Wednesday, September 20

Evening Blues

View from our balcony last evening.
I need to reset the date on my camera- it is still in 2005!


Anne said...

Beautiful view. Have just found your blog via Isabelle's and will be back for more reading! By the way I thought LOL was laugh out loud - but now you've got me wondering?

Anne said...

Al;so meant to say love your abbrieviation for your man - my kids call their dad Grumps!

Suse said...

Nice view!

Thanks for your kind words on my blog recently.

joyce said...

Nice view. Where in NSW do you live? We have been to Byron Bay when my daughter lived there. Now she lives in Red Rock near Coffs Harbour.

meggie said...

Hi JOYce, Live on the Central Coast, about an hour north of Sydney.
It is lovely here, but the summer humidity is a killer.
I suffer from extremely SWEATY hands in summer- unfortunately my eldest son & my grandson have both inherited the awful condition!
Not fair :(!