Friday, May 25

Talking to my Daughter J, on the telephone. We keep in regular touch, we have a lot of laughs, & GOM, & the SIL, can never understand what we find to talk & laugh about. She told me yesterday that she feels happy after she has spoken to me, I always manage to lighten her day. Which I thought was a very nice compliment.

SG comes out, asks his mother who she is talking to.
DJ "Nanna".
SG, "Can I talk to Nanna?"
DJ "Here you are, then." handing over the phone.
"Hello Nanna"
"Hello Darling, how are you today"
His answer is always the same, "GOOOOD!"
We chat about various things, then he usually asks what Leo is doing.
Yesterday it went like this,
"Can you put Leo on the phone?"
"No, you know Leo cant talk to you"
"Well put him on & let him lick the phone!"
Yuk! I dont think so!!

I went down to visit them later, & was almost licked to death by the Granddog. Who is Leo's full brother, but looks nothing like Leo, & is a very different natured dog. But I do believe he has been invited to "lick the phone, to say hello to Nanna!"

Today is my eldest son's 45th birthday.
I find the thought so enormous, I cant really comprehend he is that old!

This was taken last December when I went to visit him, at his home in New Zealand.
He has grown the beard to hide scars on his chin, from damage he sustained when he was almost beaten to death. I wish I could spend today with him. My heart swells with love when I think of him.

No matter how old our children grow, we always hurt for them, when they get hurt. I think most mothers would rather endure the suffering for their child if they only could.

I know everyone has to walk their own path, & make their own mistakes. But it doesn't stop a mother from grieving about her child.

Happy Birthday M. Go well.


Emma said...

Happy Birthday to M! It's my daughter's birthday tommorrow :)

It seems funny to me, Meggie, that I am ten years younger than your son, and I still know exactly how you feel about your child being hurt. Sometimes I could cry at the thought of the world hurting any of my children.

Oh, and I didn't comment yesterday, but a lot of the time my house is crazy messy. I have badly stained carpet (slated for removal and tiles instead), a chaotic kitchen and messy, happy kids ;)

Love, Emma

Connie said...

Meggie, I have a son who will be 42 next month and there are so many times my heart aches for him. He has had his share of rough spots. Your words strike a chord inside me. God bless.

sMC said...

Happy birthday to M.
Meggie I have always said that it feels like we love and cherish, then we have to take them to the freeway (of life) and say hey you are on your own now cross the road. And keep our fingers crossed that we gave them the right beginnings....... aubirdwoman

Lee said...

Mothers. Wonderful people. I always ring my Mum on my birthday, I reckon she remembers it more than I do.

meggie said...

Emma, I am sure your house is wonderful. I would love it, & I am sure it sings a happy song.
Connie, we never stop being anxious over our children. I can still remember my grandmother..
Sheila, hope your son is safe & happy in NZ.
Lee, My youngest son always rings me on his birthday too. He says it should be 'mother's day', because they do all the hard work.

nutmeg said...

Too true Meggie - even on the hardest of days you gotta love them. And I hope I have a similar relationship with my girls when they grow up and leave home - having such closeness, amiability and love to really tell how you feel and be bouyed (sp?) up by each other.

And I'm a secret horder myself - though it's not hard to tell! I force myself to have "throw-outs" on a regular basis as there would be no room left in the house.

fifi said...

I hope your son has a happy day and knows you are thinking of him.

Perhaps you could take a trip to new zealand on your own? Then the gom can look after the doggies and you can revisit some places and see your lad.

Your boy has nice, kind eyes.

joyce said...

You hit the nail on the head. Nothing better than children and grandchildren but nothing hurts more than seeing them hurt.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

We do become, instinctively, the mother lions; don't we? And yes, I'd walk through fire or throw myself in front of a train for my children. I also know that they won't ever understand that kind of love until they are parents themselves. I hope M. had a happy day and received lots of phone "licks" from Leo! ;)

paula said...

You know what I always kids are getting old and dragging me right along with them!

Happy Day to your son and to you too!

Diana said...

I know what you mean about hurting for them. It's really hard for me to step back and let them go on for themselves. I think that might be the hardest part of being a mom.

Tanya Brown said...

Oh, goodness. Life is a funny thing, isn't it?

I'm glad your son has endured. To use an old cliché, he isn't a baby anymore - yet he'll always be your baby. Always, always.

I second Fifi's suggestion to visit New Zealand (or someplace) and get a change of scene. You deserve a break.

Happy birthday, M!

caramaena said...

Happy birthday M :)

Molly said...

You have a knack for zeroing in on the most sesitive corners of our hearts Meggie. Your son was a lovely child and looks like a gentle, caring man. I'm sure having a mum like you had something to do with that.....

Lucy said...

Your son looks great Meggie, I'm sorry for what he and you have suffered.