Friday, September 15


I have just tried to upload some photos- goodness knows where in the blogoshpere they have gone! I did manag to upload some previously, so what the expletive expletive have I done wrong!???
Must be getting LESS clued - I thought I was making good progress too.
Bugger Indeed!!


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I'm the worst person to ask about photos - Suse is much better atit than me - I find I can load one or two and then everything after that disappears, despite telling me that it is "done"!

I think I can answer your much earlier question about "stumbling in the dark" remaining as your title. If you don't add a title in your post it will take the first line of your text. Looks like you might have also typed something into the 'link' bar for that post too, in order to get that link at the top of the text.

meggie said...

Thanks Bec,
At least i know someone is out there! I just cant remember what I did to change the links thing- it seems I have changed it back, now.
I have the feeling I uploaded the pics via the profile bit where you can supposedly add your photo to your profile. I will keep trying.

joyce said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have a daughter in NSW so we have been to Australia a few times. Hope to get back there again soon to see the two grandsons.

h&b said...

Blogger had a bit of a rough patch a few weeks ago - no-one could update pics, despite blogger pronouncing them 'done'.

Don't worry about it, it's them, not you. Seems to be all fixed now, so try again ?