Saturday, May 19


This little Wilma, newest orphan bear. I think she is quite sweet. I am sure Leo would find her delectable! Leo finds anything delectable, including the little plastic jug for putting water into the iron. GGGRRRRR.

Yesterday we had been invited to a 50th Wedding Anniversary.

It had been fine all week. It is gloriously fine today.
Yesterday it persisted down all day. Heavily.

Isnt that always the way.

There were lots of nice people at the party. Lots of family, & friends & everyone wishing the happy couple every best wish. The happy Bride was showered with gifts- the happy Groom didnt seem to get any? It was also the happy Groom's birthday though, so I am sure he did get something.

They both looked so happy, it was lovely to think they had been married for 50 years, and still adore each other. The Bride suffers ill-health now, & has to stay in a nursing home at nights. But the Groom goes to collect her every day, and takes her to their home. And on good days, when she is feeling well, he takes her out for lunch or for a drive.

There was a beautiful new great grandson, 3 weeks of age. He was handed about, & admired by all who saw him.
"What is his name?" someone asked.
"Noah" was the reply.
"Oh... well, I see he has brought the rain!"

Lots of photos were being taken.
"I dont like these new digital cameras"
"No, I dont either, you never get to see the photos!"
"Oh but 'they are all in the computer', they tell you. But you never get to SEE them"
"I would rather have an old camera, so I can see the photos!"

"Do have some of this trifle, it is delicious. Or how about a sausage roll then? "
"Oh, no thankyou, I had something before I came".
"Well! That was a stupid, wasnt it!"

"Does anyone want a beer?"
"Wine,? there is wine."
"Well there is tea or coffee if anyone is interested"

"Oh the Bride is enjoying herself. I was her Bridesmaid. I am not needed today"

"I remember our honeymoon. We went in a caravan. The biggest disaster ever. Never went near a caravan again. A disaster!"

"I was a very thin bride. The Bride was a very thin Bride. She is thin again now, it has gone full circle."

"How does it feel to be a Grandmother?"
"I dont really know yet. It is too new."
"Doesnt he look like K?"
"He looks like a baby, they all look the same to me."
"Men always say things like that."

"Before you go, are you sure you wont just have some of this Lasange?"
"No, I dont actually like eating lasagne"
(I wonder what he prefers to do with it??)

It was a lovely party.
I wonder if GOM & I will last the distance?


All Blog Spots said...

great blog, keep the good work going :)

riseoutofme said...

Meggie ... LOVE this post!

The little snippets of desultory conversations all adding up to a surreal whole!

Parties are funny things aren't they?

Like miniscule mosaics of life.

alphabet soup said...

Aren't bits of conversations fascinating and seeing them as written words put them into another dimension altogether.
Ms Soup

Henri said...

Great stuff , Meggie . A good ear and recall as usual !
Good wishes for you and GOM to last the course & make 50 too -- in good nick as well
Do you remember the casual callousness of that ' throwaway line' we overheard in the hospital - "By the way, they're going to take your leg orf, tomorrow " ? Stunning stuff !

Molly said...

That would depend on how far along you are! I love the compromise the Bride and Groom worked out, so she has the nursing care she needs and yet gets out to see him and their home and go on little jaunts whe she's feeling up to it...I'll have to drop some hints to the OC!

Molly said...

Oops! left orf the "n"....better than losing a leg any day!

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, little Wilma is adorable! And I'm sure Leo would LOVE to get ahold of her! LOL Your posts are always sure to get a laugh out of me, and this how you can retain all of those bits of conversations long enough to write them down is amazing! I have a very hard time 'remembering' anything for very long. :D BTW, best wishes to you and GOM for the 'long haul'! ROFL

catalyst said...

Yes, Meggie, amazing recall and beautifully written, as usual. SWMBO and I have recently completed 36 years. 50? We'll see.

meggie said...

We are will celebrate 41 years this July. So only 9 to go.....

fifi said...

a very sweet teddy and a lovely party.

Amazing to think of being married so long!
I just hope I'm ALIVE that long!!!

So sweet, the wife spending time in the home and the husband coming to fetch her each day.
That nearly made me cry.

joyce said...

Sounds like parties are similar the world over. We will be at 43 this summer. I wonder where the time went so fast??

sMC said...

lovely post... I have 42 years this July. But I hope I go first as I know The Scot couldn't be so caring. He just isn't a Nurse. AUBIRDWOMAN

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie, great post I simply adore Wilma I know were she can find a good home. Sounds a great party 50 years how wonderfull. I was married for 45 years when I lost my husband..

Ribbonwiz said...

Lovely post Maggie,
I'm sure you and GOM will last that and more!
We have just got to 45 yrs..

Liz said...

I love that he collects her every morning and takes her home. You do have great recall!