind & loving son.
The music has been there for a while now, but I occasionally change it.

h&b said...

You are so wise Meggie -
quite a few of your points struck true with em, and better than I could ever say ...