Wednesday, May 30

I Won a Prize!

How lucky am I! I have just had my day made! A wonderful surprise package in the mail, from Alison at Rags to Riches.
A lovely meter of gorgeous fabric, tied up with a lovely pattern. Her gorgeous girls chose my tip for quilting, & I was so thrilled to learn I had won. I am going to have fun making this pattern it is lovely.

It is a pretty pattern "Was she so Loved" designed by Sarah Alexander.
It has stitchery with embellishments, & looks very romantic. My chance to use some of the laces I have collected over the years. And that beautiful fabric with the soft romantic roses.

This pic includes my lovely Zygo Cactus, a pretty soft pink. I am so thrilled it is flowering! I bought it for a $1 including the pot, at a garage sale. I love pink!
Thankyou Alison, and thank you to her lovely girls!
It must have been my lucky 'streak' or something, because I have been told I have won another prize on another blog. So I will have to tell you all about that lovely surprise when it arrives.
I have been having major problems with my computer. No speed, no emails, no access to other blogs.
After several calls, I found a very nice young man last evening who solved my problems at last. I do like the service they give, they are always so polite, & pleasant. It would be mean to curse at them.
I really made the young man last night laugh, & laugh. We had spent ages trying various things to try to get the problem solved, & since things were running soooo sloooow, it was taking an age.
I menioned it must be boring at times, & asked if he could do sudoku or crosswords while waiting.
Young man laughed, & said 'No, they cant do that, but they log details of the problems & the call.
Which prompted me to ask if they classify the callers, with such things as "This client is a F*%&wit". He burst out laughing, but assured me they dont do that, the calls have to be checked & are monitored, so no untoward comments are logged. That is a comfort I guess.
But, of course, Big Brother is not a total reality yet, so who knows what they think?? haha.


joyce said...

How nice to win a prize. I won some fabric at SEw Mamma Sew and it was a real thrill!
I am so lucky that my two sons and two grandsons are computer Geeks and if I have any problems I just call them. They will work for food. Can't beat that! THe twins are 15 and it's a real ego boost for them when they come in and fix things. We call them the Techno Sherpas because they are always hauling computer parts around.

meggie said...

I love the idea of Techno Sherpas! Really made me laugh, Joyce.

Leigh said...

You lucky duck!!! Can't wait to see it made up the fabric looks gorgeous.
I bet you made the computer guys day,lol.

Sheila said...

Congrats on your win. Can't wait to see your project, and the other spider web quilt you are working on.
I'm glad your 'puter is working okay again..

smilnsigh said...


And thank you for agreeing with me, {in my blog comments} that you wouldn't have gotten the sad cherub either.

So happy you found a *wizzard* to solve your computer problems. And so nice that he was nice too! That's the icing on the cake.


smilnsigh said...

And now I'm afraid that the url to your blog, had been lost from my Google Reader!!!!!!! Yikes.

Anyway, I do have it now!!! :-)


paula said...

Lovely surprise!

Your beautiful cactus is what we call Christmas Cactus here because that's when it blooms.

Linds said...

What a lovely surprise for you! I can't wait to see what it is like when you have made it. And good your computer is fixed as well!

Diana said...

Congratulations on your win! The fabric is so lovely, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Molly said...

So Meggie, what was you winning tip?

meggie said...

Just found your question Molly!

My tip was:
When things are not going so well, if you get up from your machine & walk away, perhaps have a cup of tea or coffee, & you may be surprised at how different it will look when you return to it.
Nothing profound, but I have found it works for me so often.

caramaena said...

Congrats - very pretty prize :)

Where I work, we're also monitored on calls and all customer notes are stored and checked. You get in trouble for anything not factual (and emotion free) - particularly since customers can request their notes at any time.

Ribbonwiz said...

congratulations Meggie!
And your tip is one i use for me too..