Sunday, September 17

Sunny Sunday

Have been having a fun time with AlmostAdult Gdaughter. She came to stay for a night, as she does now & then, & I showed her my blog site, & she was very intrigued, has set up her own! How good was it to share something with her, & also give her a few pointers- from my limited knowledge.
She has promised to show me how to upload pics- she did it first try on her blog!
She has gone off to church- is very unsure of whether she really wants to be there. I can offer her no advice really, having tried several varieties, & found them all massivley wanting. But each to their own.

It is a goreous sunny day here, & so nice to sit out doors, reading, & listening to some nice music.
Visited smalll grandson yesterday, but he was in a grumpy mood,- told us I AM VERY GRUMPY! & treated us to a few versions of grumpy faces. They are now planning a camping weekend away, & he is so excited, he cant keep still!


joyce said...

Everyone should be like your Grandson and tell people when they are grumpy so we could just leave them alone until they feel better. It would save everyone a lot of stress. Lol. Maybe everyone should go camping when they are grumpy. But then the camping spots would always be overflowing with grumpy people.

meggie said...

I see your point about the grump filled camping grounds!
Perhaps he needs this Anger Centre BF & I are planning!

h&b said...

Thanks for visiting my blog !

I like to think I am a very spiritual/religious person .. but I haven't found God in organised religion either. I think God lives in the garden and swings in the trees, scenting the wind and kicking up leaves :)

Hmm ... I just rhymed ... how good am I ? ;)

verniciousknids said...

Thanks for visiting me Meggie. Don't stress about the non-posting of pics - Blogger doesn't always cooperate...I wasn't able to post (text and pictures) at all last week!

Leo and Honey are adorable.