Thursday, September 21

Off to the Vet's

Yesterday was a very hot day- 30 degrees! eek, hope it is not an early taste of a 'Summer from Hell'! I find Spring to be the most fickle of seasons, am sure it will revert to winterlike conditions next week!
GOM & I took Leo (the teenage hoodlum) to the vet yesterday. He had been having lame attacks- alternate front legs, so I thought perhaps he needed to see the chiropractor Vet at our local Vet's. If he had been a child, I would have thought he was doing it for attention, & forgetting which leg was supposed to be 'sore'- but the Vet agreed with me, though he is a smarty, dogs dont have that much thought process cunning! It turned out we had made a correct diagnosis, & after an adjustment, he seems fine, -is to return for another in a week. He is such an energetic, lively, happy, strong, little dog, it was awful to see him miserable, but Vet suggested he has probably run headlong into something.. which I have seen him do, several times, in his total joy of living.

Small Grandson discovered that tissues have 2 plys, & as he pulled them apart, said, "Look at that Nanna! That is very tricky!" His excitement level for the camping trip is almost unbearable. I can remember that feeling!
Sadly, he may learn that sometimes the anticipation is the best part of some things.

I have just attempted to upload a photo, but no luck again today.
I managed to get the xray of the knee- was informed they dont print out the films now, they just send your GP a 'report'. Bit if a pity, have always liked to check these things out for myself!


My float said...

How crazy is this weather? Cold one minute, hot the next!

You're right about anticipation being better than the actual event...but I think that we feel that way as we get older. I remember being absolutely in love with camping, and Christmas, and birthdays. Now I wouldn't go camping if you paid me (courtesy of the Blair Witch Project!) and Christmas and birthdays are only exciting since my son arrived.

By the way, isn't it amazing that the littlies find so much joy in "ordinary" things? Tissues, huh? Better than a roll of toilet paper all over the house!

meggie said...

Float, Your right about this weather- but that is fickle Spring I always think!
Re camping -see todays blog!