Saturday, May 5

Our Star is 18 Today!

Of course we cant believe it is 18 years since our little star came into our lives.

Here she is, brand new, minutes old.

And here she is, 4 days old, with proud Nanna.

We always felt she has been here before, & she seemed so wide awake.

And here she is, GOM's Pride & Joy.

She has been the love of his life, ever since he first laid eyes on her.

A happy girl! Nanna loved to dress her in frills!

Proud Uncle B.

Proud Uncle M.

Proud boy cousins, who never had a sister, & just loved her. She was 6 months old when she first met them.

And here, our little star decided to cut her own hair! Doesnt it always happen just when the pre-school photos are due!

First school, all ready in the new winter Uniform.

Another new school. She moved house, & Nanna had to make a uniform in a hurry!!

And when Nan was very sad, after her Mum died, little Star was such a comfort.
Little Star was 8 going on 30.

And here is Nan, Mum & Star. Growing up.

Our Star was 16 when this was taken at High School.
Here she is with her baby brother.
And here she is, on the eve of being 18, with her beloved GOM.
They are a mutual admiration society.
Happy Birthday Star, & Many Happy Returns of the Day.
Nan is usually the photographer, so I must try to get someone else on the camera today!


DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Happy Birthday! Star is a beautiful young women.

Lee said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Star. My three boys are 24, 22 & 18.

I have no idea where the time went.

h&b said...

awww ! - she looks like a lovely sweet young thing.

What does she think of her Nan posting pics of her on the internet ? I'd be *so mortified*, but secretly proud-as-punch that someone had thought to honour me in such a way ;)

HB, Star !

joyce said...

She was a beautiful, bright-eyed baby and has grown into a lovely young lady. Love those dimples!

smilnsigh said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely progression of lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing.

And yes, being the *official family photographer* is not easy on getting one's own pic taken. :-)


Jeanette said...

Happy birthday Star

Alice said...

'Star' - that says it all. Like a bright light at night and gently glow through the day. Obviously, Star has held a special place in all your lives.

Have a wonderfully happy 18th Birthday, Star. May every day be filled with love and happiness throughout the years.

riseoutofme said...

A greatly loved Star with a wonderful grandmother.

Isabelle said...

Goodness, what beautiful descendants you have! And obviously so loving, too. Awww! Happy belated birthday to the young lady.

Have I mentioned before that I don't have ANY grandchildren yet...?

jellyhead said...

What a sweet, loving post.

Happy Birthday to your dear, all-grown-up grand-daughter.

Cynthia said...

Wishing your grand daughter a very HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY.

When i look at our two daughters 17 and 19 i sometimes wonder where has all those years have gone.

meggie said...

Thankyou for all your kind wishes for our Star!
She hasnt seen the blog yet, but when I told her about it, she didnt seem fazed, just looked pleased.
And yes, where did all those years go??

Molly said...

What a lovely girl---happy birthday to Meggie's star!

Princess Banter said...

Wow -- time passes us by so quickly doesn't it? Happy birthday to your star :)

fifi said...

Happy Birthday Stargirl.

May she bask in the love of those around her.

Sheila said...

I hope Star had a lovely birthday...eighteen is a milestone of sorts isn't it.
I hope she had a lovely day, and that you managed to get your photo taken with her too..

mjd said...

Happy Birthday to your Star, she is a lovely lady.

paula said...

Happiest birthday to your sweet girl!

Ribbonwiz said...

Happy Birthday Star..
What a beautiful young lady you have grown up to be...

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your Star. And thankyou for sharing her life in photos.

teodo said...

Happy birthday!!!
ciao ciao

Thimbleanna said...

A Very Happy Birthday to your little Star! Love the pictures -- especially the last one with GOM!

My float said...

What a beautiful granddaughter you have. I particularly love the photo of her dressed in frills - doesn't she look like a little dolly?!)

Happiest of birthdays to her...May she have a loving and wonderful life.