Wednesday, September 13

I Need to Have a See!

At last I think the rain has gone, so perhaps the sodden washing on the line will get dry today! Wearing last available undergarments that are ready for the discard bin, is not much fun- of course they are not on public view, so who would know.

Small grandson says 'I need to have a see' for everything, from recipes to instructions on how to tune in the new replacement DVD player. He then pretends to read them all, tells me, 'You could make this Nanna! You've got the 'gredients!' His mother is a very good cook, (& his father is not bad either, when the mood takes him) & he is always taking great interest in the current cooking project/meal/food gift. Spent a good deal of time yesterday making 'Cubby houses' out of quilts, all over the lounge, the GOM & chairs, stairrails etc, which is one of his favourite play activities. Today he is at pre School, which he really enjoys.

Hopefully this new DVD unit will last longer than the previous 2. At least this brand, LG, had the decency to give us a replacement. We will NEVER buy any TEAC product ever again!! Rotters, kept insisting we get the bloody defective LEMON of theirs repaired-- 5 times!!!, & it never worked properly anyway. To say nothing of the rude! rude! blue haired, bitchfaced, hag at the repair shop!! Grrrrr. She needed the platoon of Joke's rutting buffaloes to readjust her attitude! Wow, glad I got that rant off my chest!

On to lighter matters.
In a previous incarnation GOM & I were the 'lucky' owners of a Country Hotel. There was an Agricultural College close to the village, & monied farmers with as-yet, useless, teenage sons, - & daughters, -used to send their immature offspring to the college to acquire some sense, or grow up a little. They seemed to give said offspring tons of money to keep away from home & the farm, so there was limitless cash to spend on alcohol & various other 'substances'- though we never saw so much of 'substances' in those days.
The previous owner of the hotel had let the students run riot, terrorising the locals, & causing unbelievable vandalism in the hotel & around the village. GOM vowed to stop that behaviour, so there were a few closures of the bars in our time. We were very fortunate to have a wonderful 'barmaid'- I know that title is politically incorrect now, but she was happy to be called such, & she ruled the bar with an iron fist- literally! She was blessed with arms like HAMS, & it was a rare & foolish student who had the temerity to take her on in an argument.
All in all, things did run smoothly, apart from the new intake each year, until students 'learnt the ropes'. There were of course still pranks & mischief, & our cleaner got a shock one morning, when she went to clean the 'gents'- the whole toilet bowl was ripped from the floor & gone! It was never found, & the local policeman was stunned at the news, initially thought it was just the cistern, or the seat that had gone missing.
It was a very hard life, & very hard work, but we did make a lot of good friends, who remain friends to this day. After hours trading was a 'given' in those days, & the local cop was happy to turn a blind eye as long as things were quiet & orderly. The students were not invited to afterhours- it was strictly for the locals.
Do I miss it??? Not on your life!


Alice said...

I bet you have a hoard of stories, both funny and not-so-funny, from your days as a hotelier.

When I read that you are in NSW I wondered if you are anywhere near me, but obviously not because it's raining there, and it isn't here.

Hope your washing gets dry sometime, and I hope it rains like hell over the rest of the State, including our little bit.

Will be adding you to my list of Favourites so that I can keep an eye on you .... lol.

meggie said...

how nice to read you!
Yes we do have stories that could both stand your hair on end, & make you laugh hysterically.

It had fined up here, & alas, I dont think any of the rain went into our dry dams. All our water is piped in from the Hunter Valley, I do believe.

Be sure I will be back to view your wonderful photography.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am trying to interest beloved cousin... will see what she thinks.

My float said...

They took the cistern? Why???!

I laughed at your rant. I would have been completely hysterical - I have a very short fuse for stupid situations, I'm afraid.

meggie said...

Float, they not only took the cistern, but the whole bloody pan....perhaps that was appropus the evening GOM, who was 'Bright Young Happy Publican' in those days... found, to his horror a foot long !!( in 'the old money' as they say) TURD on the floor in front of the pan! There were a lot of overseas students, from diverse countries, who had different 'customs' to ours! We were told by reliable sources they required 'hole in the ground' toilet facilities at the College.
Now, having been to Thailand, I have seen the facilities in question! Hideous!
Nice to hear from you!