Tuesday, September 19

This Day is Gorgeous!

Have Small Grandson for a few hours again today. He has his best appetite on again! He asked me for a glass of milk, & after drinking it all down, said "Thank you Nanna! My tummy is smiling!" Which really made me smile, too. He has another cold- seems to have had endless coughs & colds since starting pre-school, (& I am told this is par for the course, once they start school.) When I blew his nose, he told me "It is snot & it turns my brain off Nan" Gently suggesting it is mucous, didnt have much effect, & well, .. I guess it IS snot!
After his lunch he told me it has all gone to his 'love heart & my kidneys'. I dont know where he gets his anatomy ideas from. He is very interested in Xrays at present, & also the skeletons in general, so we have quite a few discussions about those matters. His word of the moment is 'absolutely' & he always uses it in the right context. He is going to be 4 next month & is looking forward to having his birthday, & wanted to know when all the dogs birthdays were too, as he felt they should have parties!

I have not been for the Xray yet, still short staffed, & thought it best to wait until we dont have to take small Granson with us. He is inclined to be impatient to get home... he is a REAL male!

This is a forerunner of summer, & quite frankly is about has hot as I like it to be!
About 30 deg Celsius today. I am not looking forward to summer- it is always very humid here, because we are so close to the coast. Not condusive to sewing of any type. I have promised to machine quilt a lovely quilt for a friend of my daughter. Have not started it yet, so must get a wriggle on, or it will be time for me to be winging off.

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Kerri said...

Hi Meggie,
Thanks for visiting and your nice comment. I'm so glad your hubby found those irreplaceable pictures. What a great guy! It's a horrible feeling, isn't it, knowing someone has taken all that 'non valuable' stuff, and you may never see it again?
Rotten sods! I can't understand people like that who have no concern for others.
The wedding was wonderful, thank you!
Your grandson sounds so cute and yes, your pictures posted and the dogs are adorable :) See, I don't usually LOL, I just smile...a lot :)
(it's easier...)
But occasionally I DO LOL! :)