Sunday, September 24

Another List!

Have been going through a lot of 'old stuff', found photos from childhood, floods of memories.

To carry on with my list:

26.I am too senitmental.

27.Could it be that I am a 'hoarder'? (Can hear GOM laughing under the heaps of 'stuff'!!

28.I am left handed- & proud of it!

29.I severely dislike sport- participation, viewing or hearing!

30.I bought myself a Teddy bear, at 18, when I went nursing- to replace my childhood one, that some dog ate! I still have the bear.

31.I am one of 9 -but only have one full brother.

32.I love babies & small children.

33.I wish my sons had children, & better luck with life partners.

34.I love fresh herbs to use in salads.

35.I love fish!

36.As a child I loved Cod Liver oil- my mother couldnt believe it!

37.I have mourned growing up without my father in my life- most of my life. I knew him, but he was a stranger.

38.I used to be a smoker- gave up 18 years ago- best thing I ever did!

39.Swimming was my favourite form of exercise.

40.I regret not finishing my nursing training.

41.I am a nervous driver- & worse passenger.

42.I have a quick temper, but it has slowed with age.

43.I am too impatient, though that has improved with age too!

44.I am usually a non-joiner.

45.I dont eat any red meat.

46.I have always loved vegetables.-freak child!

47.I was very close to my maternal grandmother.

48.My mother's brother married my father's sister. I have been so lucky to be close to both families, as a result.

49.I always loved dolls- I still do!

50.I love flying. Both in my dreams & in airplanes.

Well I made it to 50. I guess I will think of other things I will wish I had included. But that is it for now.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! It is to be 33C here today- gulp!

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