Monday, May 14


This is a photo of my beloved Mother, with a young me. I am not sure how old I was. Perhaps a year.

My mother was born in 1920 & died in 1997.
She was a small built woman, who worked very hard to support my brother & I, alone.

We had our stormy patches... I could be a nasty girl at times. I was a troubled, rebellious teenager, who I would have hated to be the mother of.
But she was my best friend, & we weathered our storms to become very close.

I still miss her every day of my life, & know this will never change.
She was funny, shy, humourous, sharp, snappy, angry, sad, lonely & loving.

She was our Little Mary.


sMC said...

gosh Meggie, I too was a horrible teenager. Maybe its the stormy patches that help make us what we are...... aubirdwoman

Molly said...

Now that I've had so many years of being a mother myself, I finally appreciate my own mother. Just wish she were still sround so I could tell her.
Happy Mothers' Day Meggie---its still Sunday here....

cher said...

sounds like a great mom to me...we always miss our moms when they are no longer with us..

Tracey Petersen said...

Beautiful - no matter how hard you were I'm sure she knew how you felt deep down

catalyst said...

Sweet memories.

caramaena said...

What a lovely photo of the two of you. A lovely tribute to her too.

Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful post. I lost my mother thirteen years ago and this really struck a chord.
Kim x

Sheila said...

Meggie I lost Mum in 1997 as well, and I srill think of her every day.
I was a difficult teen as well, but once I married and became a mother myself we became close and good friends.
We celebrated Mother's Day here yesterday, but I don't think you did..?
Regardless, I hope you had a good weekend.

jellyhead said...

I guess Mothers Day must always be bittersweet for those who have lost their own mothers. I'm sorry your Mum is no longer around Meggie. Hope you got some hugs or cuddles or words of love from your own kids yesterday

XO Jelly

Henri said...

I thought of you this weekend Meggie -- while I was ' in the bosum of the family ' as it were . Mary was very close & in my thoughts also .
She was all those things you have written & was also fiercely loyal to all her family .

riseoutofme said...

Meggie, great post ... love the new music!

I had a difficult relationship with my mother and regret, sometimes, that she didn't live long enough for us to get closer.

But I do love her and wish that I could've told her this while she was still alive.

Life is full of little hiccups.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a glorious tribute and precious picture... thanks for sharing the treasure that your mother was to you with all of us! You have done her proud.

Tanya Brown said...

Marvelous photo and post; your mother is so attractive and you were a beautiful, sweet-looking little girl.

Your mother must have had quite a life; I'm guessing that she was a single mother around the time of WWII or a few years thereafter?

Storms happen in relationships, particularly with teenagers. The fact that you got through them and became close speaks well of both of you.

meggie said...

Thankyou for all your lovely comments.
Our mother & father had married before he went off to war, & the marriage foundered when he returned, a vastly changed, & damaged man. Our mother struggled to raise us on her own,& worked extremely hard, & was a good mother, in spite of our grandmother saying she should not have had children!
And yes, we became much closer after I had children of my own, & realised the enormity of mottherhood. I would not have liked to handle it alone! I was lucky to have GOM by my side.
And as Henri states, she was fiercely loyal to her whole family.

Vita said...

Such a nice post. I still miss my mom, too. I was a horrid child, and no one loved me more.

paula said...

I don't think it matters how old you were or how many years ago it was when you lose one of your parents the loss is felt forever. I know I miss my dad everyday.

BoggyWoggy said...

My mom is still quite young, actually, but drives me to the brink of insanity...but, I love her...and care for her...more than she cares for me. I guess that makes me good..
The photo is wonderful!

h&b said...

oh Meggie :(