Saturday, September 23

Not generally a list maker, but...

I have been reading some very interesting blogs lately, & been intrigued by the personal lists.
Decided I might give it a try. Sometimes it can be very surprising to do one of these, as you find often, your ideas have changed from when you were younger!
Memo to me: Dont take this too seriously!
These are not necessarily listed in the order of importance, but more in the order of my Saturday- disordered mindset!

1. I am inclined to be a hostesses worst nightmare- I almost always arrive too early!

2. I like really gory, bloody, murder mysteries- so unlike the REAL me. I hesitate to kill an insect.

3. I love dogs- luckily they seem to reciprocate.

4. I like, but am slightly frightened by, horses.

5. I LOVE my family- some say too much!

6. The older I get, the less I care about 'what people will think'.

7. I need really comfortable shoes- my knees are clapped out- & my feet ache!

8. I do regret item no 7. I used to love shoes!!

9. I love music of almost all types- I said MUSIC, not rap crap!

10.I love reading, & not only the murder mysteries, I love true stories & Biographies.

11.I dont like that my GOM, since retiring, has turned into a 'neat freak'!

12.I hate housework! Such a waste of energy. An astrologer once made me crack up laughing as he solemnly declared, "It seems you dont like housework, you think somone else should do that" How true.

13.I like to spend time alone.

14.I have too many hobbies!

15.I cant STAND rude or inconsiderate people of any age.

16.I still miss my beloved Mum, 9 years since her death.

17.I am still sorry for being such a bitch-minded teenager to said lovely mother.

18.I am still in contact with, & friends with, girls I started school with.

19.I still have a Best Friend, who knows me warts & all- & still seems to like me- of 45 years endurance. Hi J.

20.I love off-the -wall humour.

21.I still love the GOM after 40 years of marriage. Sometimes it is through gritted teeth!

22.I feel that my 30th decade was my best- had the most laughs, fun, worked hard, & loved my kids to bits, was ok looking, nice & slim, all the things you can look back on with pleasure, were ours.

23. I enjoy a glass or 3 of wine!

24. I love to cook, when I am in the mood.

25.I love Chinese food!

I may think of another 25, as time goes by.


Paula said...

It's nice to meet you Meggie! Thanks for visiting my site.

nutmeg said...

I take note of point 22. Sometimes the lack of sleep at the moment obscures the better bits. Note to self - make the most of my 30's as they will be soon over!

meggie said...

No decade will be all 'beer & skittles'. Most will have really great patches.
I was so busy in my 40's, I reached about 45 before I realised I had 'turned' 40!
I was lucky to have my children before age 30, so they were growing up & fun to have around by then.