Thursday, May 31

Still Playing..

As you can see, I am still playing with the Spiderwebs.

Have not made any blocks completely as yet. I will have to play about with them.

I dont have a design wall, so this is the part where I use our bed, or the floor. Small dogs seem to feel they have to test drive the patches too, so the floor is not always such a good idea!

Here are the small dog babies, lording it over GOM, last night. He loves to sit in his chair with the dogs on top of him. Not such a bad idea, as they are nice & warm in the chilly evenings we are beginning to get.
I read a very interesting post this morning concerning labels for quilts. It was posted by Taniwa & I found it very interesting. I was quite surprised to read in the comments, how many people tend not to make labels for their quilts.

Sometimes I make very plain ones with just the date & who it is for, & my name.
I became interested in foundation piecing labels, & have done some using that method. I usually make one if it is a gift quilt.
And sometimes I include details, such as how the quilt came about or what special occasion it was made for.
I wonder how many other people make labels. I think it is nice to think our labels might last a long time, & I am often surprised to realise how long ago I made a quilt, when I see the date.


Thimbleanna said...

Thanks for the label reminder. I confess, I'm guilty of not adding labels -- I KNOW I need to...just usually forget or get busy or something. I really have no excuse, 'cause I can do them the easy way with an embroidery machine if I'll just get my act together. Love your foundation pieced labels!

sMC said...

I always make a label. Have been through different stages. Hand written, sewing machine written, embroidered but at the moment I like printing my labels. Probably because I can use images as I am not very good at drawing. Love you bright colours of the spider webs.... aubirdwoman

jellyhead said...

I'm no quilter, but I can't believe anyone would NOT label these pricelss artworks. I LOVE quilts - they are such incredible pieces of history and beauty.

I'm glad you keep labels on yours so you can always remember them, and one day be remembered by them.

Connie said...

Love your labels, so artistic! Is one of the dogs a Maltese? We had a male Maltese for several years.

Catalyst said...

Tell GOM it will be 86 degrees F. here tomorrow, 102 down the hill in Phoenix. We do not require warming dogs this time of year!

meggie said...

Anna, I have missed some labels on my quilts I keep, but mostly put a simple label with date at least.

Sheila, I will have to play about with these blocks to get a good mix.

Jelly, I love quilts too, & love my quilts to be played with, & used.

Connie, Both our dogs are poodle maltese cross. Leo looks more poodley, & his wool is just so curly. Honey has straighter wool, a bit more like a Maltese.

Catalyst, I think GOM would like the warmer weather! But he loves the dogs regardless of the temperature.

Fiona said...

Your spiderweb blocks look lovely and vibrant. Look forward to seeing more of them.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Gotta label... if not, how do we live on? :) Hey, I have to admit that a lot of the time the label is as much for me as for the recipient. I look back and remember where I was at the time and what I was feeling, what was going on, etc. And like you said, sometimes it's amazing to see how long ago it really was!! Time flies. Your webs are lovely, any spider would be proud!

joyce said...

I try to label all of my quilts although I may have missed a few. I don't know why it's such a pain to add the label. I like your idea of foundation piecing them. I don't like doing paper piecing but it would be a good way to practise doing only one at a time. Maybe I could handle that.

Lucy said...

Lovely vibrant things, Meggie.
My sister makes wonderful quilts, I don't have the stickability, but do you know, I don't know if she labels them... I'll have to ask.
When I had a bigger dog I used to rather pooh-pooh lapdogs, now I've a spaniel I just love a dog on the lap. Tom loves it too, especially as once Mol's settled on him he can't possibly move and I have to fetch and carry!

Angie said...

Hi Meggie! I just keep popping out of the closet from time to time, don't I? LOL Your bright colors in those spiderweb blocks are wonderful! I would label my quilts---if I ever get any more finished!! ROFL Those 'babies' of yours make me want one just like you think my little 'black' 'boys' would object to such a beauty living with them? Your GOM looks sooo comfy with them keeping him warm. :)

Diana said...

I have to confess, labels are usually an afterthought for me. I mean to make one, but then I'm off to work on something else and the label doesn't get done. With the fabric marker pens that are available I guess I have no excuse!

smilnsigh said...

I love it! Those two little balls of fur, can lord it over GOM. -giggles-

Oh sure, he lets them. But! -more giggles-


Dying to Quilt said...

Hi Meggie,
You posted on my blog a while back, I'm glad I'm finally making it to yours. I love your work, and your pups. There are lots of pictures of my furbaby, Radar on my blog (he's a rat terrier and my cuddle bunny.)

I appreciate your comments about making labels. I need to get better about doing this.

I wanted to let you know that the children's book I wrote and illustrated with quilts is now available on I hope you will check it out.

Mary said...

I tend to get behind on labeling personal quilts. In the past I had just put my initials and the year on a lot of donation quilts - now the HeartStrings quilts get a label but I don't put my name on them.

Love the look of the spiderweb blocks.

Paula said...

Hi Meggie! I am so glad you visited my blog to see Pearl! (Thank you, Chalky!) Thank you for all your kind words! I am so glad you enjoyed my blog. I am enjoying yours too! Your quilts are beautiful! Leo and Honey are so gorgeous! Oh, they are sweet! I am so glad to hear you spoil them, just as we do Pearl! How neat that your Maltese/Poodles had black Poodles for their moms. So glad I could see a photo of them. I look forward to visiting you again! Blessings, Paula

Linds said...

Hi Meggie... I usually label mine, and always do for the gift ones. Sometimes using the embroidery machine and sometimes by hand embroidery. I really loved the foundation labels, and those spider's web blocks are stunning! I also use the floor to try designs.Then look like a crone when I try to stand up!

Chris said...

Those spider web blocks look like such fun. That will be a happy quilt!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Hi Meggie!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog! You have a wonderful blog & I love your small dog babies! They are precious! Mine are always lap babies too & have to be right on our laps any time we are sitting down. You do such lovely quilting & the colors in your fabrics are wonderful....the labels are such a great way to keep the history with them forever. It's so nice to meet you!
Have a nice evening!

crafty said...

I didn't even know about quilt labelling! Of course everyone should always label their quilts, I especially like the idea of adding details about why and who it was made for. I love discovering old books with handwritten inscriptions, and thinking about the people who owned them, imagine who will be reading your quilt label years from now?

Molly said...

IF I get that far with a project, and it's a big "if",I always sew on a label, which I make myself from muslin and fabric marking pens.....Your spider web is looking very nice.